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#3755460 Feedback after upgrade

Posted Sykeasaurus on 31 August 2012 - 01:29 AM

I strongly dislike not being able to see who repped me.  Actually.

#3514777 LFG Arena - Basics (Part 1)

Posted NickyEU on 12 October 2011 - 02:56 PM

What is this article and who is it for?
This is the first article in a series we're calling LFG Arena to be released here on Arena Junkies. This series will be covering the basics of running and managing an arena team and how to improve together with your team. We'll be covering things from troubles running your arena team, avoiding drama, improving together, to good (and bad) attitude.

This series is designed for the player who is either just now getting with arena and wants to be fully prepared or a player that feels stuck at a lower rating and is trying to find ways to break through.

This first installment of LFG Arena will cover basics of forming a team and preliminary communication as well as attitude!

Before you even form a team...
A mistake the vast majority of players make when creating a new team is not discussing their expectations and ambitions for the team thoroughly enough. This often leads to disbands and drama when one players feel that they are putting more effort into the team than the others or that their teammates are putting too much pressure on them. Sitting down before playing and talking about each other's motivation will result in a clear and common goal and be rewarded by a good atmosphere and thereby (hopefully) better end results.

Some topics you should cover when setting team expectations:
  • How much time are people willing to put into the team? When will we play? How long will we play? How often will we play?
  • Be sure to discuss arena preparation expectations. Do we read up on tactics, or go by trial and error? How much effort should people put into farming (honor gear, pve gear  etc.)? How well enchanted/gemmed do we expect people to be?
  • Goals! I can't emphasize this one enough. Not discussing your goals upfront is opening the door for intra-team drama. How high do we plan to get? How fast do we plan to get there? What is the minimumm we plan on getting? how slow can we accept going there?

Scheduling woes
Playing arenas and getting the rank you want is going to take time and patience. It's also going to require that your entire team is together ready to play at certain times. Not being prepared for that, often leads to frustrations. It is likely that you will all have different times of day you prefer to play and on top of that some of you might want to put all your playtime into the team, where others might be splitting time between raiding, alts or other teams.

All of these factors make it incredibly difficult for everyone to just happen to be online and ready to play at the same time. Take some of your arena time and use it to schedule a suitable date and time for your next arena session. You will also want to discuss how long you plan to play. This will prevent the frustration that comes from waiting for one another, and, in the end, save the time that you would otherwise use trying to get in touch with a tardy team mate. Just make sure you show up at the scheduled time!

A second job?
All of this might seem like a whole lot of work for just doing arena and to some extent it is. But with the proper preparation and scheduling you will save the time you would otherwise use looking for new partners or waiting for partners to come online. This way you can come online 5 minutes before playing and head right into the arena instead of wasting hours. You will also have clear expectations for how long you will be playing.

You will run into a lot of negative people. World of Warcraft, like the real world, is full of angry and negative people. To avoid them you need to be aware of them so you can steer clear! We gathered a list of the top 3 BAD ATITUDES that you will encounter when trying to find your new arena partners:

Silent Warrior – This type of player might not speak a lot but you can hear in his voice that he is getting more and more frustrated. Often results in sudden and unexpected rage quits.

The Blamer - He will blame everyone else and never does anything wrong. Any constructive criticism given to him, will result in either him ignoring it or flaming as he feels the need to go defensive and protect his "ego'.

The Over Humble – This player will take the blame every time you lose a game. Instantly saying, "I did this or that wrong where I should have done that and we would have won." And then most teams just leave it at that without thoroughly discussing what happened and what they could potentially have done differently.

Be positive or fake it.
Regardless of what happens and the mistakes you personally made, it will (most of the time) be a series of mistakes made by the entire team. Instead of  just blaming the biggest mistake on one person, force a team discussion. This way you will find out what else went wrong or could have been done differently besides just finding out who made the biggest mistake.

Stay positive at all times, make sure that everyone in your team knows that you are not blaming them but only trying to help the team improve. If you sound negative, people will take everything you say as offensive and if you then go on to question their game play...you are in for some drama!

Also, try to remember that most of the times a mistake does not trigger the loss until much later in the game. A good example would be bad positioning: one of your partners may become too aggressive and takes too much damage before going defensive which results in you wasting a cooldown early that could have saved you later and won you the game. We will be covering positioning in an article of it's own!

Remember that if you are frustrated, the best thing you can do is just fake being positive at all times and force yourself to remain constructive. If you are unable to do so, ask for a break as playing on will most likely end in disaster.

What's next?
Next week we will put the attitudes into context and talk about why proper communication is vital and give you a few pointers on how to get critical match information out to your team...in time.

Have a question you would like to have addressed in one of these articles? Send me a PM or reply to this thread!

Also be sure to follow ArenaJunkies on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date!

#3507935 Reputation Error Message

Posted Matisse on 05 October 2011 - 04:18 PM


when I try to +rep a post, I am getting this error message:


As you can see, in the bottom right corner there is still the '+' sign next to the rep button. When I first click the +rep button, this error box pops up and the '+' stays there, however if I hit Ok and the reload the page (F5), it counts my rep.

#3506933 rDruid + sPriest + ? = profit?

Posted zephah on 04 October 2011 - 04:16 PM

Resto Druids aren't in the best state at the moment, but the strongest comp you could probably play with spriest/resto druid is Resto Druid/Mage/Shadowpriest (Shatterplay) the comp can have nice cc chains, incredible burst, and some great survivability, really the biggest struggle will be if your druid is in a tight spot, he'll need incredible peels.

You could run shadowplay as well, Resto Druid/Warlock/Shadowpriest, which is slightly weaker than it's counterpart with a shaman (kinda just unique in it's own way) but still powerful.

Those are really the best comps, you could also run with your third as a rogue/dk/warrior if you wanted ;p

#3506856 Feral CC and form switching

Posted Mindflayz on 04 October 2011 - 02:37 PM

On my mage I use arena1/2/3 CS, Deep, Poly
On my druid I use arena1/2/3 Cyclone

#3495295 Reckful's Goodbye

Posted Reckful on 23 September 2011 - 06:10 AM

haven't played in about a month, i think it's finally time i move on.  i've been playing MMOs since i was 10...

as for wow, i think the focus changing to rbgs was the end for me. i like playing with tight groups of friends and, maybe i just don't have 9 close friends, but i didn't get the comfortable fuck around in skype feeling when playing rbgs.  also they aren't as engaging & you don't feel like you're accomplishing as much yourself, most of the time... well i'm sure you guys know.

i enjoyed arena over the years, no complaints.  most nostalgic probably 2v2 in TBC, playing warrior/druid then spriest/rogue.  most fun... well shoutouts below.  looking back, despite any imbalances, it's been fun.

shoutouts: talbadar, nadagast, yog, benys, valrath, hotspot, marma, gravemind, venoma, neil, woundman

& thank you 3v3 teams since 2007:
aeror/matt, hyped/fuzion, sodah/venruki, azael/cdew, pookz/elano, snutz/toez, col.red



to contact me,

my twitter twitter.com/byronbernstein

reckful.info - dad's book

#3502583 Preview: Season 11 Arena Sets

Posted Vexxius on 29 September 2011 - 06:44 PM

Overall, pretty sweet. Props to Blizzard.

#3484838 Who's Hyndrin?

Posted Starcookie on 14 September 2011 - 06:46 PM

Hyndrin is the name of Rapture's first puppy. Sadly it died 2 weeks ago.

Recently, after much discussion in the Moderator forum, it was decided that in order to pay our respects to this great pup, all armory links would direct to a character he made in dedication of his favourite pet, Hyndrin.

I'm sure you'll join us in wishing Hyndrin all the best, and appreciate the hits we are giving to his dedicated page.

#3454513 Arena Junkies Upgrades and Changes

Posted Braindance on 25 August 2011 - 07:57 PM

View PostRapture, on 25 August 2011 - 07:32 PM, said:

Just a quick post to keep everyone in the loop. We deployed some changes to the site this morning.

Last season we played with using a new system for calculating player rankings. We ended up not being happy with the results and I know a lot of you guys weren't either. So, we have reverted to our old system where you earn points for every 100 points over 2k in all three brackets. However, we have added in weighting for the brackets, where 3v3 counts for more than 5v5 and 5v5 counts for more than 2v2.

Viewing comments on different pages of Guild, Team, and Character pages works! We've also added back in the "Log in anonymously" option to our login page for getting your sneak on.

Other changes you won't notice and are bug fixes and backend features. We're continuing to work on improving the feature set here! Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback - keep it coming!
nothing to say-i just love u so much and i want you to know it

#3241172 How to see who repped you

Posted tmy on 15 May 2011 - 06:02 PM

Duckers it still wont work lol, i cant click it

#3041722 Talkback

Posted Lysanne on 04 February 2011 - 05:10 PM

Since its a constantly brought up topic - I thought I'd just make a quick show on how to at least partially regain the old talkback feature. First step is the enter "My Settings".

And then navigate to and find the following setting:
Posted Image

The end result should look something like this when someone quotes one of your posts (which talkback was triggered by):
Posted Image

Obviously a 1 would be shown instead of 0 as above (as I'd already seen the notification in question).

#1561420 +Rep system suggestion to the forums

Posted salice on 03 December 2009 - 11:34 AM

I believe that another system should be added to the website where you can +/- Rep people on the forums.  With this addition, people can rep depending if they find comments left by the poster helpful or just trolling and this can ultimately assist in keeping the quality of the information on this site up to the highest degree.  

With more helpful information to the website, that will bring in more frequent visits to the website because people find it more useful to log in and read through the forums and it can also add in a fun little system that regular posters can generally enjoy by wanting to gain reputation points and thus causing them to make enjoyable or informative posts.

Currently most people just look through a person's previous gladiator history title but as many people know, that doesn't mean a lot much of the time.  With a reputation system, when you read someone with a high reputation value, you can almost be guaranteed that you will be reading advice or information worthwhile of your time.  

TLDR:  Add in reputation system which I think will increase the quality of this site.