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#3302765 4.2, Soul Swap now 30 sec CD

Posted ragzdog on 15 June 2011 - 01:49 PM

casting spells in this game has become increasingly unfriendly. having to cast howl in the current state of the game would be terrible.

#3330331 4.2 Ele Setups

Posted Nex on 28 June 2011 - 09:49 PM

Team up with a caster who suffers from dispells, like boomkin or frost mage. The 90% haste on a dispelled flame shock will be extremely powerful. Of those I'd say:

Ele + frost mage + healer

90% haste on a dispelled flame shock means frost novas will be very risky to dispell. Facing a frost mage without dispells on novas = lose, hit the flame shock debuff and:

#1 ~0.7s cast hex (very hard to interrupt).
#2 90% haste while that hex lasts.

My personal guess is that the 90% number will be toned down, it feels a bit over the top. It'll also mean that teams like ele+rogue, ele+DK or ele+warr won't be as good as the opposing teams healer can just ignore dispelling and never have to trigger the 90% haste.

#3212746 Ruins of Lordaeron port location

Posted bens on 29 April 2011 - 07:34 PM

wanted to share a tip with all of you warlocks  I've recently compiled over 1000 arena games on ruins and have come to the conclusion that this is the ULTIMATE port location. This took me over 6 months to collect all of the data needed to make this decision its a way to port
without kiting away from the tomb into the goddamn open and getting shit on if a hunter has to chas eu like that while a rogue on him
he is goin to disengage to get to you and ur dps will be able to stick him harder and mages will have to blink in to the tomb and ur healer has perfect los to both sides and can swap over the top if needed pretty easily. At first glance it looks like a mess but i promise just look it over color coded for your fuckin ass and everything. fuck. truly a masterpiece
Posted Image


#3223825 Healing vs LSD (Aids)

Posted Rith on 05 May 2011 - 06:21 PM

Healing for that comp is always tough but I feel like its also up for the dps to stop the dmg. If you go hard from the get go play really aggressive it is very easy to push LSD behind. Its important to fear the DPS and swap a lot on Fear DRs and whoever doesn't have earth shield. If you pressure the team a lot more it forces them to peel more than damage and that in turn will really score you a kill.

#3223790 Healing vs LSD (Aids)

Posted Aggresionx on 05 May 2011 - 05:49 PM

It should be difficult for your shaman after about 1/1.5 minutes, once the second starfall is approaching the damage will start to get out of hand so you really have to make a dent by then. I play WLS as well on one of my warrs and we never had a problem with LSD2.0 unless on Dalaran, and even then it wasn't really a problem, it was just an elongated match. Boomkin should be your target, ALWAYS. Going on the lock doesn't prevent anything really and going on the shaman gives too much freedom for clones, also being able to stop starfall through stuns is important. Pre 4.1 I would throwdown the shaman if we were close to a kill, or the lock to stop pressure due to DRs, but in 4.1 I would probably just dump all stuns into the boomkin while on him. Try and open hard, once barkskin comes out put yourself into a position to fear the shaman (Remember to have him targetted so he cannot tremor it) and lock if possible. Once barkskin falls off, pop all cds and land that fear on the shaman and hopefully lock. He will most likely trinket, if he doesn't you should land a kill through lock outs after the fear. Have your shaman standing by when you fear to get ready to land a hex, it should be considerably easy considering your fear will not move the shaman. Hope this helped.

#3013790 Post patch disc priest comp

Posted Neloangelo on 24 January 2011 - 11:59 PM

hunters are a bit retarded on PTR at the moment. Melee won't ever get to touch one with new conc shot and their damage has been increased by a lot along with all the usual annoying fucking shit they have. New deterrence means you can't overpower or cheap shot it either so yea. They don't have to ever stop moving either, just spam spacebar since they can auto, cobra shot and steady shot while moving now HEH.

Rets on the other hand are a bit of a strange one, they are doing more damage but it's really RNG related. Sometimes you do excellent damage other times not so much, completely depending on whether you get divine purpose procs. Sacred Shield helps their survivability quite a bit but they will most likely still get trained to the ground. Also still very prone to being kited with no reliable snare. Conc shot will help a lot here if he plays with a hunter.

Feral is still doing sick damage but resto druids counter the hell out of them now with instant soothe for berserk, hibernate, root and cyclone so if you meet one on the other team it will be uphill.

Voting RMP, DK Mage Priest, DK Rogue Priest will have sick healer rushdown if rogue is muti.

Ret Rogue priest, ret mage priest and ret hunter priest coming in after the above comps.

#2917204 THEY DID IT!

Posted NoïnDK1296685357 on 22 December 2010 - 07:55 AM


The fact this change took a week and a day means literally no one at Blizzard plays arenas.

Just like Blizzard never plays in 5-mans, raids, BGs, or any of the ten classes. None of them have even touched WoW in the past 6 years. It's fun maintaining a specious and unfalsifiable line of reasoning for the purposes of catharsis. ;)

Bugs get past Q&A all the time. That's the nature of MMORPG development and all complex adaptive systems.

#2897279 My Question: Is it even worth it?

Posted Kelarm on 15 December 2010 - 09:51 PM

I just afk bgs any time I'm anwhere near my computer.  

Also there's always at least one or two retarded classes right at launch, this time it's mages and ferals.  They will get nerfed, the only thing left up to hope is how fast the nerf will come.

#2890666 Gear set

Posted Sandster on 13 December 2010 - 08:55 PM

Interesting twist on pve shaman healing lately:

-Many people are realizing that crit is a very good stat (procs water shield regen, ancestral healing, and ancestral awakening)
-Haste, in turn, is pretty terrible with current gear levels.  This means that crit > haste/mastery now.
-Many are opting to use Healing Surge instead of GHW (slightly cheaper, heals for only slightly less, and much faster).

This really reminds me of the crit/LHW styles back in WOTLK that dominated early seasons.  It makes a lot of sense; I was wondering why everyone was getting haste when mana was such an issue.

What do people think about int/spirit/crit > haste/mastery for arena?  And also the HS > GHW?  I'm going to give it a shot when honor grinding the next few days.  Crit also seems really good in bgs/5v5 when it procs ancestral awakening.

#2801144 R.Druid in cata

Posted daays on 10 November 2010 - 12:45 AM

Kurum said:

isnt this true for each healer...? For instance i cant sac while stunned or feared (or silenced for that matter, while druids can shift while silenced). Same holds true for priests and shamans, though shamans can ground while silenced.

Main thing is the other healers have skills they can use when coming out of that CC. Druids are limited to 3min cooldowns.

Priest  comes out of CC? Pain sup, shield, penance, PW:BAR
Paladin comes out of CC? Holy shock, WoG, Sac, BoP, LoD
Shaman  comes out of CC? Riptide, NS/heal, shock, ground, Earth shield (already on typically)
Druid   comes out of CC? NS/heal, ToL and instant regrowth

So you swap once, will most likely have to blow both 3min CDs, you wait the 40 seconds on ToL, swap again, dead.

The class is just going to be as weak as priests, but at least priests can get buffed with just some coeff. changes.

They're going to have to rethink druids.

#2684480 Restoshaman Cataclysm Beta Feedback

Posted Claynz on 07 October 2010 - 03:38 AM

Moved to sticky thread at shaman section

#2774223 Best Healer in Cata?

Posted Hidden on 31 October 2010 - 04:35 AM

Drye said:

any comments on why is that so? like to hear what paladin / shaman makes good, and why druids suck (getting sapped/sheeped/not beeing able to multi-lifebloom are the things i know. plus shitty treeform)

Lifebloom: now 1 target only, heals for crap, doesn't even bloom when stacked onto another target -> no pre-hotting for swaps
Rejuvenation: heals less, lower duration, higher mana cost -> way more expensive to pre-hot multiple targets
(Innervate: nerfed to 20% max mana - comparable to Divine Plea nerf)
Mastery: only increases healing if there is a HoT on the target when the heal/HoT is applied -> requires pre-hotting -> hard on mana/GCDs
Regrowth: comparable to other fast heals only if HoT, Living Seed and higher crit chance are included -> worst fast heal of all classes if spammed
Swiftmend: higher CD than other classes' instant heals and requires HoT on the target
Armor: no longer perma ToL/armor increasing talent -> lowest armor healer (quite a bit below Priests with IF up) with no physical damage reduction talent either

Insane healing and mana efficiency while moving because of mass low CD instant heals (Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Light of Dawn, Holy Radiance, Protector of the Innocent proc) and WoG being free along with a decent Mastery while still having above-average cast heals.

Strongest self-heal, strongest PvP healing mastery and most effective dispels because of multiple talents.

Obviously there are many other small things but those are the ones I find most important.

#2629802 Suggestions by Woundman (Final)

Posted Woundman on 19 September 2010 - 12:02 PM

  • Who & Friends list:

Only allow a player to see another player's location by having each other on their friends list.

Why: The Who & Friends list allows anyone to see a players location. Seeing a players location negatively effects arena because it promotes the term "selective queuing". Selective queuing is choosing who you play against. Selective queuing is also known as "dodging" and "sniping". Dodging and sniping a team is simple, especially at high ratings. In order to dodge a team, you need to have a character on their realm. When they enter an arena game, you log off their realm and queue. Sniping a team is the exact opposite. You wait for the team to leave an arena game and then queue. There is absolutely nothing competitive about selective queuing and it's unfair by any standard or measure. A player should only be allowed to see another players location if they have each other on their friends list.

  • Snare & Movement Speed Increase Mechanic:

Make movement speed increases more effective against snares.

Why: Movement speed increases are rendered almost useless against snares.




(Walking w/ Crippling applied)

(Sprinting w/ Crippling applied)

(Fleet Footed + Glyph of Sprint vs. Hamstring)

(No Fleet Footed + No Glyph of Sprint vs. Hamstring)

  • Crowd Control Movement:

Remove the movement from Sheep, Blind and Fear.

Why: The movement from Sheep, Blind and Fear can cause you to disconnect on moving objects, delay PvP trinketing and add randomness to the game.





(Polymorph + PvP trinket + Vanish)

(Deep Freeze)

  • Nameplates:

Increase the height of nameplates.

Why: Nameplates cover the target when zoomed out (especially Gnomes).


(15 Yards) http://img339.images.../15yardzoom.jpg

(20 Yards) http://img39.imagesh.../20yardzoom.jpg

(25 Yards) http://img831.images.../25yardzoom.jpg

(30 Yards) http://img840.images.../30yardzoom.jpg

(35 Yards) http://img199.images.../35yardzoom.jpg

(40 Yards) http://img8.imagesha.../40yardzoom.jpg

(Nameplates Disabled) http://img837.images...tesdisabled.jpg

(Nameplates Enabled) http://img834.images...atesenabled.jpg

  • Flare:

Greatly increase the projectile speed of flare. Make flare more visual on the ground.

Why: Flare is very hard to see and misleading.



  • Absorb Mechanic:

Make damage absorbed count as damage taken.

Why: Fear doesn't count absorb as damage taken. This makes fear last longer than it should when taking damage.

  • Mutilate & Backstab:

Remove the dagger requirement from Mutilate and Backstab. Normalize and reduce damage of Backstab and Mutilate with weapons other than daggers (like Fan of Knives, Ambush and Hemorrhage).

Why: With Ambush, Fan of Knives and Hemorrhage now scaling with other types of weapons, I see no reason why Backstab and Mutilate should be any different. Removing the dagger requirement from Backstab and Mulilate would allow Rogues other viable specializations without having to acquire another weapon type.

  • Cloak of Shadows:

Make Cloak of Shadows protect against finished casts, Judgements, Death Grip and Blood Plague.

Why: Majority of the time a Rogue is hit through Cloak of Shadows is because casts that have projectile speed can not be resisted once the cast has finished. Rogues have no real way of protecting themselves against Judgements, Death Grip and Blood Plague.


(Completed cast vs. CoS)

(Judgement -> CoS)

(Death Grip & Blood Plague -> CoS)

  • Damage & Debuff Dealing Passive Auras & Buffs:

Add a very short interval cool-down to damage & debuff dealing passive auras & buffs.

Why: Damage & debuff dealing passive auras & buffs affect classes more than others, thus making other classes jobs harder than others.


(Death by Thorns)

(Death by Ret Aura)

(Death by Thorns + Ret Aura)

  • Pyro Rocket:

Allow Pyro Rocket to be resisted and deflected.

Why: Pyro Rocket penetrates Cloak of Shadows & Deterrence.


(Pyro Rocket -> CoS)

(Pyro Rocket -> Deterrence)

  • Names:

Scale size of Names that are visible with in the game field when zoomed out.

Why: It's very hard to see Names that are visible with in the game field when zoomed out.


(Name) http://img535.images...6541/namess.jpg

(Names) http://img545.images.../2042/names.jpg

(Nameplates Disabled) http://img837.images...tesdisabled.jpg

  • Deterrence:

Allow unavoidable melee attacks to be parried by Deterrence.

Why: Deterrence isn't a reliable defensive ability.


(Backstab vs. Deterrence) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jockofdLprg

  • Shadow Dance:

Make it easier to setup the Shadow Dance bar. Disable stance swapping while Shadow Dance is active or allow Stance 3 to swap back after vanishing or stealthing.

Why: The only way to setup the Shadow Dance bar is by activating the ability. Stealthing or Vanishing while Shadow Dance is active basically deactivates Shadow Dance.


(Shadow Dance + Vanish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIjVFyHEoTo

  • Auto Attack:

Reduce the volume of auto attacks.

Why: It can be very hard to hear other abilities being activated.

  • Unit Frames:

Make the Target, Player, Party and Arena Unit Frames movable.

Why: The Focus Frame is movable. Why shouldn't these frames be movable?

  • Action Bars:

Add more action bars to the user interface.

Why: Some classes are running out of action bar space.

  • Character Specific Macros:

Greatly increase the number of character specific macro slots available.

Why: A lot of people are running out of macro space. Once you run out of Character Specific macros, your only alternative is to use the General macros tab. The General macros tab shares macros with all characters on the account, which is very inconvenient.

  • GM Ticket:

Make the GM Ticket notification a minimap button (like mail).

Why: The current GM Ticket notification window interferes with the buffs & debuffs, which is very inconvenient.



  • Chat Spam:

Greatly reduce the amount of messages a player can send (like Warcraft 3).

Why: Spam is out of control. It's extremely hard to read trade chat without an addon.


(Spam) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3ga5P41OUo

  • Combat Text:

Make the Combat Text more customizable.

Why: The Combat Text is extremely bland compared to the addons out today.

  • Unit Frame Combat Indicator:

Add a combat indicator to the target & focus frame (like the player frame).

Why: It can be hard to tell if a target is in combat or not.

  • Arena Tournament Realm:

Remove low level enchants. Give characters bottomless bags and put all useful class specific items in bags.

Why: Would make setting up a character much easier.

  • Focus & Target Arena:

Implement Focus Arena 1-5 and Target Arena 1-5 in keybindings.

Why: Would save a lot of people 6 - 10 macros, unless they're super creative. :)

(I remade this post because a lot of people misunderstood my point of view. Hopefully this clears things up.)

OP: http://forums.worldo...859117715&sid=1

#2557862 why is vancilli or vencilli or whatever allowed to cast for MLG?

Posted Tomou on 29 August 2010 - 04:34 PM

he's a general caster for MLG.  he plays the "straight man" in the duo.  not everyone is an arena junkie, and he makes it easier on the casuals by asking the questions they might ask.

#2485139 Do you still believe every season has been an improvement?

Posted Zâfryna1296685143 on 08 August 2010 - 12:47 AM

This thread is more like
"Are you not on the wizzard qq bandwagon ?"
Or just "Are you a wizzard ?"

This season is without any doubt the most balanced season of all wow history, but s7 was probabely more enjoyable for most people.

EDIT : since everyone is already mad trying to bash me take a look at this :

Posted Image

S5 :
Top 1 comp : 20%
Top 3 comps total : 50%
Top 8 comps total : 73%

s6 :
Top 1 comp : 31% (lol)
Top 3 comps total : 43%
Top 8 comps total : 64%

s7 :
Top 1 comp : 16%
Top 3 comps total : 27%
Top 8 comps total : 44%

s8 :
Top 1 comp : 9%
Top 3 comps total : 18%
Top 8 comps total : 36%


The "OTHER COMPS" category have never been so big.
The Top1 -Top 3 -Top 8 categories have never been so low.

So this is the most balanced season ? oO

I mean if i wasn't even playing wow i would agree with myself, those are just numbers rofl...