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#4636873 "Vanilla skill-ceiling is low"

Posted by Jamminlove on 01 December 2017 - 12:19 AM

In light of the new announcement, there's been a ton of discussion saying PvP can be very dry and that the skill-ceiling can be low.


While it's definitely quite lower than the following expansions I just wanted to share a video by my friend Perplexity playing rogue vanilla.


Let me know what you think.



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#4587999 Tuning

Posted by Jamminlove on 20 June 2016 - 04:18 PM

Posted Image
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#4587993 Tuning

Posted by Jamminlove on 20 June 2016 - 04:09 PM

Now that you know I understand you, go read all my previous posts. Let me compensate my understanding with a bit being harsh. I was hoping I wasn't right, because that means that this whole thing was utterly garbage and a waste of time.

Not only do you pick on something that, IS NOT AN ISSUE and no-gone gives a shit. But you turn your premise around and on-top of that you can't manage to explain your thoughts. You also have the occasional retarded simple algebra errors that makes me think you have some sort of problem. I'm tilted.
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#4587945 Tuning

Posted by Jamminlove on 20 June 2016 - 10:40 AM

You also suck at interpreting other people too. I'll re-iterate. It's a non-issue, of course blankets are better to make changes like the ones you're describing. No-one complains about that. Ever.

Your "problem-solving" is not solving anything. The QQ you're talking about is not how they do it but why they do it. People complaining about blankets are doing so because of the changes, not because of the way they did it.

One more time: no-one gives a crap how they increased spells by 20%. Individually, or blankets. People don't give a shit, the outcome is the same. People give a shit that they increased spells by 20%

So stahp.
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#4578123 On vanilla PvP

Posted by Jamminlove on 22 April 2016 - 02:21 PM

Well, I never advocated that it was the best vanilla PvP video but calling it basic makes me twitch a bit. Everyone has their opinion though and I respect that. However, would you mind sharing some of those videos you're on about? If not for showcasing the best PvP in vanilla do it to prove me wrong.
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#4577967 On vanilla PvP

Posted by Jamminlove on 22 April 2016 - 01:55 AM

Take a look at this video: https://www.youtube....h?v=NENsoOaM7xc

Perplexity, a good friend of mine, did that PvP video and nostalgia never hit me so bad. While there are no arenas available I swear to god that's more skilled than any other video I've watched since in like forever. I suggest you watch everything.

For those not familiar with vanilla the video might be a bit confusing considering there's a lot of utility items that are being used. And some mechanics that people don't remember, along with some kronos bugs.

I'm dropping down this list of items that were used so you might have an idea of why they're being used and what happened:

Living Action Potion - Makes you immune to Stun and Movement Impairing effects for the next 5sec. Also removes existing Stun and Movement Impairing effects.
There's no way to remove stuns in vanilla as rogue, so he uses this instead sometimes.

Tidal Charm - Stuns target for 3sec
This is the watery animation you see throughout has a 15 min cd.

Goblin Sapper Charge - Explodes when triggered dealing 450 to 751 Fire damage to all enemies nearby and 375 to 626 damage to you.
This is used to break out of cc (that breaks on damage). You can see him sapper blinds and other shit. Also, for example on the 2nd clip, he sapper charges 2 rogues out of stealth, blinding one and tidal charming the other.

Skull of Impending Doom - Increase your run speed by 60% for 10sec, but deals 100 to 501 damage and drains 100 to 501 mana every 2 seconds.
This is also used to break scatter/traps/blinds throughout the video. One clip where he uses this to break out of scatter and then use the xmas pet to eat the trap.

Goblin Rocket Helmet - Charge an enemy, knocking it silly for 30 seconds. Also knocks you down, stunning you for a short period of time. Any damage caused will revive the target.

Gnomish Net-o-matic Projector - Captures the target in a net for 10sec.

Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire- Summons a Skeleton that will protect you for 1min.

Barov Peasent Caller - Calls forth 3 servants of the House Barov that will fight, cook, and clean for you.

Gnomish Death Ray - The devices charges over time using your life force and then directs a burst of energy at your opponent.

Then there's grenades and reflectors etc.

Vanilla is so much more fun than what wow is now or what it looks like it's going to become in legion- I just thought I'd drop this by for everyone questioning PvP and how fun it can be.

For those interested, perp said he'd be releasing another one soonTM.
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#4577331 Vanilla.RE Nostalrius Reborn

Posted by Jamminlove on 20 April 2016 - 10:15 AM

Forget about this. This is one of those classy guys trying to pull one off on a community that's scrambling. Nostalrius has said multiple times they're not associated with them in any way (which they have claimed to be) and they insist on using the name as well. 2 looks into the server and website and you can tell there's no effort in it and the people behind it aren't the least bit experienced. The core is a copypasta mangos core.

PlayTBC is another example. I understand all the desire but everyone has to realize that private servers don't come out of the blue. Yes I can have absolutely no experience in pservers and make one and announce it. However, if you'd like a non-buggy version of the game (and there's a difference between ok-buggy and buggy) like Nostalrius was it takes quite a great deal and capabilities. If you're really anxious to play an expansion tryout some more established servers that have been around for longer.

And while I understand that won't work because people are looking for progression, then just don't hype these new servers because it's going to be a giant let-down. I've been in industry for a while, trust me when I tell you a good core takes a while to build and a good team.
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#4574361 Nostalrius is gone.

Posted by Jamminlove on 08 April 2016 - 02:27 AM

So how come the AT has been operating for years without issue and these guys get shut down?

Does the AT team have some legal loophole or whatever?

Speaking from a vast private server experience as well as working with AT for years Blizzard always had a third-party sending notices to the servers I've worked on and I know a couple other servers that did to. We used to get letters from them every few years.

What I know from scapegaming the story is different. I'd be very sad if it was one of those letters that made nostl back down but I can't speak for them and I doubt it was only those threats. For some reason that server has even been targeted on twitch, I have no record of any stream getting banned from any other pserver expansion except vanilla - including partners.

This to say that all servers have been targeted, it's not like they don't try. If you get big you'll be getting one of those fancy cease-and-desist letters yearly or so. Everyone just kinda ignores them and there's no follow-through unless you're located on US.
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#4558731 Some new ruski hack

Posted by Jamminlove on 03 January 2016 - 02:17 PM

It's not even about warden tho...it's about any server-side checks. Like WPE edits packets right? This guy just did a spell swap. How on earth does the server accept it without checking if that spell is on his spellbook like it's always done. It's beyond stupid how that went through, and you're right. If that worked I'm sure there's a major hole and I'm expecting a lot of people trying a lot of shit :|

There's a reason packet editing like this never worked. Ie: change a spell, server will verify if you have it learned; Change an item, server will verify if you have it in your bags...etc etc.
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#4550328 Infamous Sap Bug Explained

Posted by Jamminlove on 07 December 2015 - 06:32 AM

I grew a bit tired of getting sapped every other game while I had just cast a spell and then having to explain to them it was actually a bug and no-one would believe me.

The other day I was watching a rogue stream and he unwillingly sapped a night elf priest mid-game and the priest whispered him and swore he had just cast a spell. I went onto his vod and confirmed the priest should've indeed been in combat and decided to try and reproduce it.

What I found out next was quite amusing.

Please note I'm only posting this so it gets the attention it needs and it finally gets fixed.
PS: Sorry about the frantically jumping

Try number 1:
1º Engage combat with the rogue
2º Spam attack his partner (to keep me in combat)
3º Have rogue vanish sap me

Video: http://oddshot.tv/sh...015120754125783

Worked. I was happy I finally proved it doesn't only happens to druids but I wanted to try and investigate a bit deeper because I've had it happen where I never touched the rogue once.

Try number 2 (by far the most :o):
1º Have the rogue's partner auto attack my partner to keep him in combat indefinetely
2º Have my partner hit the rogue (mindflay in this example)
3º I'll be spam healing my partner throughout all that
4º Rogue vanishes saps me

Video: http://oddshot.tv/sh...015120754518511

Yeap, it also worked. So it basically somehow links my combat with the rogue's vanish but I had a weird feeling and tried this:

Try number 3:
1º Engage combat with the rogue
2º Spam attack his partner (to keep me in combat)
3º Have rogue just stealth when out-of-combat and sap me

Video: http://oddshot.tv/sh...201512075474114
Works. Deeper we go.

Try number 4:
1ºEngage combat with the rogue
2ºSpam attack his partner (to keep me in combat)
3º Have the rogue drop combat (while out of stealth)
4º Mount up mid casts

Video: http://oddshot.tv/sh...201512075480495

It seems that stealth has nothing to do with why the bug occurs but rather my combat gets linked with the rogue's and if he drops combat I will too doesn't matter which way.

So yea after a few tests it seems to only works vs nightelves (unless I didn't test it right, which is possible). But what shocked me the most is that even if I have never touched the rogue, I can still get sapped if my partner (who I'm healing) was hitting the rogue and the rogue vanishes- This is gamebreaking and it should get the attention it needs. Here's another example of me getting sapped while just spam healing my partner :http://oddshot.tv/sh...015120755817680 (midway through the oddshot)

Hopefully it gets fixed <3

Edit: Post is on official forums here http://eu.battle.net...c/16946425033#1 let's get this fixed once and for all >.<
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#4508937 Progressive Wotlk Server Launched Today

Posted by Jamminlove on 28 September 2015 - 06:26 PM

6k people on ._. the dream
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#4508253 Progressive Wotlk Server Launched Today

Posted by Jamminlove on 27 September 2015 - 09:48 PM

some spawns are brokem as fk and drop almost 1rare per mob

Never encountered anything like that :o
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#4507134 Progressive Wotlk Server Launched Today

Posted by Jamminlove on 25 September 2015 - 10:29 PM

Warmane (AT+Molten) launched Lordaeron today.It's a sort of Nostralius-like realm for wotlk. It will be starting with a level 60 cap and then it'll move on to TBC then wrath and during wrath it'll be content-progressive with patches released progressively.

Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon, server's really really clean and bugfree and the nostalgia-feeling is off the chain.

Population wise it's always capped at 5k and lag-free http://i.imgur.com/nHr872V.jpg

Patch 3.3.5 and you can join @ www.warmane.com

If you're horde message me on Jammin
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#4428992 A challenge

Posted by Jamminlove on 27 May 2015 - 02:02 PM

Note: The game has to have healing in it, and the alleged Battle Fatigue is 0%< Battle Fatigue >100%.

is 0%< Battle Fatigue >100%

I want whatever you're smoking.
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#4418256 $5000 Prizepool 3v3 Wotlk Tournament

Posted by Jamminlove on 03 May 2015 - 08:47 PM

As he said ladders are still being made unfortunately and there's only that temporary ladder. As to activity, the purpose of these tournaments is to try and bring some of that good old wotlk competitiveness back while supporting the community with big prize pools. We'll eventually be doing cataclysm ones and we're pretty pumped.

For those who have known AT (now Warmane) know that we still have that profound love for this community and competitiveness and we'd like to light that spark again.

Throwback to 2013 :)
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