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How realistic is it to actually find new partners?

04 September 2016 - 03:41 PM

Myself and My Friend are both 1400 rated 2v2 players. As you can see from our profiles we mostly raided in wod, myself heroics and the start of mythics and my friend mostly mythics. He has been playing non stop since beta and i was around for a short period in vanilla but only came back half way through WOD.

We basically just messed around in 2v2 because we didn't have a third person for 3s, so we didn't take 2s too seriously. But we are looking at getting into 3s for legion, and want to see how far we can go.

How realistic do you think it is to find someone our rating, or someone willing to play with our rating? (mind you it shouldn't be taken on face value alone, since it doesnt indicate skill level, only time spent actually playing arena)

Every post i see is something like "2.8k+ looking for healer" or "R1 rouge/mage looking for partners". Is there nobody just starting out or those that are not stupdily high rating left to play with? Is everyone taking arena at a blizzcon level of seriousness that you need basically a resume and video highlight reel to get their attention?