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[H-PVP] [US-Bleeding Hollow] {S.I.C.C.}

05 May 2015 - 08:15 PM

{Sorry I Corpse Camp} is a new guild formed by veteran players on Bleeding Hollow and we're looking to fill up our ranks! We're mostly PVP-centric [I raid on my 676 ret, though!], and are starting to actively recruit for the next PVP season.

We're currently a small core group of skilled players (great TCs, exceptional healers, strat callers, etc.) that have PVP'd casually for the last couple years together. A couple of us have made an effort to gain some rating this season, but we'd love to start making a serious push in the next one and understand that that'll require synergy amongst new team members. That means we need to start working on it NOW!

We'll start some low-stakes RBGs soon, so we can start getting some practice in with each other. I'll probably follow-up on this thread tonight with specific days and times.

Despite our name, we're all very friendly and social (if you're social, that's a big plus! i'm a chatterbug in guild chat :P) We'll help you gear, answer questions, farm some random battlegrounds, and generally have fun together. If this sounds awesome and you're interested, please send me a ping on esmeyesmey#1101

TL;DR: If you're fun, social, and enjoy PVP, join S.I.C.C. now!