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How to get into top RBG teams?

05 December 2016 - 09:49 AM


i am playing a balance druid and focusing on RBG this season since i couldnd gain any fun from playing balance in arenas. RBG is quite fun as balance, so yeah, thats the reason.

My highest 3s rating was about 2,5k (last season), so i am not a every season glad player since i just play with random people when i play arenas.


So i don't have anyone from the top RBG teams in my battletag.

Like i said, i am not the very best in arenas, but i can say about myself that i am doing very good in RBGs, a reason for that is, that u need some PvE understanding aswell, that i have. I am currently on ~2350cr and i am outdamaged every other boomie i met, have a good game understanding overall and can press cc buttons if needed.


So, now my problem. The top RBG teams playing in a inner circle. They, ofcourse, do not search via tool. So i dont really see a chance to get a spot.

It's not really possible to get above 2,4k without knowing these players.


I thought about forming my own groups, but i dont really know if that would work.


Any advice how to get into a 2,5k+ group? Kind of a stupid question, but y, i want to play higher and i have the skill for it, i am sure about that...