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In Topic: Avenging Crusader Mana Cost in 7.1.5

20 November 2016 - 10:50 PM

Base mana =/= Total mana.


Base mana is the amount of mana you got before any specialisation and talents. For paladin, try to spec ret, and the amount of mana you got is the base mana. Right now, it's 220.000.


And for example : 


http://www.wowhead.c...0473/holy-shock - 10% of base mana : 10% of 220.000 = 22.000

http://www.wowhead.c.../flash-of-light - 18% of base mana : 18% of 220.000 = 39.600


35% of base mana would be a buff, because right now, Avenging Crusader costs 110.000, so, 50% of base mana.


Unless they change it to 50% of total mana, which would be quite stupid if they care about "talent diversity" (Not a lot of choice in the holy pvp tree to be honest), it's a buff.


K got it, Buff wouldntve really been necessary though. The 110k allready had the effect it shouldve and didnt strike me as "too much".



because the talent is fuckin stupid. you basically get uninterruptible amazing heals every mins and quite some good dmg for burst attempt. why thr fuck would you even have that as holy pala is a mistery to me. however, not the worst in game: way of the crane from mw monks is far worse in its new design.


Guess because it goes more inline with the Paladin Class Fantasy aka Uther Lightbringer than a pillar hugging Hpal. It still has the obvious downsides of being more prone to CC which just makes AC not the pick of choice against some comps. And i mean the classic Hpal is still perfectly viable.



like it better when 1-2 hpalas stood out per expac(geru-cata, elite-mop), not the ladder being filled with mew mongoloid hpalas every season


Ha, i knew Geru. Hes german isnt he? I think he was on Aegwynn back then.


And ofc AC has a lower skill ceiling for somebody new to healing, yet it doesnt magically turn you into a glad player. Guess people are getting better at multiclassing and many outstanding single-class players also stopped playing.

In Topic: Upcoming Hotfixes - 11/15/2016

15 November 2016 - 07:19 PM

The blanket mana regen nerf for all hpals? Not really necessary imo. Gonna be a bad hit for Hpals that play without melee wings.


But actually yeah melee wings have to cost mana.



Gonna quote myself here from the US forums:


"But why not redesign AC and make it drain a certain amount of mana per second and remove the cooldown so you actually have to play mana efficient to maximize your wing uptime? Especially quick cancelling in and out of melee wings would add more depth to the melee spec which is rather simple to play."

In Topic: Hpal stats, talents, healing spells 7.1.0

14 November 2016 - 04:13 PM

ok, finally understand it. Btw is so different than other expansions pvp.


ofc, cause the majority of the other expansion were shit.

In Topic: Hpal stats, talents, healing spells 7.1.0

14 November 2016 - 03:13 AM

ok, this is helpful. Still dont have info like when healing with flash when with martyr etc, and which stats stacking like use trinkets with crit mastery or?


Okay again: There are no stats in PvP! None of your gear stats have ANY influence on your stats in instanced pvp. Nor do your trinkets work, nor your Enchantments, nothing works. Its all your PvE Talents, Honor Talents and your general stat weigh gets influenced by your average itemlvl. So for Arenas/RBGs/BGs you just go for maxilvl in every slot, no matter the stats. You couldve allready understood that if you took your time to read through what ive wrote carefully.


As it comes down to rotation its simple. Try to get Holy Shocks to empower your heals and use Light of Martyr when you need to spam those instants and have enough HP to cover for it. Never overlap the Light Infusion buff if you can evade it. Always try to prioritize Divine Light if you got the Infusion proc. And then cycle and manage your CD's efficiently.

In Topic: Hpal stats, talents, healing spells 7.1.0

12 November 2016 - 08:10 PM

Read this first:




And as im tired of explaining this over and over here a quick quote:


  • "In PvP content, you will get a preset set of stats for your specialization. Your set bonuses, enchants, legendary bonuses, or trinkets will be deactivated."


  • "Gear can still improve your character in PvP, but as an example, a 25 item level difference will result in a 2.5% difference, not a 25% difference."


Next to that Borngoods Guide on Talents is still fine.




Read it.