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#4504461 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 21 September 2015 - 11:53 AM

Added a video Shaman/Warrior vs Rogue/Priest 2500 MMR (with skype):


Youtube says to me that the video might be unavailable in some countries due to the fact that there is a song on the background. Here is the link to the same video on twitch: Warrior/Shaman vs Rogue/Priest 2500 MMR
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#4504365 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 21 September 2015 - 10:23 AM

Hi, thanks for this awesome guide, I am playing with a dk (I am sham). Dk ususally can't sit on any healer, even when the dd is on me and I try to frost shock the healer. Freedom totem is 1min cd and dispell roots etc on cooldown. Is 50% uptime "normal" or should I be looking for some wrong moves?
Question №2: priests atm rarely go under 50% with the dk sitting on them and me dispelling asap shields. My partner says they cast only penitance (he has nearly 0 interrupts the whole fight and does not want to kick it penitance) and some instants. Is it normal and we should wait for heal debuff or change dk?
Question №3: Is double spirit link a viable talent over NS? (It wasnt avaible when the guide was written I believe).

The only healer which DK can't sit on with <80% uptime is the druid. DK can sit on DD, trying to control the healer with stun/hex and if the druid doesn't have trinket, DK can kill him. If the enemy DD goes for DK, he should sit on DD and pop his cooldowns on the healer. It's very difficult to explain, all these tips are very situational.
Priest are very easy target for DK, since you both have purge. If you purge the shield instantly, the priest will sooner or later die.
In every game you should wait for heal debuff, since it's 2s. You should try to kick penance instantly.
Take "double spirit link" as you call it since also gives you 2 unleashes and 2 riptides which is awesome. 2 lava burst might do 80k damage, you can kill pets or finish the target of the DK.

P.S. DK+Rsham is a really weak comp atm. It was weak before, but I was able to get 2.3k, which was the highest rating dk+rsham. DK was my IRL friend, thats why I put all my efforts in analyzing this setup in 2s. I changed the DK for Warrior and got 2.7 after.
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#4475999 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 15 August 2015 - 08:42 AM

Coming back to wow, hope I will make some new videos soon.
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#4396316 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 04 March 2015 - 06:45 PM

I hope this guide and videos helped someone. I am quitting the game now. If you liked the videos, feel free to comment, because I really feel very happy when I receive a new notification on youtube that somebody liked it and found it useful.

Cya guys, good luck everyone.
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#4368425 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 23 January 2015 - 11:35 AM

I wouldn't count on using shear on the mage at the start though, most mages just DF at the start to stop everything, or if u have grounding out icelance it. Otherwise well written and a good guide! :)

It is not about count or not count, you must do it to prevent the opener cast from mage.

Hey, first of all thanks for this awesome Guide!

Can you add some Tactics or a Video to survive Rouge/XX Heal? I´m playing with an Warri at 2k MMR.

Greetz Kräck

Hey Kräck, try to look for in my past broadcasts in twitch. There are lots of 2s games.
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#4366063 Horosho Resto Shaman Guide Videos

Posted by Horosho on 20 January 2015 - 08:31 PM

Horosho: Warrior/Shaman vs Warrior/Shaman 2800 MMR

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#4365998 Horosho Resto Shaman Guide Videos

Posted by Horosho on 20 January 2015 - 06:58 PM

Horosho: Death Knight/Shaman vs Feral/Priest 2500

Horosho: Warrior/Shaman vs Hunter(Electra)/Priest(Hydra) 2500 MMR (with comments)

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#4361187 Praise Holinka! January 15 Hotfix! PVP fixed!

Posted by Horosho on 16 January 2015 - 12:19 AM

Posted Image

P.S. Holinka now continues working after midnight instead of taking an unscheduled coffee break.
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#4330896 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 03 January 2015 - 04:20 PM

Thanks for the reply! Yeah maybe I am wasting freedom too much against DK/Healer comps. I'll try to keep that in mind. Also weirdly enough we haven't met disc/DK much :D Few resto shaman/DKs and tons of rDruid / DKs but it'll probably change when we play more.

RestoShaman+DK comp loses to War+Restosham, since DK can't kill Rsham, because warrior can peel for him, while DK can't peel for his restoshaman. You should kill enemy shaman and purge him hard.
DK+Druid is more difficult but you can kill druid if he has no trinket I guess.

CoI is 60% slow and hamstring is 50% slow so he can slightly move faster. Also my warrior keeps using 2 charges to kick a single cast from healer. Imo it's not worth it but he thinks it is :/

Since the warrior has 2 charges and 10% movespeed is a joke DK can't run away from the warrior. It is not worth wasting 2 charges for a kick everytime. In situation when u can land a kill and you dony have shear sometimes it might help.

I'll keep these hunter tips in mind. My grounding totems are idd trash tier. I mess up most of them because hunter always kites warrior while moving closer to me and sometimes even runs through me without trapping like priests run in without fearing just to get tremor out.

Just always run away from hunter, keep max 40 range. You have wolf+unleash. I use grounding only when I feel he is going to trap and I ground every 3d trap I guess.

One new question raised too. You mentioned in DK/rShaman guide that you use totemic projection against hunter teams. For me you recommended double freedom against both comps. Is there a reason why double freedom is more valueable with warrior who already is more mobile thank DK?

Depends on your playstyle. You can use both call of elements and totemic projection. The second one is sometimes difficult to implement. Totemic vigor might be needed.
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#4330704 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 03 January 2015 - 01:12 PM

First of all, thanks for writing such detailed guide. You mentioned that you also played resto shaman / warrior and I'd like to ask few questions about that if you don't mind.

1) How did you deal with DK/healer? We have tried to switch between healer and DK but neither seem to work. Healer just keeps kiting and even when we setup a solid CC chain with stormbolt and cap stun our warrior just gets gripped/chained/stunned. We just can't ever get a solid attempt on healer and if warrior goes for DK then he gets beaten by 20-40% damage and DK also dispels ES and riptide. Setting up cc on healer and going for DK doesn't work much either because he instantly pops blood presence and starts kiting until threat is over.

2) Survival hunter / disc priest or resto druid - Hunter tunnels warrior entire game until he flops deep into dampening. I guess we'll try out few things that you mentioned in your shaman/DK guide but do you have any suggestions for warrior too? Also general question about faking against hunters. I have problem with some hunters that just don't countershot until it's like 0.1 sec left. After huge CC chain I go for UF + riptide and then fake 1-2 times on 80% only to get locked on next cast on ~90%. Have much less problems with faking against other classes. Should I just yolo first heal and deal with 4 sec interrupt? 2x 80% fakes + lock on 3rd cast 90% is like 6-7 sec lock.

1. The most popular comp is with the Dpriest.
If he has Necrotic Plague there is no point of going for DK, since he will have too much RP and selfheal.
If he has Sindragosa, you can try to play DK by hexing/fearing/stunning priest, purging every single shield from the DK and kicking priest. If you do good purges, priest just simply won't be able to overheal the DK.
I don't know what do u mean by "DK uses blood presence and starts kiting until threat is over", since the DK has no ability to kite. He has no sprints and freedoms, while warrior has tonns of charges and jump. You still have 2 freedoms from windwalk totem. I think you do something wrong, because this comp is not really difficult to beat. DK can't stop Warrior either if he goes for priest. If he grips, warrior can charge/jump. You can give him freedom.

2) Hunter+Priest is more difficult.

You can kill either hunter or priest. Go for hunter and find a moment to hex the priest. When you hex him, warrior has to pop cooldowns, this will force them to use several defensives, if there is dampening up, priest might sooner or later trinket, you can try to switch for the priest by doing super agressive purges and kicks. You have 2 freedoms, use them at the time when warrior is going hard for priest. Switch between too targets.
If it's Rdruid it's much more difficult since the have tonns of CC. Warrior should play with mass reflect and reflect at least 30% of traps or some clones. There is no simple "recipe" how to kill the first or the second comp, because your success depends on too many things:

1) How you fake. (when faking against hunter the range is very important, if you're far away you can even see his kick coming and fake, if he is close, get used to his kicks, good players usually kick at the end of the cast, so fake at 80% is usually enough, sometimes it is better to just cast and get kicked instead of wasting time for 2 fakes and eventually get kicked at 3d).
2) How you kick.
3) How you ground traps.
4) How you purge.
5) How you position yourself, making it harder for enemies to control you.
6) How you control your manapull.
7) How you use your defensive cooldowns

Just play more and improve.
If I have time I'll try to upload a video of 2s with a warrior + some comments. May be it helps.
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#4329759 Rsham WoD

Posted by Horosho on 03 January 2015 - 12:19 AM

Don't wanna be rude or something, but you had better read all the WOD pinned guides and other topics before posting this.
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#4325325 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 30 December 2014 - 07:43 PM

What do you think about other 2vs2 mates for rshaman?

I tryied to play with DK but games were quite long or I just died (may be I ment no good DK yet). However, playing with Ret or, even more effective, with Feral look to really easy and winning. Feral does much damage, good at killing healers and can easily peel you from dd by cyclone.

What can you say about these comps? Why do you prefer DK?

I played with my DK, cuz he is my IRL friend. You can use all the tips in this guide for any 2s played with other classes.
I've got 2600 with warrior this week, but dropped to 2500 by constantly meeting brewmaster+dk.
Best shaman mates:
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#4322316 LF shaman streams

Posted by Horosho on 28 December 2014 - 07:12 PM

I suggest watching twitch.tv/xonika only. There are always amazing past broadcasts.
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#4317549 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 25 December 2014 - 01:35 PM

how do you deal with double dps? like frost dk/ret

Double dps were always superb easy for DK+Rsham, but now there are several unbeatable comps.

Rogue/Mage: Difficulty 3/10 - easy win if played without mistakes (kill mage)
Dk/Rogue: 3/10 (kill rogue)
Dk/Ret 4/10 (kill ret)
Dk/Dk (double frost) 1/10 100% winrate atm (2400 MMR met them twice) last time we played arena lasted for 12 minutes, just train one of the dks and run away, ground asphyxes.
Feral/Mage 3/10 win (kill mage) force mage ice block
Hunter/Retri 3/10 win (kill hunter) dk should pop cds as fast as possible to force hunter use deterrance
Feral/Feral 10/10 (kill feral bro) or just /dance or use spit macro and leave (if they are good you have no chance, the idea is that you have to heal yourself up and purge instahealprocs from them).
Feral/Rogue 9/10 (kill feral, but when feral is low, rogue will peel for him and he will run away to heal himself up, i have no idea how to kill em).

As you asked for DK/Ret comp I'll tell you that you have to stay as far away as possible, your DK should stop the retri and insta pop his cooldowns, force retri to bubble as fast as possible. You should kite round the pillar with freedom and try to los the paladin. You will be stunned+silenced. Don't trinket the first stun and be ready to use stoneform to dispel DK's silence. After that the best way is to use spirit link or (i like the second one) assendence+ns+heal, turn aura mastery and heal yourself up. You will still have your trinket link if needed. Kite as much as you can. You have 2 freedoms. DK can grip retri after you purged freedom from him.
I'll try to upload a video if we meet some of these comps in near future.

The main idea against double DD is to use your trinket as late as possible. Sometimes I win games with all my cooldowns wasted, but I still have my trinket. You have to do everything as perfect as possible. For example against every setup me and DK already know what buttons to use and when to use.

Do you dispell debuffs with Unstable Affliction?

I always try to dispel UA if there is haunt debuff on the target.
I also dispel UA if I have +4% glyph heal and I a very safe position, which I can't use for purges or wind shears, so I just come out, dispel and hide, so I stop warlock from dotting everything. It depends on the situation, you should feel when you need to dispel and when it's not needed.
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#4302060 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Horosho on 16 December 2014 - 11:13 AM

I see you have put alot of effort into it but you explain fairly easy concepts using a lot of time.
You seem to be emphasizing using capacitator a lot but you dont run totemic vigor, so for me on any decent rating (I play rsham-war on 2.2-2.4) it gets stomped instantly, so I dont even bother with it most of the time unless its to cc someone out of something else.
While the idea of your video is pretty cool, in reality the quality is pretty garbage so you have no clue what seems to be going on half of the time.
Also in the feral-dpriest game you seem to be switching between ES & WS alot when the feral isnt on you for 5 seconds, that is actually costing you quite alot of mana, try to only use WS when your either sure that you can be untouched or not use water shield for 10+ seconds.
Also in the start of the game you get kicked quite often & then proceed to kite.
Unless ferals have their cooldowns up, you can just happily spam healing waves into yourself and they wont be able to do anything untill the next skull-bash comes off cooldown

You don't need totemic vigor - you should land the capacitor so it is not easy to destroy it or do it when one of the players is CCed/stunned by DK. It's easy and it works. I did it lots of times at 2450-2550 MMR. You need to get used to it. Totemic vigor is too bad to be used atm anyway, and against certain comps one good stun with capacitor is gamechanging, while double freedom or healing stream - not.

It is the first video I made, though the quality isn't very good (I'm sorry for it) -- the game is very demonstrative, that's why I decided to choose this video.
Next time I'll definitely capture using another program, thanks for the feedback.

I switched to WS couple of times and understood that it was a mistake since I couldn't survive without ES. It's difficult to do everything without making any mistake since the pressure is very high.

As you noticed I specially didn't fake sometimes to let feral kick me. This is ridiculous when you say "unless ferals have their cooldowns up, you can just happily spam healing waves into yourself".

Given that the cast of healing wave is ~2.2 sec (with haste), lets do some maths.

Let's imagine that you have 100% health. You begin to cast and in order to get a freecast first of all you need to force feral use "skull bash" (kick).

1. You failed to fake. he kicked you.

You can't cast for 4 seconds. You cast healing wave and in 2 seconds feral uses typhoon. You begin to cast again, in 2 seconds feral uses maim, you're stunned for 5 seconds. For you next cast feral has his skull bash again. In 15 seconds you're already really low, don't forget, priest is dispelling you. You don't have ES or Riptide. If you apply it between the casts, add 1 second to the time and remember that when you begin casting, the riptide will be insta dispelled by the priest.

So we have the situation when you're already low HP and you begin casting:

1.1 He kicked you again, you're most likely dead. Don't forget that priest has fear and silence.
1.2. You faked. You begin to cast healing wave and get a fear at the end of the cast. A good feral might wait 6 seconds for his skull bash to recover (there is a chance that the fear will be less than 6 if bleeds do lots of damage), after the fear you begin to cast and at the end of the cast you get a full silence from a priest. On the video priest was giving me 5 second silences the entire game, okey, we are lucky that it's 2 seconds now. You begin to cast again and you get a mighty bash stun for 2.5 seconds. (if his first interrupt was maim, not the skull bash or the typhoon, you might get 5 sec stun since 18 seconds passed). Feral has his skull bashed recovered again.

2. You are lucky, you faked.

After 2 seconds you get 5 seconds maim (9 seconds left for skull bash), after maim you begin casting and in 2 seconds you get typhoon (6 seconds left, take into consideration that you will fly for sometime because of typhoon), after 2 seconds you get silence for 2 seconds. (2 seconds left for a skull bash). He has his skull bash again, you have to cast or fake. Don't forget that priest can fear if you fake the feral, and after the fear you will get 5 seconds mighty bash stun, because 18 seconds already passed.

So, what I want to say is that it is really foolish to say that you can "happily spam healing waves into yourself when you play against feral. It's really hard to survive against really good player, who don't buy your fakes, who is really difficult to juke. Who uses his interrupts/stuns/fears/silences at the end of your cast. Watch the video one more time and you will find that there are no such situations when I have time to "happily spam healing waves into myself". Some healing surges, that's all.
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