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In Topic: MW PoV: Got Into Alpha.

03 June 2016 - 04:53 PM

Awesome questions, feedback and replies.

FrostChi and TurboKill, thanks for setting this thread up to allow others to at least get a glimpse into MW Monks in Legion.

I've been in Alpha/Beta Since January-ish, although I haven't logged in to play in about a month or so.
(I get tired of setting up bars and keybinds on the regular with patches.) So far everything that you have brought up to report, is truth with what I've played.

My biggest concerns going forward.

-Lack of Utility (feeling useful outside of healing)
Yes, it was 1 spell that really impacts This feeling in me. Spear Hand Strike and then we also have Touch of Death, which we couldn't even use in PvP before now), both were removed from our toolkit.

-Lack of Control over CC
The CC in game, I feel is still far too much to attempt any balancing, at least at this level of ridiculous dmg in Beta). The trinkets that you do get to pick from, to be don't feel super appealing (Playing a Pandaren Monk). I feel too many classes, have too many Stuns that they can use too often. They said they were revisiting CC, to not surround the entire PvP Play style around it, and all I've experienced is that with MW Monks, they just threw their hands up and signed a death warrant removing/changing abilities.

Our mobility, doesn't outweigh the ways to counter said ability. Don't get me wrong, we're mobile, but our heals aren't strong enough to effectivly hide and Pillar hump. Unless we have CD's (Cocoon), or that's how I feel. If not, we either face death ourselves without escape or team members get locked down/murdered. I honestly don't feel as mobile as I use to feel. Perhaps if we didn't have to choose between Tran and Mist Walk this could alleviate some of those anxious feelings. Doubt this will ever happen though.

-Overall Play and Feeling
I really am sad when I log into to Beta and attempt to play. They lack that "POP" they had, some of which they lost in WoD. The rest now I feel is gone. Welcome to a less interesting Priest v2.0.
The healing itself is quite underwhelming as a whole. As Frostchi stated, you can spam your largest heals and you cannot keep people up against certain comps. You also can devastate with certain comps (in my exp. double DK, Fr/Unh). The class no longer "Feels fun" or "seems interesting", to me.

Now keep in mind, this is Beta and won't go live for months yet. But time is winding down, and I personally feel if these current changes make it to live, they have ruined and destroyed my favorite class in this game. And that's a super shitty feeling, really makes you not want to login and play the game.

I am a 1 class kind of person, due to IRL and time restraints, I don't have the luxury of maining more than 1 class and playing it well. this isn't the case to most of you. In my heart I still love monks, it feels like a bad dream playing Beta. I just want to Wake up!