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Boomkin & Mage LF Hpally

27 December 2015 - 07:29 AM

We main boomkin and frost mage, but I am learning Spriest and my mage is learning Lock, and if you can multiclass it be awesome so that we will have more comps available to us but its not required. I have mained resto druid for years and recently switched to boomkin only to help teach my mage how to play at a higher level. We're currently at about 1500CR and just started pushing a little in rated a few days ago.

We have been currently using LFG to find healers, running mostly with Dpriests and its been a disaster. We play with a hpally from time to time but he's pretty flaky so I thought I'd come here. We're both full gear with weapons and expect them same from you, don't really mind too much about you having 2k+ xp as long as you're willing to improve and have the dedication to do so.

Send me a message!