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The big fat Brewmaster PvP Thread (theorycrafting, gearing and strategy)

02 January 2015 - 11:07 PM

Hey guys! New to the forums, but wanted to contribute!

Let me start off by saying I am by no means an expert PvP'er, neither am I ranked very highly (haven't really tried though). I do, however, enjoy PvP'ing in Brewmaster spec at the moment. I stumbled across it seeing as Windwalker is squishier than a sponge, and Mistweaver never really caught my attention.

Haven't found a thread like this yet, however - if there is one - please redirect me, and consider this one closed.

I won't claim to know a whole lot, but I'm gonna try an summerize my accumulated knowledge, and keep updating this thread with contributions as they come!


Guard: Attack Power-based shield increasing selfhealing by 30%. Combine with setbonus from PvP gear for an IMMENSE party effect. 2 charges, recharges every 30secs.

Keg Smash: Your main hitter. Hits like a freight train (expect crits between 30-40k every 8 secs), and is AoE. Make sure you get the Glyph for this one (correct me if I'm wrong).

Serenity: (From T7 talent): Make sure you pick this talent, as it allows for spamming Blackout Kick for 10 secs. Might be an idea to save your CC-breakers for when you use this, so the entirety of your Serenity doesnt get spent in a stun lock.

Blackout Kick: Your standard chi user, hits for good damage, especially with trinkets boosting agility.

Dizzying Haste: Almost essential to slow down casters and ranged classes trying to kite you. Use with Breath of Fire to disorient in a cone.

Breath of Fire: Dmg + DoT in a cone infront of you. See Dizzying Haze for utility.

Leg Sweep (T4 talent): AoE stun for 5 seconds. Use at will, great for taking down casters and/or setting up bursts with teammates.

Paralysis: Glyph to remove dots when used. Use to incapacitate targets you're not focusing. If DR kicks in, you can still use this to interrupt spellcasting/channelig.

Chi Brew: Generates 2 chi and 5 Elusive Brew stacks. Use to maintain rotation as main, or panic-add Chi for guard and/or Breath of Fire. The 5 stacks of EB is nice to have, keeping melee dmg mitigation at a maximum.


Rushing Jade Wind (T6 talent): Great for sustaining dmg while stunned/CC'ed, aswell as detecting Rogues/Druids in stealth. Mediocre dmg.

Invoke Xuen (T6 talent): Summon tiger to deal dmg to more or less everyone for 45 seconds. More or less equal to hunter pet in terms of dmg. I prefer this over RJW for the extra sustained dmg.

Healing Elixirs (T5 talent): Gives a 15% heal when brought under 35% health, once ever 18 secs. Also heals when you drink a brew. Same cooldown. Choose if mainly facing melee damage.

Diffuse Magic (T5 talent): Reduce magic damage by 90% for 5 secs. Reflects all harmful magic back to caster. Choose if mainly facing spellcasting damage.


Tl:dr - get as much PvP gear you can. Scales up nicely. It shouldn't take too long to farm enough honor to get 4 pieces of Ironskin (dunno if its a different horde name), which gives you the Guard AoE set bonus. After that, either do Arena to get conquest points (for better PvP gear), or keep doing BG's to get lockboxes rewarding either gear or a good chunk of honor points. Forget Ashran unless you're really sick of regular BGs.

Stat prio:
Agility (for attack power) > Bonus Armor (damage mitigation and more attack power) > Mastery (even more attack power) > Crit/Multistrike > Haste

Attack power boosts your shield, ergo, you want more attack power. Given your lack of SERIOUS burst, you'll want to outlive your opponents as best as possible, relying on your guard and expel harm +++ to keep you going while grinding your target to death. With a couple of good trinkets, and a well timed line of actions and a good amount of crits, you should be able to do 120-180k dmg in 6-7 seconds. In other words - not great. However, your Guard will probably absorb around 100-120k dmg, leaving you with the upper hand after it.


Supportive damage, CC and defence. As a tank, you're supposed to be the hardest to kill. Dont fright. Killing you within 30 seconds of the fight will take at least 2 dps'ers focusing you. Therefore, most comps in both 2v2 and 3v3 ignore Brewmasters when opening. This leaves you with the advantage of being able to choose your battle plan. Usually, both in 2v2 and 3v3, numbers-game is a sound strategy. If the other comp has a healer, you'll usually try and either keep him out of the fight, or straight up nuke him down. In both cases you can contribute, either by using your Leg Sweep, paralysis and SHS (interrupt), or by popping serenity, Xuen and going to town with KS and BoK.

IMPORTANT: Try and make sure you are always some how in range to the rest of your teammates. The 4-set bonus on Guard has a 15 yard range, and if you are able to utilize this, it will be a MASSIVE boost to your teams defensive capabilities.


Here, I'm not really sure, as I'm not too experienced with different comps yet.
Given Brewmasters dont have too much damage, pure healers aren't necessarily your best choice in 2v2s.
Yet, these are my most succesful comps:


BM + Fury Warrior | Guard + Fury burst and combined CC is powerful
BM + Boomkin | Youtube it. You'll get the gist of it.
BM + Feral Druid | more damage, and offhealing when needed.
BM + Frost DK | Insane amounts of self healing combined with Frost Burst and cleaving.


Boomkin, Affliction Lock or Hunter with Disc Priest or Restu Druid. You'll be borderline unkillable if the healer knows his shit, alternating Powerword: Shield with Guard (Disc), or hots/cooldowns with Guard (Druid).


As I said, this is all from personal experience. Feel free to contribute, and I will add to this, hopefully making this an informative opening post for all Brewmaster PvP'ers. :)