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In Topic: US-Shadowburn-2v2 - S4Archive

08 August 2008 - 11:02 AM

i stole his name? lol ive been around as long as him and met him on the rogue forums like 5 months ago, not copied, just conincidence that we both share the last name.

Wow release = a little longer than 5 months ago so I'm pretty sure I've got you beat by like 2 years. Carry on though this is argument is much better than factionz repeatedly denying that he bought gladiator from yog to try to retain what little respect a select few fellow ethug faggots have for him. It's also funnier than lycra bragging about running fotm comps and thinking he's good.

In Topic: US-Shadowburn-2v2 - S4Archive

07 August 2008 - 08:23 PM

Highly doubt it but we probably did beat you.. Lol SPriest rogue < mage rogue....

Didn't I farm your mage/rogue team like 50 pts as dreamstate druid/rogue? LOOOOOOOL seems like u got urself owned kid.

Yeah and druid/rogue > mage/rogue ....welcome to the 2v2 bracket. And no you didn't beat us last season, you got farmed a couple times and queue dodged us at least 2 different nights.

Go lick on factionz sack you two ethug trolls make the perfect couple, two morons who think they are cool by making fun of people's armory pages and acting like elitist pricks. Did mommy not love you guys enough growing up or was it the people that kicked your ass in high school that turned you both into spiteful douchebags?

In Topic: US-Shadowburn-2v2 - S4Archive

07 August 2008 - 08:17 PM

heres me proving cramerr the male night elf horribly wrong: http://img329.images...ladiatorrn7.jpg

You still bought gladiator and you're still a giant douchebag.

heres heres me beating cramerr the male night elf in arena: http://img353.images...=cramerrxs0.jpg

Terrible hunter team beats terrible cleave team, news at 11.


Making a night elf at the games original release isn't as retarded as making two bloof elves at TBC launch.

In Topic: US-Shadowburn-2v2 - S4Archive

07 August 2008 - 11:08 AM

Worst rogue/mage here. Please transfer off.

How does factionz balls taste? Didn't I farm your shadowpriest rogue team for like 100 rating last season?

In Topic: US-Shadowburn-2v2 - S4Archive

06 August 2008 - 08:26 PM

is that all you're going to post? if i did buy a gladiator,

You did, you act like it's a secret but everyone knows....

i'd still be alot deserving of it than some 55% win ratio male night elf.

whatever helps you sleep at night.

try mention it again so i can destroy all you have, 1600 12-2

Oh no don't make fun of a disconnect and a lock healer team that was leveling up at the same, I'm so ashamed. Get off your high horse dude, being an ethug was never cool and it never will be but feel free to continue looking like a giant douchebag as usual.