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In Topic: Best 1v1 Duel & 2v2 Arena Class?

23 September 2015 - 10:36 AM

Duels are not that popular right now, times when there were dozens of players near the entrances of the capitals are gone. Hunters aren't that good right now. Rogue or Frost mage are both a good choice. I'd lvl a rogue since you can play it with a Priest/Druid/Mage in 2s.

In Topic: Resto Shaman glyphs for 3v3

22 September 2015 - 10:52 AM

Musthave glyph which gives u aura mastery - Glyph of Spirit Walker's Aegis.

Against all teams with mages you should take the glyph, which gives you 2 dispels, so you can stop spammable poly-Glyph of Purify Spirit.
Against all teams with lock you should take the glyph which heals for 4% of u max hp when u dispel the target-Glyph of Cleansing waters.
You might take the ghost wolf when there is 2 melee which are going to train you.
I noticed that many Shamans that many shamans take the glyph which gives your totems +2% hp, it's really useful, sometimes forcing enemies using 2 GCDS instead of one to destroy your totem.

In Topic: Sub requires skill

22 September 2015 - 10:31 AM

I think aces that happen when the "acer's" team has eco and the other team doesn't are more valuable than any 1v5 "normal round" will ever be. And another fact why I think happy's ace there was so good is because it's 8-9 for his team and its about to be 9-9 and they are gonna have to eco again if they don't win that round, so possibly a 10-9 for tsm. So basically Happy won them the game with that ace because he forced TSM to eco the upcoming 2 rounds with that eco ace and that doesn't happen too often. Obviously the ace you linked was very good aswell but I still think Happy's is better

You might not understand the difference between eco and forcebuy in cs.
In both of the movies they forcebought (in my movie, T-side had no nades and only 1 helmet which is essential againct ct, since m4 doesn't make oneshot kill to the helmet person and without nades it's very difficult for T to execute an attack or fake one). Inferno is a CT map where 11-4 is acceptable score for ct/t. T-team had SMGs (only 1 rifle) and the team which has helmets/pistols has absolutely the same chance of wining the round. On Inferno it's a win situation for ct. Taking into consideration that it was the B-attack, it is normal. Of'course, this is extremely beautiful ace, those smokekills are perfect, but it can't be "the best ace i have seen in cs" bro.

In Topic: Sub requires skill

22 September 2015 - 10:21 AM

What? WoW was one of the biggest, most viewed esports in the world.

Good joke. Not even close.

In Topic: Sub requires skill

22 September 2015 - 08:41 AM

saw that 5k deagle live from happy that was the most insane 5k ive seen in csgo in an actual match that matters

I'm sorry bro if you consider this ace to be the best you have seen in cs:go. I have been betting on cs for a long time, watching games 5-6 hours a day. There are dozens of great moves (and especially when you bet money, you feel crazy about them when they are so gamebreaking), but I remembered the one which I'll provide the link to: mirage/terrorist's side/1vs5 left wins the game. When I watched it live it was like "unbelievable".


You really have to understand that such aces like with the deagle ones are nothing really interesting, since the guy just keeps his crossfair near the head hitbox (pressing "a" and "d" and shooting, it's a common thing), when the enemy team can come only from the one side, while this ace on mirage is amazing. A person doesn't know the position of enemy players, while they know where he is. He has time limit. He has no bomb. Ah, no more words, I hope you understand what I mean.

Watched that live as well shit was insane. With the recent hitbox fix there should be a lot more moments like that... just waiting for a scream 1 shot AK rampage clip.

Edit: Also reminds me why WoW will never really get popular again... try to find any clip from the NA regional that compares to that...

WOW was never that popular anyway, you have to know a lot about the game to understand what's going on during arenas, while anyone can watch cs and enjoy it since there are much more action and everyone can understand what's going on.