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In Topic: Rebirth of Prot Warrior?

13 January 2015 - 06:45 PM

Blizzard is really irritating me. Every other week we have to change gear sets...

This is what happens when you jump bandwagon to bandwagon. Glad is looking at a dps buff from these changes, better scaling with gear, and a lot better aoe. Prot will also be better, and was never bad when you needed the dispels. As Tank you just don't have the burst you need. You guys should go out and test these changes.

In Topic: 6.1: Gforce's Guide to Protection

03 December 2014 - 07:58 PM

Just wanted to touch in here since it seems there was some confusion with my stat weights.

Currently that 330 haste breakpoint is designed around the assumption you have the 5% raid buff. Since you guys are in pvp it's going to depend on your teammates on whether they're bringing that buff or not. I don't think I would value haste to 330 at .90 in stat weights if you don't have a haste buff. Just forgo the breakpoint.

However, as gear gets better, you might want to consider reaching for 830 haste even in pvp gear. It might take a season or two of upgrades to do so, but it really does help. These breakpoints enable you to get extra global's inside Shield Charges, which is huge since every global does 25% more damage.

In Topic: 6.1: Gforce's Guide to Protection

28 November 2014 - 09:29 PM

Not sure how Crit was forgotten. Crit is also giving you Parry on a Prot Warrior.

Tanky Prot :
Least Damage Taken: Stamina > Str > Bonus Armor > Crit > Mast > Vers > Multi > Haste
The reason crit is higher than vers is that you simply cannot get enough from points of vers to rank it higher.

Bonus Armor on
Neck, Cloak, Rings and Trinkets.

There is a 615 Garrison Mission Trinket right now, that's pretty easy to get. It's Bonus Armor and Proc's Versatility.

In Topic: 6.1: Gforce's Guide to Protection

18 November 2014 - 06:18 AM

Hey, Thanks for linking my blog :)

I started it to try to generate hype for the stance and align some of the more common misconceptions that were popping up. People had a lot of trouble believing it would be competitive from a PVE standpoint ( top dps in both midwinter and method in the live raid was a glad ). And the obvious info had to be determined, like those breakpoints. Getting the 330 haste just gets you an extra ability in your shield charge. It's a large damage bonus.

The scaling of those numbers was generated assuming you were using Heavy Rep, I'd assume a Sudden Death build would be the same since you're going to have huge single hits either way. So this way multistrike benefits a bit better when it multi's off of huge shield slams.