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#4597027 Other class cds/abilites

Posted by TommyW on 10 August 2016 - 08:55 PM

The way I dealt with this was by leveling a all of the classes and learning all of their abilities by playing them in arena but this is extremely time consuming. An alternate way of doing this is just by creating one of all of the classes on Beta/PTR at max level then just reading through all your ccs/cds and doing your best to remember them.

Obviously the best way is the first way as not only do you learn the CCs/CDs but you also learn all the passives and play style of a lot of the other classes which helps a lot when playing against them, but just creating the classes on Beta and reading through the spells should be good enough to get you going.

Edit: Also watching streamers on Twitch.tv or YouTube videos of people playing other classes can help a lot too.
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