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#4595917 Legion Survival Hunter Macros

Posted by Fotmogu on 08 August 2016 - 09:42 AM

I would put the PetSac and Masters Call into party1,2 besides your own name. If im not mistaken those spells are still team-utility.

Besides that why would you want your pet to always attack your Lacerate target? I just put /petassist into all of my major attack skills to ensure my pet follows me on my target switches. Bleeds and Dots can be alternatively used to keep rogues/druids from stealthing.

Same kind of for Aspect of the Turtle, i wouldnt wanna need to have an extra keybind for that. Why not just bind /cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle on all the abilities you would want to break it for. Meaning Kick and Harpoon f.e. ?

Agree. I use petfollow/petattack macros to command my pet, not with other dmging macros.
Yeah harpoon and important have to include cancelaura, but sometimes is it good just having an extra cancelaura macro.

I use on mouse mouswheel down bind:
/cancelaura whatever the spell( aspect, dispersion, iceblock)
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