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#3906598 So how about them ele shams

Posted Ayrasaurus on 01 July 2013 - 05:00 AM

View PostRockyson, on 01 July 2013 - 03:25 AM, said:

Never really had a prob with hunters granted im a hunter myself. But hunter's had posts an post for hunter nerfs. Need some ele burst nerfs hotfixed on some of that damage. shits cray

fuck off your class is ruining the whole expansion

#3905668 So when are they nerfing rets?

Posted Hofflerand on 28 June 2013 - 11:21 PM

First it was Arms-BM-healer, then rogue-BM-healer, and now Ret-BM-healer or Feral-BM-healer. What's the common thread?

BM is a ranged spec balanced as melee. I'd like to see it nerfed out of PvP for good and replaced by Marks and Survival. Then the hunter class should be rebalanced back to ranged -- this probably can't be accomplished until next expansion, but MoP hunter design is up there on the stupid scale with casters not casting and melee being impossible to kite.

View PostZarklol, on 28 June 2013 - 09:44 PM, said:

but why can a paladin do as much dmg as a non hybrid while you can stop instant cc and heal people to full in 1 button? :/
Ret utility is centered around off-healing and hand spells because paladin doesn't have as much offensive control as other classes. Compare FoJ + Blinding Light to Cheap Shot, Garrote, Kidney, Gouge, Dismantle, Blind, Smoke Bomb, Prey on the Weak, and Tricks.

I don't know where you got the idea that hybrids are supposed to do less damage than pures. That would only make sense if hybrids truly had more utility than pures.

#3890370 Splatted's RBG group DDOSing Bbyx's team on stream (video proof)

Posted Elorxo on 22 May 2013 - 05:16 PM

isn't splatted the fat guy who does truffle shuffle on stream to 3 viewers?

#3890149 Splatted's RBG group DDOSing Bbyx's team on stream (video proof)

Posted Admoney on 22 May 2013 - 06:16 AM

View Postxvee, on 22 May 2013 - 06:13 AM, said:

i actually didn't realize people still played rbgs lmao

#3882713 5.3 FC Change

Posted Bailamosx on 01 May 2013 - 04:54 AM

You can take all of those statistics and throw them out the window because warriors have the mobility of a stop sign and are crap FCs anyways.

#3880119 5.3 FC Change

Posted Drake on 25 April 2013 - 06:04 PM

Anybody thought of using PvE tank gear? Apparently they are nerfing tanks as spec, but the gear remains untouched. Having this extra mitigation and sockets might come in handy.

#3886637 [Suggestion] Making 27000 CP Achievement account wide

Posted Feliclandelo on 12 May 2013 - 12:59 PM

You see people quitting (or atleast threatning to quit) on a regular basis, this can be due to balance changes, not having the time or just overall boredom of the game. One of the ways Blizzard are trying to keep their customer attrition rate down, is by trying to make the game more alt friendly, giving players more stuff to do.

An alt friendly game, encourage people who are easily bored with their class, character or realm to keep playing, by rerolling to one of their other alts. I have faced the same problem a few times, and if an expansion is not on the horizon, I simply quit playing my character and spend time on something else, be it another game or spending time with friends (god forbid).

Right now when you reach 27.000 conquest points, you can buy all the other sets from honor (493-498 iLvl). This only applies to your character that has the achievement. Now, I don't have the time to play RBG or keep high ratings (not to mention, ensure being on a high pop realm and keeping 3 active 3v3 teams), meaning I am left with basicly 1 character that will be able to benefit from this. This means if I try to reroll, my alts will be severely undergeared, and they will be no fun to play and it will not be possible to migrate them in order to play with friends if you want to stay competitive.

Therefor, in order to try and give an extra incentitive (not only to earn a bit extra) but also to keep your playerbase (atleast within the pvp community) I would strongly suggest making this achievement account wide, meaning that all your other characters can farm the gear from honor, once you did it with 1 character.

Now, I can't really see the consequenses of this change, but perhaps some fellow AJ members could tell me why this might be a bad idea?


#3861513 [US] Horde RBGs - LFG

Posted Aristoi on 14 March 2013 - 08:21 AM

Class: Pally
Spec: Ret
Experience: glad a few times, 2.2k rbg
Armory link:  http://us.battle.net...s/Ariezs/simple
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#3878137 tremor totem is a old and dumb mechanic

Posted Wallirik on 20 April 2013 - 11:52 PM

pls just make tremor not usable to BREAK fears, and maybe lower the cd a bit to compensate. breaking a triple fear on your team is way too good :(

#3876088 Monks

Posted McMick1137 on 16 April 2013 - 02:25 PM

View PostHyuru, on 16 April 2013 - 08:24 AM, said:

It's like you forgot that they become immune to all dmg if you stun them, or are you tunnelvisioning so hard in your thug cleave that you completely forgot.


WW Monks are annoying, but far from op. Insanely long ramp up time and they're probably the squishiest class in the game concidering they have no passive mitigation.

MW Monks are just horrible in arena because if you train them they can't heal for shit, whilst in rbg they can freecast whole game and they're usually topping healing meters.

Jk Healing Sphere actually outheals anything x) always keep yourself hotted as a Mistweaver (Sphere+Mists) and just spam SPheres when being tunneled = win. Before I quit I preferred it when teams would tunnel me rather than my team as I could heal just as well without the risk of getting locked out and I could push in for cc :P

#3874666 Using fear to your advantage in arena

Posted Guest on 13 April 2013 - 04:26 AM

Hey all, I've been thinking about a certain topic the past couple days and I would like to share it with you guys here. First of all, this topic is not about fear as an ability or a crowd control, but as an emotion.

To start, let's talk about what is scary in arena. There are a couple things that are really scary in arena. One is losing control of your character at a time where you think someone might die. The other is taking a large amount of damage in a short period of time. Emotions play a big factor into how well one plays in arena. If you are frightened you are likely to use cooldowns before they are necessary. If you are angry, you are likely to be too busy being angry to remember to use a cooldown or help out a teammate. *Keep in mind something that is NOT scary is doing skilled fancy things. No one is scared of you trying to shadowmeld their scatter shot, but they are scared of high burst damage.*

I think fear is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. It causes you to use stuff before necessary AND when you let your emotions in the way important parts of the game start to become less important to you. The first one to go is always your positioning. When I'm scared of dying I'm generally playing way back by my healer just kiting away from the enemy. Working towards a kill becomes less important than trying to survive the next burst or whatever might kill me. Next I feel a team's offensive pressure drops when fast kills happen to them. They start to think defensively and forget about going for the kill.

What makes things scary? I think surprise plays a big role in making something scary. Also, when something feels insurmountable and you feel helpless it becomes scary. Taking 2 back to back Eviscerate crits for 130k, 130k is something that comes to mind as scary. Dying in a single deep freeze when you still had cooldowns is scary.

Most of this is obvious, so let's talk about the more interesting part. How can you use fear to your advantage in arena? I think there are certain players whose success has been fueled by fear. I will use the Mage class as an example. There are many good mages I play against on the ladder and the top few of them all have a completely different playstyle. One of them (namely, Watchmeblink) has a playstyle that is feared by many players that fight him. He is absurdly aggressive and willing to sacrifice any defense as offense to get to you and kill you. I remember when I first fought his RMP in Cataclysm. My playstyle changed so much against RMP after a few matches - simply because they were killing us in the opener nearly every time. Because of how scary those games were, I started playing really defensive against them until their pressure went down and we could get pressure and get a kill. The game isn't in a state where I feel waiting for the enemy to run out of pressure in the opener matters anymore, so that strategy has died now.

Anyway, point being: Watchmeblink is a great example of someone who uses fear to his advantage in arena. I guarantee you any healer that fights him thinks real hard about trinketing the first Deep Freeze or first Polymorph that he lands in the opener where against most Mages it wouldn't even be a question to sit. As soon as someone dies in a scary manner they are going to change how they play next time to try to stop that from happening again. Generally this means they will be more defensive and use cooldowns much earlier than needed, and in some rare cases they will play recklessly aggressive because they have come up with no other solution.
*Here's a couple VoDs I found of Watchmeblink doing Watchmeoneshotpeople things if you don't know of him*

In my own games throughout the years I've detected this fear happening with teams that I've faced a bunch of times and beaten as well as after losing a bunch of times with my own teams. Sometimes I'll lose a few times and then lose harder the next 5 games because I'm too worried about defensive and not about getting a kill. I'm sure this has happened to other teams/players as well. I can't say I've really taken advantage of knowing my team is instilling fear in our opponents, but it is an interesting topic to consider.

This was quite a long-winded idea, but I thought it was worth sharing with you guys. What I'm looking for from you now is to tell me how you think fear plays a role in arena and how you think fear has affected your play over the course of the game.

#3542732 The "This annoys me" Thread (Official)

Posted Tizikk on 08 November 2011 - 07:04 PM

people advertising their s9 bugged rating as their experience when looking for teams, when the highest they've been post mmr fix is 2200.

#3870635 The "This annoys me" Thread (Official)

Posted Mattadoro on 03 April 2013 - 08:08 PM

regentlord and djfrostbomb

#3867561 The "This annoys me" Thread (Official)

Posted Donald on 27 March 2013 - 05:32 PM

when people lose and look at the damage they took as if to blame the game for OP damage instead of thinking about how to play better

"ice lance for 20k, ice lance for 20k again omg so broken"

#3870795 The "This annoys me" Thread (Official)

Posted GrieverZ on 04 April 2013 - 02:49 AM

When i play arena or RBGs with friends or randoms and it feels like they give up from the start because of the other team's comp, titles or because its known players.