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New PvP guild recruiting: <Mental>

04 April 2015 - 03:46 PM

Greetings World!

We are a new PvP guild, and we are sick. If you are experiencing mental health issues or a like at your current work space, maybe in a raid or LFG-random-grouping environment, it's possible you might be one of us and you simply need us as much as we need you.

If you also, a long with above mentioned condition, have admitted your problem we can work together with the illness by practising our custom made therapy: mad horde slaying. We are recruiting more somewhat unstable characters who posses above average skill and performance for our weekly activities; RBGs, arena and world PvP. You should have above 2,2k previous or current experience. The roster is so far made out of various players ranging from glads, ex glads, 3k+ cr players and world PvPers.
You are also welcome as a soon-to-be member and will be promoted once reaching 2,2k, or you can have a spot as a world PvPer (no rating req) and join in on those upcoming events.

We do not have a fixed template for you to apply with, there is simply no point in asking pre-written questions when recruiting exceptional players. We'd rather have a chat with you to get an idea of both your ability to play your character and as a person.

As for alts and casuals, I have been leading RBGs on my priest at 2380ish about 4 seasons. I'm currently leveling a new priest on our new home realm. As soon as it's leveled we will have alt RBGss that I will lead for casuals, and trials aswell, 2-4 evenings per week. The main group will push HotA, if you're interested in that you would already know of it's current low title cutoff, alt/trial/casul runs will be used to sift the wheat from the chaff.

We tend to keep members experience and current rating in their public note - this is of course not required, but it makes it easier to find partners and to avoid the mess the LFG-tool can be sometimes. Also, having a decent CR in aren/RBGs shows dedication and helps towards your main team spot.

Don't hesitate to contact either me or Dïzzy in-game, or reach me at;
E-mail: [email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>
B-tag: Dip#2422
Skype: andrelol5

Looking forward to meet you and your stress, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder!