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Tricks & tips to improve as a spriest

15 December 2016 - 12:34 AM

Hi AJ,


I rerolled shadow priest since the start of legion but i didnt pvp at all. Now i miss pvp and i decided to focus on this side for s2.

If I used to be a regular 2.2+ warrior past expansions, I have to admit that I'm far away to be as good as a sp (with my humble experience as a warrior). And i really want to improve to get some good ratings


So I come here to learn some things from you.


First of all, i use to play some shadowplay and FPS, and if i understand how to play it, my problem is that i often do less damage than the others, especially when i'm trained by melees (its normal i guess, but i think there is a way to do more damage). I play with classics talents (driven to madness and stuff), i try to cast and refresh my dots on everybody (+ pets) prior to cast MB, and when i can i go Void Form, even if i havnt my dots up (then i cast them and start refreshing with Void Bolt)

I think anything is wrong here, because affli locks do always better damage than me, and even spriests i face


Other thing is, i want to know more tricks i can do with my spriest abilities to help my partners and then

For example, i try to pre dispel MD both defensively on sheeps and offensively on block and bubble, but i recently learn (and got kicked from a group bcuz i didnt do that) that I have to MD dots aswell as often as I can when i face Spriest or affli locks. How can I maximize that ? Should i run on my partners then MD to get off dots as much as possible ?

Any others uses for the MD ? (others cc i didnt mention for example)


Should I try to spam flash heal when my healer is in trouble or should i keep pressure damaging ?

On Blade edges or Dalaran sewers, i can see the advantage to cast MC on melees, but on other map, how can i do to make this ability useful ? When my partners are in trouble (but i dont do more damage than my dots are doing) ?

What is the best use of Silence ? offensively on cd on healer  to put more pressure or defensively on cd on casters (like sp while VF or locks casting ua) ?


How is the best use for my offensive cooldown abilities like PI, shadowfiend and psyfiend ? I guess PI in the first VF then on cd (while VF) ?


And last but no least, I used to be a warrior, so i'm a little bit lost for the good positionning as a caster.

Against melee, i do what i can, standing near my healer but not as much as he can cast without the risk of being kicked, and i'm often far away the healer so my mate is the only one who put pressure on him. Should I fear on cd on the two melees to have the time to cast dots ?

Against Melee/Caster/Healer, same but i feel a little bit more free and i try to push fear on healer + 1 dps when i can

And against double caster i'm totally lost. What is the best positionning ? Near my healer ? "middle" map ? Offensive and chasing low hp ppl ?




I try to look some stream like snutz or youtube channel like anboniwow (i know you are here, so if you read this, thanks mate you do a good job !), but english is not my first language, and i understand better written than spoken..


I assume that there is a lot of questions, but if somebody wants to helps me answering few questions, i will be very happy :D

thanks ! :)