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#3451182 I have to do 1 game for my points or no ?

Posted shapis_607859 on 23 August 2011 - 06:26 PM

I had some bad experiences with this recently, after opening like 10 tickets and getting a diff answer every time i did some testing this past week with a bunch of alts.

Seems like you dont need a win at all, you need at least 1 game and over 30% of your team's total games that week. Had a team with 4 matches total and only 1 played with my own toon and didnt get the cap, while two other teams, both with one game each, one being a win and the other team being a loss both got the cap.

Also tested a bunch of other freaky scenarios, got points on every team that the toon had over 30% of the matches played that week (and ofc, at least one match played total).

I hope that was helpful.

#3416851 European Battle.net Invitational!

Posted Demun on 06 August 2011 - 01:46 PM

i try keep posting updates, we havent started round 1 yet and winner bracket finals and lower brakcet was only thing being played on main stage so dont expect wow stream for while

#2945590 [Guide] Warlocks and Getting started

Posted bluetorch on 03 January 2011 - 08:18 PM

Thank you :)

#2861994 Season 9 - PvE Gear with Higher ilvl than PvP Gear

Posted Oloh on 01 December 2010 - 05:28 PM

I generally choose gear, within reason, based off item level to maximize gross stats.  The addition of Reforging in Cataclysm makes this approach even more appealing.  So, I did some research into what PvE gear available during Season 9 will have a higher item level than the Season 9 PvP Gear.  

This list was mostly for me and my teammates, but I figured it would be useful to others here.  Feel free to use this list as a starting point to make class/spec specific "best in slot" lists...I'll probably do that for Holy Paladin at some point.

Base PvE vs PvP Item Levels

In Season 9 all PvP gear has, by default, higher item level than the "normal mode" raid gear of the same tier.  "Normal mode" raid gear is ilvl 359.  PvP gear's ilvl is 365.  "Heroic mode" raid gear is ilvl 372.  Lady Sinestra, the "heroic mode" only boss is ilvl 379 gear.

Note that 2200 Weapons, Off Hand Frills and Shields are equivalent ilvl to the Heroic Mode PvE Weapons, so they are NOT included in this list.  There are also no heroic mode Ranged or Relics.

Lady Sinestra Loot (Best in Slot ilvl 379)

All Items (13)

Heroic Mode Loot (ilvl 372)

Trinkets (13 items)

:deathknight: Tier 11 (2 sets)
:druid: Tier 11 (3 sets)
:hunter: Tier 11 (1 set)
:mage: Tier 11 (1 set)
:paladin: Tier 11 (3 sets)
:priest: Tier 11 (2 sets)
:rogue: Tier 11 (1 set)
:shaman: Tier 11 (3 sets)
:warlock: Tier 11 (1 set)
:warrior: Tier 11 (2 sets)

Neck (5 items)
Cloaks (5 items)
Rings (9 items)

Helms (11 items)
Shoulders (11 items)
Chests (11 items)
Gloves (9 items)
Legs (18 items)

Waist (19 items)
Wrist (10 items)
Feet (10 items)

#2779993 Download Cataclysm Data (without preordering)

Posted Hyuru on 02 November 2010 - 11:49 AM

You can download a 800~~ mb file, now instead of having to do this when cataclysm is released which saves a small ammount of time.

1) Open up your WTF folder in your WoW folder.

2) Open up Launcher.WTF in notepad.

3) Edit:


SET accountType "LK"



SET accountType "CT"

4) Open up Config.wtf in Notepad.

5) Edit:


SET accounttype "LK"



SET accounttype "CT"

6) Start downloading the 300mb update by starting Launcher.exe

Found this on some other forum, hope this might help (afaik this isnt against the TOS, and it might give you a small head start on your journey to 85 when cata hits)

+rep if it helped :)




downz said:

basically this will make my dl 300 mb quicker when I get the game ?




Mightlol said:

Nice but will I still be able to play after downloading it ?


emerald said:

when you log in with your accunt its set back to LK, unless you have a cata acc tho. nothing to be worried about.

#2135451 the LMAO colection.

Posted Thakeelol on 28 April 2010 - 01:03 PM

Every class can be laughable or not. I could explain it with words, but rather go on with a song, "Chicago" style!

Retribution Paladin.-

One, Two, Retpaladin comes for you
Three, Four, Please don't HoJ me no more,
Five, Six, He just bubbled, oh sh*t,
Seven, Eight, He can heal and wear plate,
Nine, Ten, At the Graveyard again.

Destruction Warlock.-

One, Two, Destr lock got the powers of belzebu.
Three, Four, a pet that dispels, so hardCORE.
Five, Six, of mage and diablo he's a mix. (lmao so yoda style).
Seven, Eight, you so feared, my mate.
Nine, ten, a cloth that tanks, that's a true man.

Do you think we could make it for all classes/speccs on arena? :D.
I on my own can not for sure, please help to complete the LMAO compilation!

#1938205 The Haste thread(Updated)

Posted Myowndk on 11 March 2010 - 12:42 PM



I figured there wasn't a thread focused on the math behind haste yet, and as there are *alot* of misconceptions about haste(such as the value of it during Bloodlust, or during eradication), I decided to make this thread.

Some general information about haste:

The first thing about haste you should know, is that it stacks multiplicatively. That means if you have 20% passive haste, and you gain an Eradication proc you then have:
1,2*1,2=1,44 --> 44% haste.
This means, the more haste you have, the better the scaling is with bloodlust and eradication.

The effect of Curse of Tongues(-30% haste) on your target's total haste:
For the same reason as above, the more haste your target has, the better it gets to use Curse of Tongues on them. When using Curse of Tongues your target's haste is divided by 1,3 , thus costing him massive ammounts of haste.

For those who don't know it yet:
The haste formula:
New cast time = Old cast time/(1+(Haste%/100))

That means that with 20% haste, your corruption's cast time would be:

18/(1+20/100)=18/(1,2)=15 seconds

The ammount of haste you need for 1% is 32,79 at level 80.

Some calculations involving haste:

Situation A: "Lol I laik haste"-setup
Affliction warlock specced into Eradication, using full haste off set gear and some haste gems to match sockets.
Around 750 haste with spellstone, around 23% haste.
Teamed with a shaman, for Bloodlust.
Using Black Magic on weapon, Hyperspeed Accelerators on gloves.

Maximum haste in an ideal situation:
750 passive haste + 250 from Black Magic + 340 from Hyperspeed Accelerators = 1340, ~41% haste.
Now, we add an Eradication proc:
1,41*1,2=1,692 so that makes 69,2% haste.
Now we add in Blood Lust:
1,692*1,3=2,1996 so just about 120% haste.

Now it's a bit hard to say what your average haste would be during a match, so I'll just make a comparision between the passive haste(23%) of this situation, and the maximum haste(120%)
For the medium value we'll take 1000 haste, and an Eradication proc, which is almost 57% haste.

Global cooldown:
Max 1,5/(1+(120/100))=0,68 seconds
Med 1,5/(1+(57/100))=0,96 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(23/100))=1,22 seconds
It's too bad the global cooldown however is capped at 1.00 seconds, so you are sadly wasting some haste here.

Max 18/(1+(120/100))=8,18 seconds
Med 18/(1+(57/100))=11,46 seconds
Min 18/(1+(23/100))=14,63 seconds

Max 1,3/(1+(120/100))=0,59 seconds
Med 1,3/(1+(57/100))=0,83 seconds
Min 1,3/(1+(23/100))=1,06 seconds

*Note: when calculating the new cast time, you have to use the base cast time. With the 4 piece PvP set bonus this new base cast time is 1,3 seconds.

Max 3/(1+(120/100))=1,36 seconds
Med 3/(1+(57/100))=1,91 seconds
Min 3/(1+(23/100))=2,43 seconds

Unstable Affliction cast time:
Max 1,5/(1+(120/100))=0,68 seconds
Med 1,5(1(57/100))=0,96 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(23/100))=1,22 seconds

Drain Soul:
Max 15/(1+(120/100))=6,8 seconds.
This means it ticks every 1,36 seconds.
Med 15/(1+(57/100))=9,55 seconds
Which means it ticks every 1,91 seconds.
Min 15/(1+(23/100))=12,19 seconds
Which means it ticks every 2,44 seconds.

Drain Life / Drain Mana*:
Max 5/(1+(120/100))=2,27 seconds
Med 5/(1+(57/100))=3,18 seconds
Min 5/(1+(23/100))=4,06 seconds

*Note: for Drain Mana this means that you are draining 15% of your targets mana in 2,27 seconds assuming 0 resilience.
If the target has capped resilience(1414), and therefor has -33% Mana Drains and Critical Strikes, you would be draining 10% of his total mana in 2,27 seconds.
At this rate, you can oom your target in 22,7 seconds.

Situation B: "I don't want to go over the global cd cap during Eradication"
This situation assumes a warlock who doesn't want to hit the global cooldown cap with just Eradication up. Therefor this warlock does not use Black Magic and the Hyperspeed Accelerators, and stacks a bit less haste.

Ammount of haste needed to cap your global cooldown with just Eradication up:
To hit the global cooldown cap, you'd need 50% haste.
Eradication is 20%, so you need an ammount equal to 1,2*x=1,5
The x here, would be 25%. So you need 25% passive haste to just hit the global cooldown cap with Eradication up. This equals to 25*32,79=819,75 haste rating.

So a person with 819,75 haste rating would have the following cast times, the Max value assumes Eradication and Bloodlust, Med assumes just Eradication and Min is just the passive haste.
Max is 95% haste, med is 50% and Min is 25%.

Global cooldown:
Max 1,5/(1+(95/100))=0,77 seconds
Med 1,5/(1+(50/100))=1,00 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(25/100))=1,20 seconds

Max 18/(1+(95/100))=9,23 seconds
Med 18/(1+(50/100))=12,00 seconds
Min 18/(1+(25/100))=14,40 seconds

Max 1,3/(1+(95/100))=0,67 seconds
Med 1,3/(1+(50/100))=0,87 seconds
Min 1,3/(1+(25/100))=1,04 seconds

Max 3/(1+(95/100))=1,54 seconds
Med 3/(1+(50/100))=2,00 seconds
Min 3/(1+(25/100))=2,40 seconds

Unstable Affliction cast time:
Max 1,5/(1+(95/100))=0,77 seconds
Med 1,5/(1+(50/100))=1,00 seconds
Min 1,5/(1+(25/100))=1,20 seconds

Drain Soul:
Max 15/(1+(95/100))=7,69 seconds
This means it ticks every 1,54 seconds.
Med 15/(1+(50/100))=10,00 seconds
Which means it ticks every 2,00 seconds.
Min 15/(1+(25/100))=12,00 seconds
Which means it ticks every 2,40 seconds.

Drain Life / Drain Mana:
Max 5/(1+(95/100))=2,56 seconds
Med 5/(1+(50/100))=3,33 seconds
Min 5/(1+(25/100))=4,00 seconds

Curse of Tongues:
This section is dedicated to Curse of Tongues, as it has a rather destroying effect on your opponents haste, and therefor in some situations can be vital to keep up.
I'm not doing the entire math for every spell again here, but I'll just give an indication on the % dps loss on corruption and shadowbolt.

Curse of Tongues becomes more valuable the more haste your opponent has, so therefor it's probably a good idea to keep it up 100% during the opponents Bloodlust. I'll show you why down here:

Max haste from Situation A: 120%
Now, let's see how much that is after Curse of Tongues:
2,2/1,3=1,69 now it's only 69%
As you see, the target now lost 51% haste.
This is roughly a 25% nerf to corruptions dps, aswell as an equal nerf to his Shadowbolt spamming dps.

Now we take a normal situation with the average lock, who is running with the 750 haste from Situation A, without any buffs or procs.
Before CoT he has 23% haste. After CoT he suffers from a negative 5,5% haste.
Now, what means this for his corruption and shadowbolt? The effect is a bit less than before, it's around a 22% nerf to both.

Now, corruption is usually about 45% of my dps, and shadowbolt around 15%.
If we assume that a 25% dps nerf to both, this would mean I'd lose a total of around 15% dmg.
Ofcourse, this does mean that you would lose the around ~12% overal dmg of CoA, but the devastating effects of CoT are definitely something to keep in mind when you need to limit the opponent warlock's damage.

*Note: the effects on shadow priests and mages are even greater, as they have more spells that benefit in a direct damage way off haste, so it would mean an even bigger damage nerf for them.

Advantages of Haste:
Utility: faster casts mean it's easier to controll targets due to your reduced fear cast time.
Raw damage: in burst scenario's haste provides a lot of extra damage, specially when under the effect of Blood Lust or/and Eradication.
Drain soul: Haste particularely is awesome for Drain Soul, as it makes the first tick come A LOT sooner, therefor giving you a much better chance for a solid Drain Soul Execute.


By popular demand: an added section on haste vs spellpower.

Now, this is a fair bit harder than the previous calculations, as alot of the power of haste cannot be meassured by exact numbers.
(Being faster cast times on Fear, UA, faster dotting etc.)
However, some factors can be exactly measured, such as the dps difference on Corruption, Drain Soul and Shadow Bolt.

Let's make three different sets of gear, keeping in mind the stat budget of haste vs spellpower.
20 haste equals 23 spell power in terms of budget, so 1 haste = 1,15 spell power

The first set up, is one of a warlock wearing crit pieces, gemming purely for Spell power, which brings him to about 3800 sp, and around 30% crit. And only 60 haste(Spell Stone)

The second set up, uses full haste off gear, and has around 750 haste with his Spell Stone, while still having 3800 sp and 15% crit.

The third set up, uses full haste off gear, aswell as sacrificing a fair bit of extra Spell power for more haste. This set up has 1000 haste, 3513 sp and still 15% crit.

Ofcourse, these scenarios are a bit flawed, as normally the bulk of your haste comes from sacrificing crit and not spell power, but for this comparison it's close enough.

Also, these calculations are done, assuming you specced for Nightfall, aswell are using the Corruption glyph, for a total of 7,84% to proc an instant Shadow Bolt of every Corruption tick(4%+4%, minus the chance they both proc at once, which is 0,16%)

Formulaes used:

Formula: 1080+(162% of Spell Power)*Multipliers
Improved Corruption: 10%
Siphon Life: 5%
Shadow Mastery: 15%
Contagion: 5%
Malediction: 3%
Haunt: 20%
Spell Stone: 1%
Damage reduction: resilience: around 25%
Final formula: (1080+(1,62*Spell power))*1,1*1,05*1,15*1,05*1,03*1,2*1,01*0,75

Shadow Bolt:
Formula: 730+(85,71% of Spell Power*Multipliers
Shadow Mastery: 15%
Malediction: 3%
Damage reduction: reslience: around 25%
Final formula: (730+(0,8571*Spell power))*1,15*1,03*0,75

Drain Soul:
Formula(per tick): 710+(42,86% of Spell power)*Multipliers
Sub 25% hp: 400%
Soul Siphon: 18%
Shadow Mastery: 15%
Haunt: 20%
Malediction: 3%
Damage reduction: resilience: around 25%
Final formula: (710+(0,4286*Spell power))*4*1,18*1,15*1,2*1,03*0,75

Set up 1: 3800 sp, 30% crit, 60 haste.

Damage and dps table:
Damage per tick(non crit) 1574,77
Damage per tick(critical) 2204,68
Average damage per tick: 1694,45
Total damage:                 10166,72
Duration:                 17,68
Dps:                         575,15
Dps including Nightfall: 676,09

Additional Corruption related dps*:
Nightfall procs:
An average of 6*0,0784=0,47 procs per 17,68 seconds
Adding 0,47*3568,5=1784,2 to Corruptions total damage, which equals to 1736,18/18=100,94 dps.
*Note: this is not taking in to consideration the burst a nightfall proc generates, just the overal dps. Not does it consider the posibility of having Corruption on multiple targets.

Shadow Bolt:
Damage(non crit): 3541,93
Damage(critical): 3719,03
Average damage:         3568,50
Cast time:         2,95
Dps(spamming)         1201,90

Drain Soul:
Damage per tick: 11767,67
Total damage:         70606,00
Cast time:         14,73
Dps:                 4791,79

Set up 2(750 haste, 15% crit, 3800 sp)

Damage and dps table:
Damage per tick(non crit) 1574,77
Damage per tick(critical) 2204,68
Average damage per tick: 1631,46
Total damage:                 9788,78
Duration:                 14,65
Dps:                         668,19
Dps including Nightfall: 789,06

Additional Corruption related dps:
Nightfall procs:
An average of 6*0,0784=0,47 procs per 14,65 seconds
Adding 0,47*3541,6=1770,8 to Corruptions total damage, which equals to 1736,18/14,65=120,87 dps.

Shadow Bolt:
Damage:          3541,60
Damage Critical: x*
Cast time: 2,44
Dps(spamming) 1450,52

*Note: Shadow Bolt most likely isn't going to crit in an arena setting with only 15% crit.

Drain Soul:
Damage per tick:   11767,67
Total damage:    70606,00
Cast time:    12,21
Dps:            5783,57

Set up 3(1000 haste, 3513 sp, 15% crit):

Damage and dps table:
Damage per tick(non crit) 1473,59
Damage per tick(critical) 2063,02
Average damage per tick: 1526,64
Total damage:                 9159,81
Duration:                 13,79
Dps:                         664,09
Dps including Nightfall: 784,58

Additional Corruption related dps:
Nightfall procs:
An average of 6*0,0784=0,47 procs per 13,79 seconds
Adding 0,47*3323,09=1661,55 to Corruptions total damage, which equals to 1736,18/13,79=120,49 dps.

Shadow Bolt:
Damage:          3323,09
Damage Critical: x*
Cast time: 2,30
Dps(spamming) 1445,54

*Note: Shadow Bolt most likely isn't going to crit in an arena setting with only 15% crit.

Drain Soul:
Damage per tick: 11148,72
Total damage:         66892,32
Cast time:         11,49
Dps:                 5819,63

Dps -        Set up 1 - Set up 2 - Set up 3
Corruption - 676,09 - 789,06  - 784,58
Shadow Bolt - 1201,90 - 1450,52 - 1445,54
Drain Soul - 4791,79 - 5783,57 - 5819,63

The damage difference between running with 750 haste, and 1000 haste is neglible on these spells. Ofcourse you will lose additional ammounts of dmg, when we factor in the other damaging abilties.
Set up 1 is clearly inferior, but we all knew that already as haste>crit anyway.

To show how the numbers would be, if we do factor in Bloodlust, I'll show a quick table of the dps per spell while having both Bloodlust and Eradication up.
I'm not going to back this up with my extensive calculations, I'm using the exact same ones as for the figures above.

Calculations including Bloodlust / Eradication:
Dps: -        Set up 1 - Set up 2 - Set up 3
Corruption - 1045,11 - 1222,96 - 1212,74
Shadow Bolt - 1877,22 - 2268,98 - 2255,27
Drain Soul - 7484,24 - 9046,98 - 9079,52

Remarks on Spell Power vs Haste:
On the spells I have compared(those spells that benefit from Haste), the damage and dps difference between Set up 2 and 3 is neglible.
The extra factors that do need to be taken in to consideration however, are the damage losses off Unstable Affliction, Haunt and Curse of Agony.
These factors might be properly compensated though, by having faster Fear casts, and the ability to dot up targets just a bit faster.
It's really hard(read, probably impossible) to give an exact value to the utility haste gives in this area. Personally however, I feel like it's worth sacrificing a tiny bit of Spell Power for some Haste, but just don't go all overboard.

I really hope this thread helped any of you out :)

Ps. If you notice any flaws in spelling or grammar, please do tell me, so I can correct them. English isn't my first language, but I tried my best.
Corrections on flawed math are more than welcome as well.

#1874015 High Rated Elitists

Posted Moonies on 23 February 2010 - 11:03 AM

avoid said:

are you at the limit of rep?

idk, probably

#1797146 Clarification on the resilience/healing changes

Posted Felic on 02 February 2010 - 12:23 PM

Alot of people are already starting to give up hope, but I think you should consider the following things before giving up on it all and QQ'ing. I was made aware of a small problem, resilience is already reducing the damage by a certain amount, so in this thread I am assuming you gain a further 10% dmg decrease by wearing more resilience, and my numbers might not be 100% accurate

Example 1 – Before the healing nerf:

Your heal lands for 10.000

Mortal strike = You heal for 5.000

UA = You heal for 2.500

Example 2- After the healing nerf:

Your heal lands for 9.000

Mortal strike = You heal for 4.500

UA = You heal for 2.250.

In both scenarios, the healing reduced by MS + UA will still be 75%, regardless of the -10% healing nerf, so I hope I made it clear for the people that are afraid it will be MS + UA + (-10%) = -85% healing.

Let us now assume (for the fun of it, as some of you thought) that the -10% healing would be applied after your heal landed. A heal landing for 10.000 and reduced to 9.000, like example 2 would then still lead to a final heal of 2.250 with MS + UA up, which is a total of 77,5%. reduced healing, not 85%.

So basicly, the only thing that matters is that the damage was nerfed by 10% at first, bringing the damage ratio -//- healing ratio to  0,9 / 1.0. It is pretty clear that this was a ”big” nerf to teams with alot of burst, not using as much CC as required and worse survivability than most other teams.

Example 3 – Before the damage nerf:

Exorcism hits for 1000 and crits for 2000.

Example 4 – After the damage nerf:

Exorcism hits for 900 and crits for 1800.

- This is assuming a plain 2 x Crit modifier.

Health pools remains unchanged, meaning it will require more damage compared to previously to kill a target, or a longer CC chain – which in the end is a indirect buff to teams that outlast like double healers, compared to cleaves.

Then they announced the -10% healing debuff aswell, which brings the damage ratio -//- healing ratio to 0,9 / 0,9 (so to speak) meaning that it is still a 1 to 1 ratio. However, as mentioned in Italic, means that the damage compared to how much healing you need to cast will remain the same. In example 3 you would need to cast 1 of a heal (hitting for 2000) and in example 4, you would still need to cast 1 of the same heal (hitting 2000 – 10% = 1800) to equalize the damage / healing to 0.

Conlusion: It is a nerf to teams with alot of burst, giving more longlivity which leads to teams either need to use longer CC chains, or use their cooldowns more wisely. Is this not what people wanted? ”Larger health” pools without giving PvP gear an advantage in PvE.

Healing/damage ratio remains unchanged, and you will avoid being gibbed as hard as people complained about for 3 seasons, cause you might actually survive with more resilience and health left (encouraging pvp gear over pve gear). Double healer teams will also be less stronger than with only the damage nerf, but ofcause this will mean an indirect buff to absorb mechanics and teams with good survivability. One thing is sure though, pve gear will be alot worse than previously, cause the effect of resilience is alot more important, now where healing is also reduced on you, meaning not only will you take alot more ”wotlk” damage without resilience, but you will also be slower to be healed.

So can someone tell me why this is a bad thing?? – if you find some flaws, have something to add or I just plain sucked at math, let me know.

Yumîî said:

The thing is, that now absorbing effects like paly and priests have become better, so the 2 healers which are even before this nerf were the top 2 are now even more better than before. Means the space between shaman/druid and priest/paly gets bigger, and in my opinion that's not a step forward, but 2 backward

You're wrong. It is a step in the right direction, and considering it can still be dispelled it 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards. Resto druids will also begin to shine more, cause of their ability to outlast and keep several raid members up.

So it is indeed a step in the right direction rather than the wrong. If Blizzard starts to look at absorb mechanis, they also gotta consider Mages, Shamans, Death Knights and so on. Let us see how this turns out, before we start complaining even further. We got our nerf to all the random burst flying around, what the entire community wanted, let us give it a week shall we - then we can look at absorb mechanis aswell (and as someone mentioned in another thread, when did a shield prevent someone from taking 25.000 damage from killing anyone?? - and no, do not start to give me examples, just trying to state a point).

- But yes, it is a small indirect buff to Absorb Mechanis, but not only Healers, also DPS classes with it.

#1770639 Gladiator for Druid Warlock

Posted Ritedank on 26 January 2010 - 07:47 PM

There is nothing wrong with giving out glad to 2s bracket. Me and my warlock just got glad so we're pretty damn happy. Our Gladiator Title was well deserved. Thanks Blizzard. We appreciate you not kicking 2v2 out just yet. :) There's no reason to remove them. Let bad players rage over it. There's always pve for them.

#1743615 The Complete R1 List

Posted Akaforty on 20 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Battlegroup, 3v3(Top Rating) / 5v5(Top Rating)


Blackout , 1(2744) / 2(2675) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Blutdurst , 3(2860) / 2(2736) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Cataclysme/Cataclysm, 2(2823) / 1(2651) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Cruelty/Crueldad, 3(2723) / 1(2644) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone/Wirbelsturm, 2(2816) / 2(2701) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Embuscade/Hinterhalt, 3(2805) / 1(2513) = 14 Relentless Gladiators
Glutstorm/Emberstorm, 1(2874) / 3(2579) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Misery, 1(2792) / 2(2651) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage/Saccage, 1(2787) / 1(2709) =7 Relentless Gladiators
Raserei/Frenzy, 1(2809) / 3(2620) = 18 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning/Abrechnung, 1(2772) / 2(2605) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Sturmangriff/Charge, 2(2773) / 1(2396) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance/Rache, 6(2767) / 1(2611) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 2(2776) / 1(2499) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Вихрь, 1(2572) / 1(2721) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Шквал, 1 (2719)/ 1(2925) = 6 Relentless Gladiators


Bloodlust, 1(3011) / 2(2792) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone, 4(2776) / 1(2697) = 16 Relentless Gladiators
Emberstorm, 1(2852) / 1(2669) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Nightfall, 3(2816) / 2(2716) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage, 2(2791) / 1(2749) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning, 1(2780) / 1(2704) = 5 Relentless Gladiators
Retaliation, 1(2773) / 1(2601) =8 Relentless Gladiators
Ruin, 1(2832) / 1(2729) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Shadowburn, 1(2862) / 2(2770) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Stormstrike, 2(2824) / 1(2817) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance, 2(2810) / 2(2666) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 1(2816) / 1(2683) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Whirlwind, 1(2878) / 1(2702) = 7 Relentless Gladiators

EU =  196 Relentless Gladiators
US =  132 Relentless Gladiators

Scanned and counted the eligible players in each team.

Class breakdowns: http://www.arenajunk...d.php?p=1809222

I made this by myself, if it helped, +rep is welcome ^^