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#4611553 Hamstring no longer off GCD on the PTR

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 21 October 2016 - 12:47 AM



my thoughts are that blizzard are a mongoloid lying company.

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#4609408 Elemental viability/comps

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 06 October 2016 - 10:14 AM

Sad reality is that there is actually zero reason to play ele over enhance.


can you find one ? lava burst crits for 105k.


for some reason its hard for blizzard to fathom that elemental shamans that have 100% crit on lavaburst, and have elemental fury (250% of normal crit) gets gutted by the pvp crit nerf.


at this point lightningbolt needs to be castable while moving, do 20-30% more dmg ( outside of artifact on use )


Grounding totem should be baseline for elemental shamans.


Give eleshaman 45 sec bloodlust instead of enhance.


with these changes maybe ele could be woth playing.

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#4524393 Stormbolt. endless QQ

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 20 October 2015 - 06:49 AM

You and this retarded type of mindset is what is currently fucking this game in the ass so hard.

Why the hell do you think that Warriors should even remotely be able to peel on a level the same as a Rogue? You are the reason pruning and generalization and homogenization and whatever shit is going on is happening.

What is the fucking definition of a Rogue supposed to be? Oh yes, control, stuning is supposed to be a damn synonym with Rogue, but it's not anymore, because of you and countless other peoples retarded mindset of "everyone should have everything."

You are a -Warrior-, do you expect your class to play like a fucking Rogue or have the same type of tools or even the same fucking type of control?

In WotLK you didn't even fucking have a stun in the first place unless you played Protection, what the fuck is making you feel like you are somehow obliged to even have stuns in the first place?

And you guys wonder why this game is dying? Fucking amazing

I don't even... Are you fucking serious?


edit ( where have i ever said i wanted same peels as rogue lol ? )

and they do indeed have that, but rogues now want stormbolt removed because its apperently overpowered.

im not speaking about warriors in their current form, i dont think warriors are weak or anything, we are strong as fuck.

but im growing tired of this "back in wrath" shit. you mean back when:

warriors had 10k more hp than rogues?
back when warriors could 2-3 shot a rogue?
back when warriors mobility was actually something special ( not saying our current mobility is bad but many other classes have gotten baseline mobility similar to warriors )
back in wrath only sub rogues had shs and all a assasination rogue had was sprint, on 3 min cd.
and yes we had stuns in wrath, baseline charge stun, and 3 sec intercept, 10 sec spellreflect.

stop comparing current wod gameplay with Wrath. in the current game you need a stun even as a warrior. unless you wanna see some completely mongo damage, even higher than what you see now.

and do i want the same peels as a rogue ? ofc not? have i ever said anything remotely close to that ? but you act like as if warrior cc is similar to rogues which it is fucking not.

all i have been saying is that i think stormbolt is STRONG, but not OP and it shouldnt get nerfed in the current game without changes to other classes happening in the same patch.

but yes its my opinion that playing warrior in MOP was 10x funnier compared to wod.
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#4493517 mages in 2s.

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 06 September 2015 - 04:35 PM

cba getting permaed over such a nobody jesus christ

haha, i would like to hear your shittalk though.

afterall you whine all day long about ferals and what not, but if others whine its always and simply just l2p issues. send personal i wont report :)))
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#4492890 mages in 2s.

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 05 September 2015 - 05:36 PM

If a mage paladin ever lose to a warrior in 2s they should delete wow.

holy shit that is the most unbalanced and frustrating shit i have ever witnessed in my life as a gamer.

im this close to fucking smashing my pc to pieces.

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#4384554 6.1: Gforce's Guide to Protection

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 09 February 2015 - 07:46 PM

Is this true? If so, this could be hella op. 1 sec off major cds for each spammable heroic strikes and other abilities. You can have 20 sec cd shockwave and 30~40 sec cd blood bath, 1 min avatar, and so on.

Memphis is the only prot above glad rating as far as I know and he doesn't stream so I can't say much but prot can actually be glad viable in cleave oriented comps like ATC or TSG/Turbo as good as arms/fury.

Can someone else try it out and confirm? I would if I can but at work atm :(

im mainly playing Stormbolt, and i have to watch for DR every time i use it, it often goes down to like 17ish seconds ( base is 30 )

my sustained damage rivals fury, and the constant spam of slows from hindering is VERY usefull for druids/rogue spammings shift and burst of speed.

i can sustain 22k dps on the pvp dummy in garrison in D stance with heroic strike on #3 damage done.

i can see the random burst coming handy from sudden death, but i care more for the sustained damage, and constant slow for rogue/druids.

btw memphis if you read this start streaming XD
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#4384542 6.1: Gforce's Guide to Protection

Posted by GrandalMurmillo on 09 February 2015 - 07:19 PM

im using unyielding strikes. seems VERY strong combined with glyph of hindering, and im pretty sure anger management is bugged with unyielding strikes. seems like every heroic strike is 1 sec off cds even when its reduced by the talent. Thoughts?
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