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#4380566 pala in 6.1 playstyle

Posted by paphellas on 05 February 2015 - 09:25 AM

Dunno how it was on your battlegroup, but on mine it was like this:

1. Gates open
2. Pala or warrior pop perception
3. Pala rides with his super-fast horse straight at the stealthed cat, whacks it over the head with his gavel, keeps doing this the entire match
4. Seal of justice is now applied to druid, who now can't move faster than 100%, can't dispel the debuff, and shapeshift has no effect on it
5. Warrior applies lube on skillherald, starts pounding
6. Depending on teammate, druid can survive for awhile, but freedom on warrior + cleanse on roots + skillherald procs + 50% MS = +16 for hpal/warr

This went on throughout s1-s3, if I remember well, and I know some guys who got glads that way, all while dodging other comps ofc. Sure, druids were kings everywhere else, but this particular comp could farm.
So, I take 15 seconds to build up 3 holy power (since I only gain it with holy shock), then I need to get a 1.5 sec cast WoG off (which heals for 30k noncrit) past a combat rogue's on-demand 150 interrupts, AND also coordinate rebuffs with my teammates so the mage wouldn't spellsteal it, while his resto druid heals bazillion more than me while casting all instants? Yeah, seems like a fair counter. :)

we rly need some blizzard love .
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