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RBG Enhancement damage

14 June 2016 - 05:22 AM

Hi everyone!

I open this topic to ask other players how can I improve, because I would like to know more about my role in the group.
I am playing with some friends and I want to get 1800 (now I am in 1730), but I need some help. I know is a low rating, but is enough for me now, because it is my first char and I don´t have experience.

My first doubt is about my damage. Normally, I do 12-13 million, but I see other shamans doing 20 millions and I don´t know how they get these numbers.
I play with the right talents and glyphs, so if someone could help me, I would appreciate.

Second, I ask you about how can I help my group. I use hex on cd, I try to interrupt when a healer is casting, and I use my totems (the best I know)
Do I have to purge a lot?But, if I purge, my damage wouldn´t be lower?

I hope you can understand my english, it isn´t my language.
Thank you very much