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2s Mage/Priest against Healer Lock

18 November 2016 - 06:21 PM

Hey guys!

I'm totally desperate now as a discipline priest in 2v2. Quite fair players, earning 1,9k in most expacs 2s 3s, and sure chilling game son a bit higher lvl. with a frost mage partner. We targeted 2k to reach, but always found some fotm gg wp comps, like mistmonk/restodruid - affliction lock.

Really, i don't have a clue what to do against them. I'm a patient player and i mostly can handle wide variety of comps,but that team just totally rotten us, eating my mana and we just die under a bigger dampening. wtf? is it just broken shit and try to forget it, or there is a fair strategy against them? Killing lock is pointless, the whatever healer just porting and running across the map. Did the cc well polyx3 -> fear-half mc. but nothing. using pillars well, losing the casts, the lol ccs etc. Btw thats the biggest retardness i've ever seen in wow, that I Dominate Mind the Monk, and he/she still casting that channeling heal shit.

I believe in the AJ community to anser my questions lel.

Sorry for the nerdrage, those setups are just disgusting.

Maybe priest is bad for the 2s, need reroll fotm yay.

FrostMage DiscPriest 2s advice

12 April 2016 - 01:08 PM

Running Mage/Disc as priest in 2v2. we reached 1500, but have some problems with finishing a match. We know how to proper cc, and stuff (deep poly/fear silence, RoF against ferals, fake casts, inq glyph to death poly/trap/para, MD to dispel clones). We achieved the basics of this comp, but need some advanced tips, like how to beat a rdruid/enhance shammy. My mage fails sometimes to landing ccs etc.
Have any tips to improve our playstyle in 2v2?
Is it viable to run Dominate Mind in 2s against healer/warrior comp to dodge poly interrupt?