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#4401572 MW Monk vs God Comp

Posted by Divinitum on 17 March 2015 - 04:37 PM

Keep LoSing like you have been doing, utilize your teleport, rolls to secure yourself faster and prevent avoidable CC like traps. However, some of the instant CC you cannot really stop, so it will be up to your teammates to survive and prevent any follow up CC.

Bash -> Clone
Deep -> Poly
Guise -> Fear
Horror -> Followup

or any combination of those abilities. The key is to watch the enemy positioning and have at least one tool to stop them.

If CC cannot be stopped, you need to coordinate cd usage; save your trinket if your teammate can use his cd(s) instead, use Life Cocoons out of a stun (no brainer). Communicate. If your have nothing for the next CC chain let your partners know so that can prepare accordingly, by LoSing or saving their cds to escape or prevent damage.

Healer's trinket is the team's lifeline which you don't want to waste easily. Most teams (especially godcomp) will want to set up for a scenario where you cannot escape any CC and then burst your teammate down.
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#4378914 with the 1h nerf and 2h buff

Posted by Divinitum on 02 February 2015 - 05:31 PM

Apart from being live or not: What are the pros and cons of both variants?

+ 1h being faster for destroying totems etc
+ 1h can have two enchants -> higher proc rate

+ 2h gives more stats

2h is in fact faster. My attack speed is 1.98 with a 2h and 2.48 with one-handers. Dual-wielding should still be able to kill totems more securely due to slightly higher auto attack damage, especially with glyphed totems.

It's been confirmed that 2h beats out DW in damage by about 1%. I simulated my character and found it a 250 dps increase. This is all assuming a PvE environment and patchwerk style encounter of course.

The real question is: Will 1 extra enchant outweigh 1% increased overall damage for moments where damage matters the most, such as bursting?

So in summary:

+ Gives 1% increased damage
+ Faster attack speed.
+ More passive stats
+ Polearms look swag
- Less uptime on multistrike enchant.

+ Increased uptime on multistrike enchant.
+ Option to run two separate enchants (crit / multi) for more stats.
+ Slightly higher auto attack damage.
- 1% reduced damage.
- Slightly less passive stats.

I'd probably lean towards DW. Because when you are going to burst with TEB, trinket procs, etc. I'm more likely to have my 1-2 stacks of multistrike procs or either / both of crit & multistrike procs, which in that window gives me more damage than a 2h would.

In the long run the 1% extra damage balances it out in favor of 2h in PvE, but that assumes you get to tunnel your target from beginning to end, which just doesn't happen in PvP.

TLDR: DW has an edge in bursting, which is damage that matters most in PvP. 2h is better for sustained damage / tunneling / PvE.
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#4376710 Brewmaster nerf

Posted by Divinitum on 30 January 2015 - 03:29 AM

hey how about totally fucking up monks' shit to make sure they have no viable dps specs in pvp

-blizzard HQ
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