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2,6K SXP RSHAM LF 3s got 2450 CR

24 April 2016 - 09:58 PM

Hey Guys/Girls im looking for good players to push glad this Season, be 2,6k sxp n have atleast 2,4k cr i prefer u to be high cr n not high exp from 2011 ;). Dont miss me im a nice n friendly Healsham :P still tryharding to go tabard+ AND EVEN MORE. GO BOYS/GIRLS.

W.o.W'ish accent Cooldown talk, like HOJ TRAP FEAR LOLOLOL HE DIEDED, if u know what i mean :P

i prefer :shaman: :warlock: :druid: FLS
:shaman: :paladin: :hunter: PHS
:shaman: :warlock: :warrior: WLS
:shaman: :druid: :warlock: LSD.2

Im open for any comb as long as it works out to climb the ladder :)

Btag: Yarnyzu#2965