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Mage LF PvP Guild

07 December 2014 - 03:08 PM

Hey guys. I am currently looking for a pvp guild to join. Interested in BG/RBG's, have full set of Primal gear (616). I work shifts so some days I will be on in the evening others during the day so would appeciate some felxibilty. I have pvp'd in WoW from the very early days in vanilla and earned the Warlord title so have experience. I prefer bg's as i dont enjoy Arena too much but this may be down to playing with incorrect team set up so am willing to try and learn to adapt. I am 38 years old so would prefer a mature attitude but enjoy having laughs. Also i MAY have cake. Will be willing to server transfer if I find the right group of people. EU-Horde only please.