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So i got this trinket fomr ashran weekly box

03 July 2015 - 08:59 PM

Wild Gladiators Aculade of meditation(i cant post links)

it gives 1 main stat and a random secondary

in this case i got the one that gives me, insde pvp, 405 spirit and 405 versatility

is this any better then the proc trinket or should i stick with the proc one?

Warlock 6.2 Haste vs mastery

30 June 2015 - 06:13 PM

So in 6,1 i was pretty clueless about what to stack so i went for haste since msot people did that.

I dotn really understand how haste>mastery since its a direct increase to our dot damage.

for 6.2 is haste still the way to go?even with the damage changes?

Thank you

Warlock/Hunter/X Whats the best healer

02 December 2014 - 08:30 AM

Ok so for Afflic Lock and hunter(msot likely surv)

What is the best HEaler for this first season?

I have a druid and a Shaman available, and some people will pick on or the other.

I dont understand Why the Shaman could be better, dispite the synergie with Lock.

i think Cyclone (with fear Dr) > 1 min cd Hex(you will get mroe of rotating Cyclones during 1 min, then 1 hex every min that can be dispeled by half the world)

Druid has betetr ways to deal with mellee cleaves

They both bring a stun

Druid has betetr healing output atm

And given the slwoer pace of pvp compared to Mop i dont think the shaman windshear interrupt is game changing.

so..Shaman will bring a purge..which he will abrely ahve the GCD to use because of being trained all day long without anywya to get away, making is team8s peel 24/7.

so, Druid Vs shaman healer, what should we go for?

Halp!(and thanks)