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WW Monk burst setup -noob help.

09 November 2016 - 03:04 PM

Hi Folks,


normally i´m a healer and i decided to go MW this Xpac but on the way i really fell in love with the new WW mechanics. They are really, really fun so i like to fool around in arena with it.


How does the ideal burst look like?

Right now i ToD - Serenity - FoF - Arteskill - Rsk
I have no idea if this is remotely close to what i should do.

Do you always wait with Serenity untíl ToD comes of CD?

What does the "normal" Rotation look like?


I see monks doing insanly more dmg then me.

I know Artefactskills bring a lot to the table, in points of WW dps. I only gotten the 2nd gold trait, because of 2 speccs to fuel and twinkerinos.


Any playstyle tips in general are apreciated.

Thanks for your time