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In Topic: Legion Shaman Changes

11 November 2015 - 02:32 PM

This is from a user on mmochampion on ele worries on pvp looks like can only play with lock for dispel protection, also it looks like enhance is turning into a fury warrior.

Elemental still has all of the same issues and having a new resource doesn't change their rotation barely at all. You're still going to spam LB, lava burst on cooldown, keep flame shock applied, and earth shock to spend your stacked resource. Nothing changed except you will probably earth shock more (and it probably does less damage).

4) Ele is still going to be a weak turret with no burst. In fact they got worse in this regard. They are going to spend all of their maelstrom power on flame shock to get lava surge procs and watch as it gets dispelled, leaving them with wasted maelstrom power and no opportunity to cast earth shock, their only minor burst spell. They will have to hard cast even more than before with their weak filler spells (lava burst is now even more of a filler spell it seems) just to get maelstrom power to waste on flame shock in order to make their filler spell instant cast. Even worse is that their one major burst spell (earth shock) doesn't benefit from their no doubt powerful mastery meaning that this spec actually has zero burst. All of your damage will come from fillers.

In Topic: lock players

19 October 2015 - 08:43 PM

This is my first season in pvp that I have been pushing in arena hit 2k in rbgs at end of mop. I am playing with a druid, and dk. Its going pretty well, we just lose to turbo unless its a r.duid we usually can get a kill in a swap but most if not all the time we lose huehue. Hopefully I can hit 2k this season. Feelsbadman that I started in wod. I dont think LSD3 is that great, maybe its cuz i am on horde and the shamans i play with are bad, I dont see enough pressure. I do like the freedoms and mastery though a lot.