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Shatterspiking: an advanced technique for making plays and getting laid

13 August 2016 - 08:24 AM

Saw this on altered time, didn't know if anyone here has tried it yet (just recently started testing, maybe I'm late to the party)--- they call it shatterspiking, and it's a method you can use to shatter both glacial spike and ebonbolt (also deep shattered frostbolts). In short, you end up casting GS or EB with an active brainfreeze proc, casting flurry, and shimmering TOWARDS the target so that you overtake your GS or EB projectile and your first flurry bolt strikes the target before the EB or GS does and applies winter's chill, thereby shattering the GS/EB.

In slightly longer form:
  • Get brainfreeze proc.
  • Cast EB/GS.
  • Immediately cast flurry using the brainfreeze proc.
  • Immediately shimmer towards the target.
  • When the first flurry bolt launches, you are closer to your target than you were when you cast EB/GS.
  • Flurry lands, winter's chill applied.
  • GS/EB lands, shatters, subsequent flurry bolts land.
  • Bask in the glory and admiration of your peers.

Destro Comps

29 March 2016 - 05:01 AM

Guys and gals (lol) of arena junkies--- what sort of comps work with destro at the moment? Been playing casual hpally/destro/frostdk, and I get my shit pushed in by any mouthbreathing melee cleave. Playing against turbo I'm lucky if I can avoid interrupts long enough to land 2-3 fears or chaos bolts in a match. Do the pally and DK just not bring enough peels to set up kills? I've swapped between 2 pc/charred remains and 4 pc/demonic servitude, either way I'm spending most of the match getting anal raped into oblivion, and even with servitude the pet just doesn't add enough damage/control for my DK to put out any reasonable pressure. Am I playing it wrong?

Power shifting is kill

06 March 2016 - 02:21 AM

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Power shifting is kill, druids on suicide watch.

Feral scum BTFO
>Feral scum BTFO
Feral scum BTFO
>Feral scum BTFO
Feral scum BTFO
>Feral scum BTFO