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In Topic: [Video] MM Hunter Legion Overview

21 August 2016 - 09:15 AM

The only other thing I would add is that LnL should be taken when you are not playing with a Spriest or Lock. Without dispel protection BA is meh, decent healers will dispel on CD and since it doesn't have the old reset on dispel mechanic or anything else attached to it like the old LnL it just isn't that good. It does the damage of a Vuln boosted AS.

Just to play devil's advocate briefly--- BA will actually do about 30-40% more damage than a vulnerability boosted AS if the minion it summons has 100% uptime (not guaranteed, I know). Testing on a target dummy with a fresh character on the pvp realm, vuln+AS was about 145k damage, BA was about 135k from the DoT and 65k from the summoned minion melee attacks. That being said, the dispel issue is real and I'd probably pick LnL as well if only for the easier sting application.

Also, haven't had a chance to play any games as MM yet, is it viable to take viper sting and just train a healer? I know Glink had mentioned in his BM video that it was viable with that spec. The combination of MS+viper sting is roughly like 50% less healing on the healer... it just seems like if you play with a high pressure melee you'd just be able to turn a healer's butthole into putty with just moderate control on the dps.

In Topic: Balance Druid in legion

20 August 2016 - 04:39 AM

Moonkin at least has some pretty insane passive mitigation vs. melee... 48% mitigation (plus 10% from guardian affinity) vs. 40% for hpally and 38% for prot warrior.

Having a tough time deciding what to play... none of the casters really seem all that attractive right now tbh.

In Topic: Shatterspiking: an advanced technique for making plays and getting laid

14 August 2016 - 07:32 AM

With some more practice I can reliably get Flurry to land before Frostbolt yet I never get the Deep Shatter bonus.

Just tested in beta in duels, frostbolt/GS/ebonbolt definitely benefit from normal shatter using this method (8 crits in my sample size of 10 at least), however, it is definitely NOT benefiting from deep shatter. I'm going to write this up on the forums, since it seems like a clear cut bug (read as written frostbolt should definitely deep shatter off of the winter's chill effect from flurry).

In Topic: Shatterspiking: an advanced technique for making plays and getting laid

13 August 2016 - 06:24 PM

those two bullet points are the wrong way round

also this is slightly less useful in pvp, since targets are not immune to freeze effects, so you can use frost nova/pet freeze/ice nova to shatter gs/ebon bolt already :)

I've been doing it exactly in the order listed--- maybe those two steps are interchangeable? You want the flurry to begin casting, because the first bolt doesn't launch instantly, if you do it in the order listed the first bolt will launch as soon as you come out of shimmer.

You're right, it's not as useful in PVP as in PVE, but it does give you a little more flexibility in casting GS/EB or in using FN/freeze/ice nova (peels, etc). To me, the bigger issue is that you have to take shimmer to make it work, meaning it will likely only ever be useful vs. caster cleaves.

In Topic: Destro Comps

29 March 2016 - 09:58 PM

making Mage fit the bill quite nicely.



Thanks for the replies, fellas--- I've actually had the chance to play with a good mage a bit, and in the few matches (unfortunately he lives in NZ so there's a big time shift) we played we had a pretty good W/L ratio @1800 (not much, I know). The hardest comp to play against was something like LSD--- grounding/wind shear/tremor totem makes it hard to sustain pressure, and since destro is low mobility it's hard to chase them behind a pillar to score the kill.

More generally speaking, my paladin is deathly afraid of pushing up on the other team since he's worried about getting caught in an endless CC chain (to be fair, paladins are really susceptible to fear, etc). This means that the hunter just disengages, mage blinks, etc behind a pillar and we're not positioned to chase. Should we push up on the other team or is the hope to catch the kill target out in the open with a HoJ or some such? Thanks I love you all <3