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In Topic: Concepts every player should know

12 June 2015 - 01:17 PM


In Topic: Glyph of Mind Harvest

31 March 2015 - 01:39 PM

Let me correct myself. The glyph and situations ure describing would result in constant pressure with DP where without the glyph you get more burst because you usually disarm into a stun where ur orbs come back so you get a DP up followed by 1-2 mind blasts because they are on such a short CD so when you burst mind blast would make most pressure and burst for you. But if you had the glyph you would end up having DP up all the time having constant pressure without any real burst. If you're playing with a lock or a warr ur theory could work but most or any SP comps are with a mage more or less so going without the glyph is the best choice of action. However i only have a alt SP so dont take my words for granted. Looking foward to more opinions aswell.

In Topic: Glyph of Mind Harvest

31 March 2015 - 12:09 PM

i dont think it's viable in 3s because a 5 sec cd instant mind blast gives alot of steady pressure and it goes well with the cd of ur disarm/silence. glyph is rly good in rbgs tho. But im not a SP so maybe someone more related should answer.

In Topic: Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide Legion and (7.0.3)

17 March 2015 - 02:55 PM

Why are some palies like Jimjim going vers/multistrike>rest when its the worst stat stated it this guide.
Imo, using the common sense, it is the worst stat since u get 1/2 of it in pvp and it doesnt affect some of your spells like crit does(holy shock, passive 5% more crit).
Im kinda new to hpala, just started gearing one, I am just looking for an answer on stat priorities

i think stat priorities are kinda dependant on the comp you play.
if ure the main train target going vers is a must since you will rarely have a chance to free cast so you need the dmg reduction, however if ure playing thug or shatter you will rarely get focused and i found out myself my multistrike paladin heals for alot more than my versa paladin in those situations.
I would say current hpala stat priority is haste and then versa=multistrike. I have a mixture of those 3 stats on my paladin and im guessing other paladins do similiar stuff. Crit is the worst stat cuz with denounce up you dont really need more crit. Hope that helped.

In Topic: Execution sentence vs. holy prism

14 March 2015 - 01:28 AM

So I was just testing out ES on my half geared holy pally on a pvp target dummy. It looks like ES does a shitload of damage too if lined up with CDs. With wings, proc trink, on-use trink, and 21% crit I did 140k damage over the 10 seconds. Normal ticks were 3k - 7k, but the final tick did a 90k crit. The final tick is supposed to go off if ES is dispelled off the target. It's risky play blowing a strong 1 minute healing CD, but I can see using ES offensively winning me matches when the opponent is in a bad position or in an unbreakable CC.

Some more testing on a pvp target dummy: lining up trinket proc, on-use, 3minute wings, and seal of command (10% dmg) instead of seal of insight (5% healing) doing ES->holy shock-> denounce->harsh words (wog) spam gave me 400k - 450k damage over the duration of ES. I'm assuming the pvp target dummies no give the static damage reduction that players have in pvp (15% trink dmg reduction bonus and recent 10% dmg nerf in pvp), but this damage is ridiculous from a healer. I'll have to actually test it out in arena when one of my friends logs on.

I feel there's going to be a nerf to our damage at some point in wod.

You might've found the new shockadin way my friend :o I wanna try this out in 2s!