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PK vs Mutilate during KS?

06 October 2016 - 11:37 AM

Hey guys,

I used to only play rogues but currently maining DH for the expansion. I am lvling an alt rogue but I can't figure out what's best to do during Kingslayer debuff, spam Poison Knife or Mutilate? 

PK: 40 Energy, 100% application of lethal Poison which stacks Kingslayer dmg by 15% per application.

Mutilate: 55 Energy, higher phys dmg, no guarantee of poison.

[Guide] Demon Hunter

06 September 2016 - 09:21 AM

<Insert Header Image> + add snide name for the guide..
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To do list:
* Images for each section (Finer tuning)
* Whine to some moderator about my limitation in posting images in my guide thread......

* Fill in the missing sections with more arena experience


[Table of Content]

[0] Introduction



[1] Main Section

[1.1] Changes since Before Legion

[1.2] Abilities

[1.3] T
alents & PvP Talents

[1.4] Races

[1.5] Arena Compositions

[1.6] Arena-Gameplay

[1.7] 1v1 Situations




[2] Extras

[2.1] Streams

[2.2] Community

[2.3] Macros

[2.4] Keybinds




[3.0] Conclusion




Introduction <insert image>
(Thank you for an awesome template @lolflay)



I'm Ghazzy from Sweden, multi-glad rogue back in the days coming back to WoW as a Demon Hunter with the Legion release. My dream goal in life is to go fulltime with my stream (www.twitch.tv/Ghazzy), before Legion I've been streaming an ARPG called "Path of Exile", will be focusing a lot more on WoW with the release of Legion.

If you feel that you have any feedback or things you wish for me to add to this guide, don't hesitate to pop a comment below.





Main Section <insert image>


[1.1] Changes since Before Legion


Well, to keep this short:
Before Legion we were a raid boss in Black Temple, now we can move outside the raid instance.





[1.2] Abilities


Seeing as this a brand new class to learn I'll go through every ability we've got (excluding the Talent Tree related abilities).

Demon's Bite:
This is our basic Fury generator.


Chaos Strike:

Best single target DPS ability to dump Fury with.


Blade Dance:

This is the most basic cleave ability we've got, it also provides us with 100% dodge chance for 1 second upon usage, which makes it the most versatile ability to use on CD; when being trained by melee cleaving teams.


Eye Beam:

This is one of our many AoE abilities which should be avoided to be used in PvP unless you can hit 3 or more targets UNLESS you have the Anguish of the Deceiver trait from your artifact weapon. If you do, then 2+ targets  will be the best situations for this in PvP.


Fury of the Illidari:

This spell is provided by your artifact weapon and serves as one of your strongest AoE ability with a 1min CD. It lasts for 3 seconds and together with the nr 1 prio artifact trait: Rage of the Illidari it will explode for 60% of what ever damage it did to as many targets available and that damage is divided among any enemies nearby during the time of the explosion. So you want to make sure this spell hits the desired target for 3 seconds and anything else it hits on top of this is just bonus damage, even better if the extra targets hit leaves and the main target stays for extra damage taken from the end explosion.

Throw Glaive:

This ability has a 30 yard range and can do a lot of damage with the proper talents speced. It can also provide with a 50% snare effect from the talent tree.


One of your defensive CDs providing you with 50% dodge and reduced damage taken by 35% for 10 seconds. In your artifact weapon traits you can make Blur reset your charges on Fel Rushmaking it a possible offensive spell as well.



Second defensive CD which pops a black/purple 8 yard radius circle on the ground. Any friendly units standing inside of this pool are granted with 20% chance to avoid all damage from an attack, and it lasts for 8 seconds. This can be brought up to 70% via PvP talent tree.

Consume Magic:

This is your interrupt spell, it has a 20 yard range and also grants 50 Fury upon a successful interruption.


Chaos Nova:

Your biggest stun CD. 1min CD, 5 sec duration with some minor damage output. It has no limit in how many that can be stunned, so you can use this in combination with a Fel Rush towards a healer to start of a CC chain, or to peel someone from crazed melee cleavers. Be careful though, 1min cooldown is a long time.


Imprisons a demon for 1min. Damage will cancel the effect. With PvP talents we can make this ability work like a 1min cooldown instantly casted 20 yard ranged CycloneI have been unable to find any other spells this shares DR with making it super strong to use as a CC. Only problem is the 1min CD for a 5 second CC.


40 yard range, leaps you on the target location and stuns for 3 seconds in an 8 yard radius. This is your biggest CD which lasts for 30 sec converting your Chaos Strike into Annihilation which simply is a stronger version of the spell. It also converts your Blade Dance into Death Sweep which is also just a stronger version of it.
You also gain 25% Haste during this buff.

This cooldown is huge, but also attracts the desire to CC the shit out of you till it drops as it is very hard to kill a Demon Hunter rampaging around with this buff up. As long as we do damage we are able to leech HP back thanks to the talent tree.


Fel Rush:

This is our baseline mobility spell, it has 2 charges and allows us to charge forward in what ever direction you're going, it also deals damage to anyone caught in the path. Generally used to catch up with targets as well as generating a bit of fury to make swapping targets very smooth for us.

Vengeful Retreat:

Yet another mobility spell throwing us backwards in the air dealing tiny bit of damage and leaving a 3 sec 70% slow as well as generating 40 Fury over 5 sec if you damaged anyone with it if you have it speced in the talent tree. This can be used for both catching up with targets as well as to disengage for your own safety. As of patch 7.1 this will also dispel root effects making it easier for us to stay on druids and/or mages.


Glide + Double Jump:

Double jumping doesn't do much for us but but if you jump when you are falling down (tripple jump) you will activate Glide, which makes you move faster forward than if you were to run the distance. This means that you can use a keybind for "/cast Glide" to avoid double jumping and instead unleash the wings on a single jump to have a smooth way of staying on targets/catching up with targets.


Spectral Sight:

This allows us to see invisible/stealthed units. If you use any spell it will linger for 1-2 seconds before dissapearing allowing us to spot enemies around a pillar, fel rush + throw glaive on them to get yourself in combat to either bring out the people from the shadows or to get yourself in combat to avoid getting saped by a rogue.





[1.3] Talents & PvP Talents + Artifact Weapon


Let's start with the PvE talents provided by simply lvling your Demon Hunter to lvl 110:



Tier 1:

Fel Mastery is the obvious choice here, cleaving on our Chaos Strike can arguably be good in some situations however, increased duration of our Eye Beam is completely useless as it is rather rare that we will find a good spot to use this ability for. So we stick with Fel mastery as it grants us increased damage on our charge as well as granting us Fury.

Tier 2:
this grants us shorter cooldown of our Vengeful Retreat making us even more mobile as well as gaining some fury + a slow effect if we damage anyone when we us it. This makes Vengeful Retreat a possible offensive fury generator + slow if used against a wall making you not fly out of range of your desired target. The other 2 choices are either removing Demon's Bite for RNG Fury generating white-swings which is completely out of the question. Demonic Appetite is actually not bad when it procs as the heals are rather nice, however, they are just like Demon Blades RNG based and something you can not rely on in any situation.

Tier 3:

This tier allows us to chose from our personal taste to some degree and it also depends on what you are facing and/or what comp you're running.
Personally I'm a big fan of both Bloodlet FelbladeBloodlet allows us to deal a lot more damage and it is very desirable vs teams where we can cleave them to leave dot damage up within the cleaving. Felblade offers us even higher mobility. It charges your character directly to the target which means you can use Vengeful Retreat or Fel Rush around a corner and connect it with a Felblade which puts you in the face of the target you're chasing. However, unlike Bloodlet the Felblade is a very poor addition to your damage arsenal.

The third choice in this tier is First Blood which is nowhere near the effeciency of the other 2 talents.

Tier 4:
Unless you're doing some wierd shit in 2v2 you will always go with Soul RendingThis makes us leech life when in Demon form which has reduced effect in PvP. This talent alone makes us VERY hard to kill during Metamorphosis as long as we are allowed to deal damage. 
I personally believe the other 2 choices are complete garbage and should be avoided.

Tier 5:
This tier can be a bit tricky, PvE'rs will always chose Momentum for obvious reasons, however in PvP we can chose any of the remaining 2 for highest effeciency when in melee cleave tunneling enemies. However, when switching targets a lot then Momentum is a great choice!
Fel Eruption grants us a high damage ability which also stuns the target for 2 sec, dealing 100% more damage vs stun immune targets. This can be very useful in teams that does a lot of stuns and/or to stun Resto Shamans and/or to simply have another way of peeling during the fight.
Nemesis is a 2min CD ability which is a debuff placed on the target for 1 min granting 20% increased damage done to that target. 

Personally I am playing with Momentum due to prefering the playstyle using Mana Break for prolonged games. I feel that it is the most viable setup we can do as DH's atm.

Tier 6:
Yet another straight forward tier for us, both Unleashed Power & Demon Reborn are completely worthless compared to Master of the Glaive this grants your Throw Glaive 2 charges as well as making it snare the enemies hit by 50% for 6 sec. This allows you to use Throw Glaive not just for damage but also for slow effects to help peel or to slow down a healer to easier set up a CC chain on him/her.

Tier 7:
This tier is a bit of a problem to decide which will be the better. We can start this section of the guide by saying that Demonic is utter shit and considering to spec it makes the rest of the world vomit in their mouths.
With that part cleared out of the way, let's look at the 2 actual talents we can take:
Chaos Blades this grants us a ton of extra white-swing damage as well as an increase of damage to all our abilities for 12 seconds with a 2 min CD. Note; This ability is not on your GCD.
Fel Barrage this is an activated ability that starts with 5 charges dealing a lot of damage which splashes on nearby targets to the one you are hitting. The damage from this ability is pretty alright on 4-5 charges (5 is max) however, it does hit your GCD and takes 30 sec to recharge with the possibility of generating charges when your using damaging attacks. 

Personally I feel that Chaos Blades is a comfortable choice, however, vs melee cleaves I think Fel Barrage can be a very good choice specially vs teams with pets included that you'll be cleaving granting you a higher possibility to recharge those 5 charges for a higher effeciency gain of more usage from your Fel Barrage.



The PvP Talent tree looks like this & requires lvl 46 Honor to achieve all possibilities:



Tier 1:

Due to how squishy we are outside of Metamorphosis we don't have much of a choice but to take the Gladiator's Medallion

Tier 2:
Hardiness is garbage compared to the other 2 choices here.
Reinforced Armor is used vs teams that uses non physical melee damage.
Sparring this is used vs physical melee cleave teams.

Tier 3:
This tier doesn't allow much of a choice really. As promising Solitude might look it is nothing compared to Cover of Darkness which makes your Darkness ability go from 20% to 70% damage avoidance for 8 seconds in the pool you create. This is by far one of the strongest damage avoidance abilities in the game. Sadly it does come with a 3 min CD.

Tier 4:
Depending on what comps you are up against this tier does allow for some changing but generally you'd want to take Reverse Magic it's worth having this speced even if the enemy team only have 1 stun that you can dispel with it. Vs some setups it can be great to use as a defensive CD to dispel DoT's from your teamates and/or yourself. The other choice would be Eye of Leotheras which makes it easier for you to apply pressure to casters. However, this has a 45 sec CD and can be dispelled.

Tier 5:
Yet another brilliant display of useless possibilities coming from both Rushing Vault as well as Pinning Glare. This tier forces us in to take Awaken the Demon Withinnot only does this serve as a defensive CD, it also grants you extra damage whilst being in Demon Form on top of the life leech, it is by far the strongest choice.

Tier 6:
As much as I would love to say that we got choices here, I really don't feel that we do. In 2v2 Rain from Above can mean the difference between winning or losing. However, in 3v3 I've felt that Detainment puts you in a much better position. You can help CC chaining a healer, peel someone, or even use it on a Shadow Priest when they pop Disperion to completely neglect the healing they get from being in Dispersion. 


The artifact weapon priority looks like this:




Priority List:
1 = Rage of the IllidariThis is by far the strongest trait in the tree, allowing your Fury to deal massive extra damage

2 = Anguish of the Deceiver = Makes your Eye Beam a desirable spell in PvP situations

3 = Inner Demons = Simply adding more damage to your rotation

4 = Leftover Traits = Kappa





[1.4] Races


Demon Hunters are not offered many choices when it comes to races, thanks to recent changes the different arena titles are now being handed down based on your rating within your faction so there really isn't any specific gain to which "race" you chose, rather to which other players you get to play with and their personal preference.

Horde players gets to play Blood Elf whilst Alliance players will have to settle with Night Elf. Personally I like the Night Elf choice despite being a Horde player at heart due to how easily countered we are by CC in certain situations. The Shadowmeld allows us to "dodge" a polly for example.

Blood Elf AoE silence can be devastating in tight situations when bursting down on a healer, so yet again, it all comes down to a matter of personal taste.



[1.5] Arena Compositions


Atm the most reliable setups for DH are scarse but good:
In order of personal preference:
DH / Feral / Hpala > Rdruid > other healers
DH / frostDK / Hpala > MW > other healers
DH / Enhance / Hpala > MW > other healers
DH / Elemental / Hpala > Rdruid > other healers (Note: Haven't tested this fully but it seemed alrightish)
Honorable mentions:
DH / War / Hpala > Rdruid > other healers
DH / Rogue / Hpala > Dpriest > other healers




[1.6] Arena-Gameplay

Will post a video on youtube for the current state of Arena-Gameplay in both 2v2 & 3v3 within a week or so.





[1.7] 1v1 Situations


In arena we have rather few enemies that we can kill in a 1v1 situation as in most of these cases we have used all our CD's and are left without Metamorphosis which means we don't have any way to regain lost HP (excluding a few seconds of Awaken the Demon Within). 

Shadow Priest:
Shadow Priests can be dealt with rather easily thanks to our high damage capabilities, make sure to chain Fury of the Illidari with a stun to guarantee the target stay in it for it's full blown 3 sec duration. Use Imprison when he pops Dispersion to neglect his healing, together with dispelling his DoT's with Reverse Magic early on to avoid taking as much damage as possible, which includes popping Blur early as well. 


Frost Mages:
Simply make sure you are staying on the target as much as possible, if he starts kiting you, which he should as the only way for him to kill you is to have all CD's up you just kill the water element if you are unable to reach him, this will grant you a soul shard which heals you for a LOT! Get behind a pillar, mount up, chase him again, rinse repeat if required but make sure you do everything fast before he gets CD's back up. They are shorted than your 4min Metamorphosis CD.

No matter what spec the hunter has, you should be winning these 1v1 situations (obviously depending on HP left and so). Only annoying hunter would be BM, make sure you use a glaive throw on the pets to slow them down which will peel a ton of damage for you. I usually put one of them on focus frame and alternate Throw Glaive on the hunter / his pets.

Enhancement Shaman:

Exactly the same way as a vs a Frost Mage, just exclude killing the non-existing water element. When the Shaman got his wolves back up things will be super hard if your Metamorphosis isn't ready.

Destruction Warlocks:
Look at him, and he will die. Similar to most 1v1 situations, go at him directly. Don't waste time due to Metamorphosis having a 4 min CD and is probably gone when the 1v1 situation emerges.

Everything else:
The one with the most CDs or the best opener wins. Unless it's a rogue, then you start praying he'll DC.


Generally in these situations it will always depend on what CD's you/him/her got left as well as your state of health. The usual strategy is to go ham at the target directly as your DPS CD's only have 1-2 min CD and your big CD will not be ready until after someone has died. This makes DH rather weak in 1v1 situations so avoiding this from happening is recommended.

Note: This section will be under strict surveillance as we are moving in to the rated arena scene.




[2] Extras <insert image>




[2.1] Streams

www.twitch.tv/Ghazzy= Multi Glad Rogue maining DH
www.twitch.tv/raphnerwow = Multi Glad Warrior streaming DH
If you know any other high ranked PvPrs playing DH, send me a PM to update this section







[2.2] Community

Discord = Stream/Gaming community where you can find other people to play or get any help you might need!







[2.3] Macros


Here's a list of macros I find very useful:


/cast [target=focus] <insert spell>

Example: "/cast [target=focus] Consume Magic" to cast Consume Magic (Interrupt) on your focus target. This works very well with Fel Eruption, Throw Glaive, Eye of Leotheras, Imprison etc etc




/focus arena#


Example: "/focus arena1" or "/focus arena2" this will put that arena target as your focus target. Personally i have 3 of these + 1 seperate that puts focus on my current target.




/cast [target=mouseover] Imprison


- casts Imprison on the target im hovering my mouse over.







[2.4] Keybinds


DPS Abilities:

1 = Chaos Strike

2 = Demon's Bite
3 = Consume Magic (Shift + 3 = Focus target)

4 = Fel Eruption (Shift + 4 = Focus target)

5 = Eye Beam

6 = Eye of Leotheras (Shift + 6 = Focus target)

Shift + 1 = Blade Dance

CTRL + 1 = Fury of the Illidari
T = Throw Glaive (Shift + T = Focus target)
CTRL + R = Mana Break
CTRL + G = Death from Above

V = Fel Rush
X = Vengeful Retreat
Shift + V = Felblade
Shift + Space = Glide
R = Trinket
Shift + R = Reverse Magic

Shift + 2 = Nemesis
CTRL + 4 = Chaos Nova
Shift + 5 = Metamorphosis
CTRL + 5 = Chaos Blades
G = Imprison Mouseover macro (Shift + G = Focus target)
Shift + Tab = Blur
CTRL + Tab = Darkness
§ = Shadowmeld
Shift + § = Spectral Sight
' = Ground Mount
¨ = Flying Mount

F1 = Focus arena1
F2 = Focus arena2
F3 = Focus arena3
F4 = Focus 






[3.0] Conclusion <insert image>

I will be doing my best to keep this guide up to date at all times, if you are in need of any help, you can always pop in to my stream www.twitch.tv/Ghazzy and/or pop a comment in this thread. With the 7.1 patch I think Demon Hunters are in a decent spot when it comes to matching utility together with damage output.
My only problem with blizzards choices is the long duration and cooldown of Metamorphosis which seems a bit overkill to me. Personally I would much rather have it reduced in both CD and duration and make us slightly more durable outside of Meta.

All in all, I don't think I've hade this much fun playing WoW since TBC Arena release. The playstyle is fast paced and is similar to rogues in many ways which I personally love.

Any and all feedback is more than welcome, afterall this guide is for everyone, so let's make it the best we can!

DH Honor Farm 5k+/hour

04 September 2016 - 03:05 PM

For some odd reason I can't start a topic in the general chat but I can in here...
The Honor Farm Method is soloable by any DH to easily hit 5k+/hour, but can easily be done with a slightly worsened result if you party up in a 2man group.


Good luck,

[Discussion] 3v3 Setups

07 August 2016 - 07:44 PM

Update: moving this thread into my PvP guide on the forums.


I, just like a lot of other players will be coming back to WoW for the Legion release. With this, I will be maining DH and wanted to start a thread to discuss the possible DH 3v3 setups.

After a lot of beta testing and chit chatting with my glad friends, I think it's safe to say that these are the most favourable setups for DH (in order of believed effeciency):

DH - DK - RSham/Rdruid
DH - Mage - Rsham/Rdruid
DH - Monk - RSham/Rdruid
DH - Warrior - RSham/Rdruid
DH - Rdruid/Rsham - SP/Lock

Kind Regards,