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#4570419 Turbo Cleave tanky

Posted by Fakalock on 18 March 2016 - 08:48 AM

Prolly has alot to do with that u dont rotate defensives and trinkets, also u two losing your healer making his uptime to heal to small. If u play with a Rdrood you should be able to get to above 2k drunk as f**k without any problems.

After 1.5 week of playing my rdrood (this include gearing the char from 0-full gear) with this comp i was 2k.

5/10 times it feels like the mainreason for loosing a game is bad CD manadgement (my dpsers popping shit without my consent overlapping stuff with mine). The other 5/10 times its due to the fact that my dpsers dont stop enough of the correct CC or playing so that im am forced to eat alot of cc just cause they overextend like rittos.

One of the most important things is... DO NOT USE TRINKET AT THE SAME TIME! If druid got deeped and is going to get polly'd, and all of u have trinkets. The sham uses his trinket and noone else does and he stopps the polly. If the druid says that u need to (some cc is worth eating to get the dr on you while u are in a good spot).

And dont be so quick in blameing the healer. I main DPS and always have been. If i die it has more to do with how i played then how my healer played. I have to play so that he CAN keep me alive.
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#4570401 Non-damage buttons are missing

Posted by Fakalock on 18 March 2016 - 08:40 AM

There's one thing Legion absolutley MUST ADDRESS, even with this whole pruning thing, and that's HEALING COMING FROM SOURCES THAT ARE NOT HEALERS THEMSELVES.

CASTERS ( unless your class is a warlock and your spec is Affliction ) SHOULD NOT have any self healing. Ice Block healing, Ember Taps, toss it all out of the window.

CASTER HYBRIDS such as Shadow Priests, Balance Druids, Elemental Shamans SHOULD be able to dish out some offheals that can potentially save the situation, but it should be taxed in some way. A Saving Grace mechanic on their direct target healing? F.ex. Shadow has this thing called Shadow Mend in Alpha - make it heal for approx 25% of someone's health on first cast, Shadowpriest gets debuffed, next heal is 12% of someone's health, so on so on, same would apply for Elemental and Balance. Or make those heals effective but cost insane amount of resources, so you have to choose between damage and healing.

MELEE and MELEE hybrids ( with the exception of Retribution Paladins ) should absolutely NOT be able to dish out any noticable self healing whatsoever. Windwalker healing? Imo remove Surging Mist from them completely, the only thing I'd keep is Chi Wave talent tier self healing. Enhancement Shaman healing? Toss it out of the window, and focus on their aspect of being the offensive support melee hybrid. Warriors, Hunters, Rogues? Remove their self healing completely. Death Knights should be able to heal themselves, but not in their current capacity. Frost should lose self healing completely, while Unholy should keep it. Retribution Paladins should keep their healing as they're the defensive+utility melee hybrid. As for Demon Hunters, I've seen them spell leech from 10 to 100% health in an instant - what the fuck?


PVP bandages should heal you for approx 60% health over the course of 10ish seconds with a minute ( or longer ) debuff that prevents you from rebandaging.

Arena food should act the same way ordinary food acts. Okay you managed to escape to eat? Good for you, you're rewarded for your possible outplay or whatever.

Also, current healer healing is absolutely unjustifiable with the amount of self healing left in the game. Why do Hunters have a self healing aura for crying out loud?

Basicly everything he said!

I've played Lock sence vanilla, and the reason for having Drain life and siphon life was so that i could use Life tap and "balance" out hp/mana to continue doing dmg (it was always a downhill thing and u eventually ended up without eider hp or mana). Even with this I do less healing in an arena nowdays then any other class in there 9/10 times. Cant realy say that i do need the selfhealing i once used to due to the fact that i have used life tap maby 3 times in total during this entier expansion on all of my 4 locks together.... For me this is going away from "class fantasy". For me locks should be the creapy onces tradeing life for power not the Tabdotbot's they have come to be.
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#4569486 Iissham 1 - Highest Fire MLS World

Posted by Fakalock on 11 March 2016 - 08:17 AM

I just love it when ppl find ways to play this game were u dont run turbo/rmd :D GG man! Gonna try this comp myself :D
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#4566507 Balance vs Fun

Posted by Fakalock on 19 February 2016 - 07:22 AM

As I've mained lock sence vanilla I cant realy say when ever we were "balanced" without getting burned at the stakes here on AJ ^^ So I'll just say that TBC was the most fun. Not sure if it had to do with the fact that SL/SL - Rdrood was sick as F**K and that made it fun or that I was in my teens back then and arena was new.

Voted Cata tho cause back then i could accualy outplay ppl that "should counter" me. Also, you were not considered good as a lock just because u could bring big amounts of dmg, but the smaller things also mattered. Like swopping curses, useing curses to cover a hex from being dispelled and so on. Also.... getting kicked or cs'ed on shadow wasnt the end of the world, u still had fire available. Getting kicked now = "brb, getting coffe" more or less, thats no fun >.<

Mop: was as u say, everything was over the top. MoP soulswop was deadbooring!
Wod: just feels a bit "dull" (not sure if that word is correct).
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#4564227 Best hpala 2s partner?

Posted by Fakalock on 09 February 2016 - 09:42 AM

Dont forget about affli/hpally ;) accualy realy good comp vs ie hunter/healer
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#4556535 New Legion PvP Changes

Posted by Fakalock on 21 December 2015 - 09:18 AM

Umm, everything..

Like haveing a conversation with a 3 year old 0.o
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#4551258 Legion - Every Man for Himself

Posted by Fakalock on 09 December 2015 - 06:34 AM

I like this change... Now i can stay human on my 3 locks and save money :P
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#4529691 PvP changes you'd like to see (discussion thread)

Posted by Fakalock on 29 October 2015 - 08:16 AM

Remove SB:haunt. Just a booring mecanic. Give us the chase to use SB:Port more frequetly so that we can kite more then just stand still fakeing interupts all day long.

Remove dubble spell lock.....

Increase pets survival for gods sake. Considering it is soooo damn inportant for a locks survival it should atleast be hard to kill.

Remove Dark Soul. We never needed it befor and therefor we should not need it now.

Give us back the spell that gave us an instant pet summon 1/min. The SB version realy guts the locks dmg makeing an enhance shaman being able to overheal all we do aslong as he cleaves the pet down over and over.

Give us back curses... to be able to swop curses if u needed to kite, if u were going to kill or we were taking a shitton of dmg was nice imo. In a way curse of elements was our "dark soul".

Give us back the skins of the old pets ^^ Observer is one of the most pathetic looking pets there is... And the felhaunter is so freaking cool! But when u run with it u sac is cause it just dies eleseway and is useles... No fun!

Give affli a 2nd spellschool ffs. Not being able to use port/heals or anything when u get kicked on dmg is retarded. And i do not want freaking fellflame back no... More like searing pain and imolate! Right now u kick haunt/ua and not fear. Why? cause it delays the locks dmg and makeing the fear not that dangures to accualy just let getting cast putting your team on dr anyway..

I want Coil back as baseline on the bars without a tallent.

I also want Howl back on baseline. But the old one. the casted one! tallent should only make it instant. And affli shouldnt have SF. That should be destro specific!

Remove useless shit like "Eye of killrog"... They removed the versatile abilitys of the lock but kept that shit... retarded.

I want that spell back (can remember the name right now) that breathed shadow and slowed for a short time like a cone of cold.

I accualy want to use lifetap.. During wod ive lifetaped twize so far in pvp. Both times in 2v2 vs a team that just let me freecast all day long.

To summerize: I want the spec to be less about CD's and more about kiteing. I want the spec to be uniqe and badass again =)
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#4527885 Can i be rewarded for outplaying mages in legion?

Posted by Fakalock on 26 October 2015 - 01:58 PM

put sheep as a talent on the same tree as frostjaw , problem solved

I like this one!
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#4519425 has wow ever been this bad?

Posted by Fakalock on 12 October 2015 - 12:14 PM

I miss how it used to be. We play X comp that works ok together and face a comp that is top tier (top tier comps wasn't that much of a thing back in tbc, a bit yea, but not mandatory) and we could win if we played it well.

I miss the, "we push in to get pressure we pull back", the games goes back and forth.

I miss it when u did unexpected swops cause all classes wass killable. Made the gameplay intresting, anything could happen.

Like already mentioned i miss the Rating requierment for gear, (holy crap i played long into the morning in 2s trying to get those 2k shoulder befor the rest of my classmates (and i did ;) )).

I miss all my spells! I never had the feeling that i couldn't do anything. I more often had the opposite, there was so many things i could do in every situation that i had to prioratize. Not this "dot tab dot tab dot tab "oh he dispelled, go back redot", shaman needs peel "are u at my port so i can port in for a quick link?".

Now, we face turbo (i play X(W)/L/S, shaman is my only longterm m8 that still plays so, yea..), warrior charges me, shaman connects, they sit on me for 10-15mins and my healers oom. Cant peel them, cant do dmg, cant excape. Its just a long, booring, assgrining fight.

We face RMD... Me and warr get cc'ed in start (eventho MSR and CS), they open Sham, sham trinkets full kidney to link (hes at 20-30% after first stun) only to get vanish reopened on and me and warr getting eachothers prevoius cc on us after a trinket.

Ebola, they jump sham. Sham uses all cd's in a rapid row after eachother. If we cant kill during those CD's we lost (rarely can).

Face FLS... We autowin bu traingin the shaman 0.o

Vs any comp, I get interupted on cast, Im useless and cant even do anything defensivly...

Lots of text but yea, i miss the old slowpased game were my team didn't gett globald/trained right of the start.

The reasons why I still play is cause ive played sence vanilla, I have SO MANY memories from this game, the idea of quiting accualy makes me realy sad cause all of what once was is lost. And the hope for uppcomming expansion, i dont want to loose the little skill i have once something good accualy happens to this game.
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#4504383 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted by Fakalock on 21 September 2015 - 10:52 AM

I dont play shaman att all myself anymore but i realy liked reading this guide! Its a great example of what guides used to be back in the day. This is the kind of guide that i think will help the most people also! Realy Gj, keep it up =)

Do u guys have a strat vs lock/rsham?
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#4494012 So the nerfs

Posted by Fakalock on 07 September 2015 - 10:59 AM

there is actually a pretty big gap between 1800 rmd and a 2800 rmd.

2800 rmd will sit on ur face and never let go.
Wuck Farlocks

Ofc there are, but there is a big gap between any 1800 and 2800 team nomather what comp were talking about :P
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#4493958 So the nerfs

Posted by Fakalock on 07 September 2015 - 08:50 AM

I can defenetly feel the nerf :(

But i dont get what u guys say about rmd? I play FLS/WLS/DKLS and i rarly ever lose vs rmd 0.o with SL we lose but with Sacrifical Pact we win maby 8/10 games. The one we loses is always due to bad comunication from our melee not telling us when he can interupts cc so we end up overlapping. And if u do overlap vs rmd u are fucked ^^
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#4490721 best comp 6.2.2

Posted by Fakalock on 02 September 2015 - 09:33 AM

Hrm, i clicked this topic to read what people thought would be good comps in the new patch due to class changes... Ended up reading about players who hate eachother and got nothing better to do then wordfighting 0.o
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#4403940 Affli/Rsham needs some help

Posted by Fakalock on 23 March 2015 - 11:43 AM

2.2k achived some days ago =) Thanks for the help, we got lucky and faced some SV/Rdroods in a row ^^
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