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Your wishlist for 6.0 PvP

14 October 2013 - 02:15 AM

Only 3 weeks left till the next expansion is announced. What changes would you like to see in 6.0? You can focus on a single class / classes or just some common wishes.

My own wishlist:
- Reduce the bloat! This game now has way too many cd's and is going to have even more if Blizzard keeps doing what they've been doing. No need to have 5+ different defensives and 5+ offensives. The whole playstyle "Oh he popped his offensive cd, so I have to pop my defensive cd because I have so many of them" is boring.
- Revert to the old no-cd dispel system. You used to be able to tell if your healer is any decent by the speed of dispels. Now it's "Sorry, can't get you, it's on cd".
- Return skirmishes. Sometimes you just want to kill time without trying hard. Or maybe you want to practice your 1v2 skills.
- Make players think before they instantly cc you from range. Blizzard should already learn that none wants shadowfury>fear, old blood fear, feral clones, enhance hexes, chastise>fear, scatter>trap while whole team can't move etc. The best design for this problem is deep>poly where a mage has to sacrifice his major dps cd in order to have an opportunity to hard cast a poly without an LoS issue. If you want to instantly cc a healer and put him in position where he may eat a minute-long cc chain, pay an adequate price!

So what's your wishlist?