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3s Advice Ele Shami, Frost Mage & Disco

31 May 2016 - 11:10 AM

Hello everyone :)

I'm new to the forum as poster, even though i've been lurking a bit for a while.

This is the first season i'm trying to push in 3s and reached 1900 as Ele/Frost/Disco.
The first time we played it went nicely, playing at almost 2.1 mmr, but last 2 sessions have been problematic.

I have a lot of trouble landing sheeps as i get trained 24/7 for most of the games, and we don't have a secure way to land them afaik (unless we trade pri fear i guess), so i end up fakecasting a lot trying to bait Turbos & Co. interrupts.

Another critical point is getting the final pressure: in some games we "dominate" in damage and ccs but still we can't manage to get the kill,

We've been hovering around 1900 now and so i'm asking you if you have any suggestion to improve and break into 2k bracket, which is the Pleb goal i've set myself before legion.

Thanks in advance for the help, and have a good day!