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In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

05 September 2017 - 01:17 PM

the game itself is fine, the only thing needed is more players.

the game needs hype, make a 10 million dollar tournament for pvp/pve and the game will get 10+ mil subs again.

Its hard to get excited about #wowesports when the prizepool is 250k, while dota have like 20mil?

wtf are you supposed to do with 250k split on 4? its nothing, barely pays for the fucking time invested in playing the game.

they should make a mount/title that you can buy in the shop, that directly supports the prizepool for tournaments. 


make a tournament for each season end, and give a achivement/title for supporting that tournament.
And for fuck sake, blizz is the kings of hyping new expansions, do the same for PvP.

In Topic: German Wintraders

10 August 2017 - 01:34 PM

Well, someone was prepared, good work lad.

In Topic: Hotfixes: July 11

12 July 2017 - 05:20 AM

very niice

In Topic: How would you re-design your class/spec?

10 July 2017 - 08:02 AM

About "re-design" the class, i would love hpal to be the best defensive/support heal with little offensive tools (Wotlk), while having a "fast gameplay" like MoP.

Something like :


- Plate armor meaning something again - last time was TBC where rogues and warrior struggled to hit a fully plated paladin with a shield.

- Removing the PvE tax from beacon of light, crippling us since Cataclysm. (40 (now) /50 (before Legion)% of heals redirected to the beacon made us the lowest healing power in PvP)

- Short CD with short duration. Instead of having a 5min BoP which last 12s and remove physical thing, why not having a 45s one, which last 3s, and just immune you to incoming physical abilities/damage, without removing the current one (Like DK's AMS). Same with sacrifice. Freedom is already short CD.

- Make an auras system like Lucio in Overwatch/Hots, 3-4 auras you can switch with a GCD (Devotion for damage reduction, Holy for healing increase, Crusader for speed, Retribution for damage reflection.), and aura mastery becoming a short CD : "I overboost this aura"?

Example : Crusader increase your speed by 10%, Aura mastery, while active, boost the bonus to 30% during 6s.

- Bring back denounce, but with minimal damage for PvP, here just to have something to check (Stealing crit.), or to do while no healing is requiered.

- Give us blessings of anything. (Mastery, haste, crit...) to buff our allies while giving us trash buffs to check.


Basically, all the offensive tools is how to help your allies do more damage/moving with your healing power / buffs / auras.

omg give me denounce pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

In Topic: Stuff

10 July 2017 - 05:29 AM

Great work, awesome initiative.

I like the idea behind the honor talents, but as always I miss alot of the spells I used to have.
Also I would love some more trashbuffs in the game so that Holy Paladins can be a little bit more viable. "Freedom and BoP instantly gets purged/stolen first global" makes me not wanna use the spells..

LFG tool, there's been a post about this before and the idea has gotten alot of support from the "community".
Also there has been alot of talk about SoloQueues, but there's alot of work for that to become reality. The devs have said that they've talked about it and it might happen in a future expansion

The stat template: today gear and ilvl feels completly useless and boring. I like the Idea of being able to choose your stats. Missing reforge alot.

Very refreshing seeing someone who actually tries to make this game better, and not only typing "game is trash"

We're getting a new PvP-design leader. Instead of crying about the game, lets try to help the devs make the game better with constructive critism.

I really like your post, hope you can find the energy to keep it up. I will try my best to help everyone who wants to make the game better.