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Fäka 5 - 2,2k LSD2 (Affli pov)

29 May 2016 - 12:40 PM

Hello =)

Not trying to show skill or anything. Just record some of my games and they turn into movies for the fun of making movies =)

So this is my latest one, enjoy =)


08 April 2016 - 07:45 AM

Yo guys =)

So me and my healer m8 are trying to get our newly found warrior friends alt warr in range for our lock/sham rating so we can play WLS. To do this i play my boomie and my rsham playes eider one of his rshams or his rdrood.

So what am i then asking for? Well, as warr/boomie/X what would be best? Rsham or Rdrood? Seen supatease play the rdrood version with great succes.

And also, how do u play it? Shall i spam clones for setups or just mash out as much dmg as i can and clone for peels (posible on healer when i am about to pop cd's)? Last night i kinda only cloned for peels and some few times befor popping cd's if enemy healer was in my line when i was ready to pop otherwize i didnt even bother :P

Derping arouned at like 2,1k mmr atm :)

Wow freezeing after Windows 10 install

04 April 2016 - 07:13 PM


Last wendsday (30/3-16) my computer installed windows 10 without my concent. Befor that i used Windows 8 (has been flawless for over two years) Sence that day I have had major problems with wow. The game eider freeze when im online or freeze on login. I can see my characters on the server that i was online on last time then the game just freeze. The freeze on logon is maby 99% of the time. I am then forced to press CTRL+Shift+Esc and exit wow that way. I have tryed with Diablo 3 and CS:GO aswell and those work flawlessly as far as i can tell.

Last night Nvidias tech support got it working for me. For one login. then the problem was back.

What have i done trying to fix this:
1. I have completly reinstalled windows 10 again via USB two times. I have done this twise after the update itself.

2. Used DDU to completly whipe my graphics drivers and reinstall them again. With the latest version maby 20-25 times. And the one that ppl recomended on various forums (version 362) 3 times.

3. Updated all Drivers for every single part of my computer 3-5 times each.

4. Contacted Blizzard Tech support and provided "MSInfo32" files. They came to the conclusion that it was failing due to Nvidia crashing.

This is what they wrote: "Several of your crashes are directly linked to NVCPLUI.exe and GFExperience.exe which are programs that belong to the Nvidia control panel and Nvidia GeForce Experience. If you provide your MSINFO file to their support they might be able to help you further."

5. Contacting Nvidia tech support and let them do the same clean sweeps of my graphics options and also trying various drivers for my card. They also went into the Nvidia control pannel and did the folowing:

Open NVIDIA control panel (Right click on desktop and click NVIDIA control panel) >
Go to Manage 3D settings under 3D settings > Select Program settings >
Select the app/game from the dropdown menu > if it is not listed in the dropdown menu
then click Add then select the respective .exe to the list > And now change these settings from Option 2.

• Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance
• Triple buffering - Off
• Threaded optimisation - ON
• Vertical Sync - off

After two days with them they came to the conclusion that it was something wrong with the game due to that they couldn't find anything and that it was only with wow this problem occured.

6. Uninstall Razer Synapse to see if that helped.

7. Uninstalled Geforce Experience to see if that helped.

Addons i use:

Comp spec:
CPU: i7-4770k 3.50GHz
RAM: 16Gb
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 780 GTX
OS: Windows 10 Home

Only test left that i see it is to reinstall Windows 8 and see if everything would work then. Problem is tho, due to that i have done the complete reinstall of windows 10 the computer dosnt have the requiered files te reinstall windows 8.

Is there any1 out there that has had the same kind of problem and who has gotten it to work? Or some1 that know how i can get "the requiered files" for a reinstall of windows 8?

Kind regards, Fävi aka Fäka

Destro Trinkts/Rings

16 March 2016 - 01:37 PM

Hello =) Some questions regarding destro trinkets and rings.

I made some tests last night when looking at battle.net and realizing that every destro lock that played 2P + Charid didnt use the accolade. Is the resoning that u can accept the average CB to hit less to gain the even bigger ones if u manage to get a setup while the proc one is active? Or are they all not just interested in Ashran/RBG and simple havn't got it?
2P + Charid:


Trinket1: Mastery + Versa on use
Trinket2: Versa + Int proc

CB (DS active and On use trinket) non proc: 249k (target dummy)
CB (DS active and On use trinket) with proc: 289k (target dummy)

Trinket1: Mastery + versa on use
Trinket2: Int + Mastery (accolade)

CB (DS active and On use trinket): 259k (target dummy)
4P + Demonic Serv:
Trinket1: Mastery + versa on use
Trinket2: Int + Mastery (accolade)

Didn't test but should be the same as "Test2" above.

As i have the 735 ledgendary ring on the lock I now run destro with im not sure why every1 dosnt? Are the warmongoring rings still better in PVP due to higher Int/stam + crit/shitstat?

Also, would eider of the blue rings be worth it over the epic ones if u get it with socket?

Side note: What trinket/spec/set bonus setup is best for RBG?

Sry for the long post and thanks in advance :)

Lock 5s

18 January 2016 - 11:54 PM

Hello AJ :D

So the time has now come, I need the last achiv for my Arena Master title. I need 2.2k in 5s >.<

Got all lock specs avalible to me FYI.

So basicly I'm after tips and such regarding comps i can run. I'm thinking something like this:

1. Warrior / Ele Sham / Affli / R-sham / R-drood
Warr/Rsham is good in 2s and LSD1 is decent in 3s.

2. Rouge / Boomkin / Affli / R-sham / Disc
Affli/rsham is good in 2s and Dancing with the stars is good in 3s.

3. DK / Ele Sham / Affli / R-sham / R-drood.
DK/Rsham is decent in 2s and LSD1 is decent in 3s.

Any toughts on this? Is there anything else u think would be better or something in these comps u would just replace?