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In Topic: Frost DK PvP noob questions.

11 March 2015 - 04:16 PM

Heya. Necrotic plague is nice because it allows you to use plague leech almost whenever the cooldown is up. Usually the choice is between NP(necrotic plague) and BoS(breath of sindragosa) depending on the type of comp you're running. Plague leech with necrotic plague will allow you to use a killing machine proc when you have no runes available. Whereas BoS will allow you to drop big burst once every 2 minutes. So its really a choice between slight burst every 25 secs, and huge burst every 2 mins. You can still plague leech without necrotic plague but you usually will have to use outbreak right before or spend an unholy rune on plague strike for blood plague application.

In terms of healing ability, I would say death pact is your safest bet. I don't have a lot of experience with death siphon, but conversion can be a pain to use now that its more expensive, NP no longer generates runic power for us, and our glyph does 2 runic power/sec instead of 3. All of that means that if you have conversion up you are going to be doing significantly lower dps for the duration.

In terms of NP application you'll usually just apply it naturally with your icy touch dispels and your chains of ice.

Hope some of this helped, sorry if the spelling is shitty, I wrote this from my phone. Good luck!