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MoP s15 arena server (open to suggestions/ different patches)

10 December 2016 - 12:48 AM

Hey AJ. Been lurking here for years but finally got a decent contribution (I feel.) with how legion is going for myself personally I am not enjoying it one bit; it doesn't feel like wow to me it feels like some shitty, LoL-Esque arcade game but enough of my personal griping. How many people would be interested in setting up a community on a s15 arena server? I am willing to put in the time for this and have some fellow computing degree holders who have offered to help me with the harder programming. If possible I would like a lot of interest as I a my going to create the most in depth server possible with end season rewards, mounts and all different items. I'm hoping for a thriving server with lots of high level competition as most private servers these day so are dead and inflated with poor players; I would love it if a lot of interest would be generated for this as I miss proper arena in wow so much and (yes I'm nostalgic to previous expats) I just want it to be the same again. Loooking forward to hearing your responses.

Email me directly at [email protected]


Arena 3v3 community

22 July 2016 - 09:24 PM

Yo AJ community, with the new legion pre-patch currently upon us, many of us arena players will have little to do if anything. My idea is that as many active PVP players migrate to a private server or someone create one in order for us all to play and get some 3s queues during the pre patch. Myself would prefer to play on a 5.4.8 server or wrathful private server. Basically the way I'm looking at it is if you want to play some 3v3 arena, let's all set up an area where we can all play and have some fun during the pre-patch - if AT was still active independently I wouldn't be making this post but since the merge with Warmane it's gone to shit.

Thanks and look forward to seeing your replies.