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Is there any script to sort raid profile members in any order you want them to be?

11 November 2014 - 09:00 AM

Hello there!
I have been very annoyed with this issue for about the past two years, and after having tried to use multiple interface addons, I decided that I like the WoW vanilla raid profile's looks and functionality too much to use an addon that might or might not work after each content patch, so here I am asking you. First of all, to elaborate on what exactly my issue is, let me give you some background.
When you use the vanilla party system, the party members are ordered in the same way every time: You are on top, below you are the party members 1-4. Kind of like this:Posted Image.
Since I am an avid arena player, I have gotten used to binding my targeting and cleanse macros on my Razer naga accordingly, with target=self on button 1, target=party1 on button 2 and target=party2 on button 3. To help visualize, here's another picture:Posted Image.
Now, whenever I load into the arena and I don't push any buttons, without fail - the raid profiles will load properly for a few seconds, and it displays me on top, party1 and party 2 below me in order, like this: Posted Image.
My brain associates the binds in that order, and I cleanse not by targeting each player, but by pushing a macro on my mouse for self, party1 and party2. Unfortunately, within a few seconds the order goes completely all over the place and party members and myself are lined up absolutely arbitrary, for example like this: Posted Image.
Needless to say, it is absolutely infuriating cleansing the wrong target because you can't ever tell which button corresponds to what person, so here I am asking the question: Since the interface options are extremely limited for ordering party members (sorting them by role does nothing but scramble them up into a different arbitrary order, sorting them by group is what I'm using at the moment, so it clearly doesn't work, and sorting them alphabetically - well I don't think that I have to get into why that won't help either). is there any kind of script I can use to re-order the raid profiles either permanently or each time I step into the arena so I don't lose time being confused about what goes where?
I would love to find such a script, so if anyone has it, please let me know!!