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#4367858 Lets Talk Glyphs

Posted by JustCokes on 22 January 2015 - 06:33 PM

My default as MLD is Regrowth, Cyclone and Barkskin. I use aura mastery instead of barkskin vs spellcleaves and most hunter comps (except thugcleave), blooming instead of cyclone vs purge comps (dps shamans mostly). I also use double dispel instead of cyclone vs some spellcleaves where I know i'll sit maxrange and pillarhump, like godcomp.

I never used shapemending, don't know what to think of it or what glyph to swap out. Is it good?

It's amazing in 2's, especially vs double dps/warrior/combat rogue teams. Anytime you're going to be trained.

I take it in 3's vs TSG, or enhancement shaman comps like turbocleave, and sometimes vs Combat rogue teams (when theyre trynba catch you out of bear form with a KS)
Combined with Yseras Gift it can give a nice 10% heal every few seconds, which is cool when when you're being trained, because all u need to do is powershift bear form.
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