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#4433765 Dodging

Posted by toonqt on 10 June 2015 - 12:49 PM

Lately playing RBG feels more like afking for 5 hrs vs 1900 teams. Can the dodgers please come out of their dodge cave and stop this shit storm. Instead of 1900 teams facing other 1900 teams, gaining game xp and learning how to play, every 2.1k+ team gets its own 1900 team to farm. If people wouldnt dodge streams would be more popular which would result in a community increase and that would maybe mean more teams to face.
i think a 1900 team disbands after facing a 2.3k and then a 2.2k team because all the 2.1k-2.2k are dodging. People from those teams rage quit RBG and never play it again. People are greedy for a title that means nothing to anyone who doesnt play this game and it means nothing to most that play it either. So i ask you kindly dear dodgers, stop the sharade and lets have some fun before the ssn ends.
shoutout to tukaramm and kimyoung
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#4401500 Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide Legion and (7.0.3)

Posted by toonqt on 17 March 2015 - 02:55 PM

Why are some palies like Jimjim going vers/multistrike>rest when its the worst stat stated it this guide.
Imo, using the common sense, it is the worst stat since u get 1/2 of it in pvp and it doesnt affect some of your spells like crit does(holy shock, passive 5% more crit).
Im kinda new to hpala, just started gearing one, I am just looking for an answer on stat priorities

i think stat priorities are kinda dependant on the comp you play.
if ure the main train target going vers is a must since you will rarely have a chance to free cast so you need the dmg reduction, however if ure playing thug or shatter you will rarely get focused and i found out myself my multistrike paladin heals for alot more than my versa paladin in those situations.
I would say current hpala stat priority is haste and then versa=multistrike. I have a mixture of those 3 stats on my paladin and im guessing other paladins do similiar stuff. Crit is the worst stat cuz with denounce up you dont really need more crit. Hope that helped.
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