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Pancakezlol - 2,5k+ MW monk stream

19 February 2015 - 10:28 AM

Hello there fellow arena adicts.


My nick is Pancakezlol, and I've decided to start streaming now that I've got a new computer. Also cause there isn't alot of mistweaver content out there.

I mainly play monk shadowcleave, but will hopefully be able to try some tier 1 comps in the future such as WMchi, TSG and turbo.
My stream will be focused on 3s, but I'll add some 2s aswell.

My goal is to improve myself to get to a new level, and be able to show great use of the mistweaver monks potential.

I'm looking forward to share my moments and experiences in the arenas with you guys, and will be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for reading!


2,5k+ MW/unholy vs. rdruid/hunt

11 February 2015 - 05:28 PM


As the title says, I play MW monk and my buddy is playing a unholy DK.

We are struggling alot with the 2,5k+ hunter and resto druids.

What describes our fights:

MW(me): Hunter is basicly sits on my ass(in melee range) as much as possible.
-When I port he uses disengage
-When I roll his frozen arrow hits me while in a roll so I'm slow'd when I get out of the roll. Makes me unable to roll around a corner cause of that.
-When I try to move to the druid for a CC or an interrupt I get slowed by frozen arrow making the druid able to kite me, or explosive trap.
-Losing on dampening

DK: Sitting in root/trap/clone half of the game.
-Able to get near the druid only when grip is off CD, but then the druid blinks.
- When getting near barskin is popped instantly, or blink.
-Sitting it too much clone, root, trap and stuns. Roots is mass entang, barskin root, ironpark root, regular root. Stuns being bash and binding shot.
-If trying to sit on hunter, half of the map will be covered in ice trap. Also makes the druid able to freecast.

Comments on CC:
8 second CD on dispell - Both mass entang and trap is instant, then you have to add both stuns.
Unable to get to my teammate to give him tiger's lust cause of frozen ammo, otherwise the druid will be far gone.

Additional info:
Doesn't matter if we get them to pop both treeform at deterence, they still have enough to keep going.
Using the talent celerity helps, but also punishes us considering my DK to catch up, rarly able to get in range before the druid is gone.
hunter/druid below 2,5k hasn't really been a problem at all, just takes time.

I would love to have some tips/advice in how to beat this.
I might have been unclear or forgot to mention certain scenarios and stuff, I'm able to give more details.