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10 June 2015 - 12:49 PM

Lately playing RBG feels more like afking for 5 hrs vs 1900 teams. Can the dodgers please come out of their dodge cave and stop this shit storm. Instead of 1900 teams facing other 1900 teams, gaining game xp and learning how to play, every 2.1k+ team gets its own 1900 team to farm. If people wouldnt dodge streams would be more popular which would result in a community increase and that would maybe mean more teams to face.
i think a 1900 team disbands after facing a 2.3k and then a 2.2k team because all the 2.1k-2.2k are dodging. People from those teams rage quit RBG and never play it again. People are greedy for a title that means nothing to anyone who doesnt play this game and it means nothing to most that play it either. So i ask you kindly dear dodgers, stop the sharade and lets have some fun before the ssn ends.
shoutout to tukaramm and kimyoung

stat priority

31 March 2015 - 12:45 PM

Hey fellow paladins, I am at a point where i dont want to follow guides which say "vers > haste > etc etc". After looking over top paladins I've noticed paladins going for full crit/spirit, others versa/mastery and others full haste. I dont have enough points to buy all the item sets and try out every individually so i'd like to ask where your ground basis comes from when choosing what stat on what item to go for. I'd like to know why I am taking a specific stat and how much of that stat actually benefits me. Does anyone know of a theorycraft website which breaks down stats in numbers in a pvp enviroment? Thanks for any usefull comments if any in advance.

Execution sentence vs. holy prism

12 March 2015 - 03:06 PM

Hey, im posting here cuz im trying to get other fellow hpalas opinions.
Im going to do a 3s session with my team today for the first time after the 10% dmg nerf. Im trying to get some opinions on my specific comp.
We are playing hpala godcomp and I've noticed alot of hpalas run ES lately. Im a big fan of holy prism tho and the constant healing it provides. Before the nerf prism worked fine vs any combo but im not sure what is better now.
My general idea is maybe running ES vs heavy CC combos such as RMD and running Prism vs constant pressure combos such as turbo. But the last time we played prism worked fine vs RMD aswell.
What do you guys think about ES as a replacement for prism?
I would appreciate any input, we are on 2.8 rating and I dont wanna drop simply cuz I took the wrong ability.
Thanks in advance!