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In Topic: Getting Trained as Resto - Help Please!

30 January 2015 - 09:05 AM

what is really effective against any meele cleaves is to precast your shapeshift forms. for example you blinked away from dk/warrior after grip is out. the warrior will charge immediately and you will be rooted for around 2 sec. if you precast your travel form while the warrior is charging, you just can avoid his roots and he will be fucked, because he still has a GC and are not able to slow you. you also should play against DK with fearie swarm, the dk needs the dispell, otherwise you can just outrun him and when the other healer is dispelling feari swarm he is not able to dispell roots on the warrior, what is crucial because he has to pop bladestorm for it.
also try to seperate your cds, that means dont pop tree and all your deff cds at the same time or pop tree when you at 30% and then you have to use your medaillon. you should get a feeling of when your will get big damage, so you can for example pop tree at 60% life, outrun your own m8, your enemies will notice they are actually not able to kill you -> try to do big dmg on your m8 -> you outrun them -> there burst going full into your tree -> after 3mins most of the burst rdy again -> your tree is rdy again.

im playing for example with a warrior and he plays with shockwave. when a melee cleave wants to train me, he just stuns both and i can get a full cyclone of one of them OR i just outrun them, dispelling me everything and going invis with shadowmeld. this is so OP and retarded at the same time, but as a nightelf druid its one of your biggest DEFF CD. i managed a few times to go invis while a meele cleave used his burst and wanted to burst me, well you can imagine how desperate they look. we had some enemies on 2,3 mmr who just jumped around because they were totally confused and had no clue what they actually want to do.
this is actually pretty hard to land, because you have to manage your own debuffs (rend for example). for example when rend last 3 seconds, the warrior wants to refresh it, so i stun the warrior (so he is not able to charge, if he uses medaillon, good!) and blink BEHIND a pillar, wait till rend is only 1 sec left, going invis (out of combot), you will get 1 tick of rend -> just going invis with prowl. if you have still up your dash, use it.

if you play a meele cleave in 3s and the enemie healer isnt a druid (what is pretty rare) your m8 should outdps the enemies dps -> enemies dps have to peel -> you won the game, because you can start your cc chain with shockwave/stun on all 3 of them and get the clones out.

last but not least, if your m8 are not able to get the kill but your target is still pretty low, just cyclone him and rush another target and try to swap with the cyclones so that the enemie healer has troubles to get the hole team up.

maybe you should just watch some streams. theorycrafting on arenajunkies is pretty decent, but its also pretty easy to read and to "understand". to do this in a life arena match is a completly different story. if you see this on streams, you can also steal some good positionings (this is everything about to play the druid effectively) and get a feeling for it.

have a nice day!

In Topic: How hard is it to learn a DK

29 January 2015 - 02:18 PM

eventually the most easiest class in wow, of course, with warrior.

In Topic: Hunter/Rdruid vs. Rogue/Rdruid. Who wins?

29 January 2015 - 01:34 PM

what do you mean with "refuses to use trinket" ? did i understand your right, your rdruid playing without a medaillon? if so JUST LEAVE HIM LOL.

In Topic: Hunter/Rdruid vs. Rogue/Rdruid. Who wins?

29 January 2015 - 09:07 AM

i dont know, but actually both have a good chance to win this. a good rogue can stick on a druid, because after blink the rogue is much faster then the druid with perma sprint. a good rogue can also eat the traps with magic immune and peel like hell with tons of stuns & co. ultimately the team wins wo can get the better cc chains, and actually both combs are viable to do heavy shit aswell switching clones & stuff.
but i think rogue/druid requires more skill then hunter/druid. what could bring you the win is always to dispell the black arrow from hunter, in 3s its not worth i think but in 2s... well i saw some hunters raging against me because they couldnt get any dmg out.

last but not least: because of dampening (like the poster above said) its lately not about your comb, its more about to get the cc chain in the right moment, after 40% dampening the dmg is a little bit more then healing, so it depends who can land better cc chains and doing more pressure (after 30-40% dampening, before that its actually just luck to kill someone at 2,3+)

what i think is more annyoing right now: frostmage/feral druid so stupid...

In Topic: Resto druid/hunter survi vs discy priest/hunter survi

27 January 2015 - 11:52 AM

try to help your hunter with roots and dispells. switch cyclones the hole entire game, your hunter should be able to switch targets immediately.
dispell also black arrow, you should know why. the druid is actually better in avoiding cc so try to make op cc chains like HunterStun->Trap->Cyclone (if you can 3 times)-> Bash
in the meantime you should try to get the interrupt spells from hunter, so try to fake the hunter the hole time while the priest is sitting in cc. You should Cyclone the hunter when the priest is still in cc, but you have to be sure it will work

your druid should know about every interrupt/avoiding ability from hunter like: deterrence, feign death, silence-shot, stun, seconds deterrence, explosive shot, disengage

you also can start the cc chain with your bash and while the second or third cyclone is active on the priest, your hunter should stun the enemy hunter (both in cc now) and the druid gets the clone out. but this is all very theorycrafting, on 2,2 it still works but we have to do EVERYTHING for it, so if we do one big mistake we are not able to get the kill. and for sure.. if the hunter is not able to get every trap you will lose, except the enemie healer is shit.

edit: be always aware of the priest. if you cannot time this perfectly and get the clone on the hunter while priest is still in cyclone, he will silence you immediately, so take care of the cc and channeling times!

we are always start on the hunter, because your druid can hot your up at the beginning and im going stealth then. he is winning the fights till the priest comes to heal him -> try to cast cyclone and catch the silence or that the priest is using his invis, you need actually both spells on cd to get a full clone on him!