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In Topic: Destro Comps

14 April 2016 - 10:34 AM

Really don't want to steal this topic, but i'm also curious about this, destro sounds so much more fun atm for me than affli.
Could Destro+boomie+x work ? The fear/cyclone DR is definately not making it easy, but with beam, bash, clones, fears, and lets say HOJ / hex+purge, it definately sounds like a nice combo for me. Given the crazy damage of the two combined.
What do you guys think ?

I accualy played this comp to 2,3k mmr about 3-4 weeks ago. Can be a realy fun comp to play. Retarded melee cleaves that train druid all game insta die cause of all of his procs. Most teams train lock tho (like noraml xD). And that forces u do use most emebers for healing wich suck if its to often. If enemy goes shaman u can get some realy nice dmg going.

We tryed both 2pc+charid and 4pc + demo serv. For us 2pc + charid was better cause i simply needed the embers to survive. Also making it easier to just go offence without much setup all the time.

I didnt fear much at all. Druid cycloneing is better 9.9/10 times.

Also our druid played with the tallent to the left of incarn (cant remember the name). Wich made up quite alot on overall pressure due to that my dmg sucked most games cause i kinda played a "tank" :P When not haveing a pally for stun + aura i would recoment playing with the unending resolve glyph that decrases the CD of it and just accept that u dont realy have a defensive cd. I played most games with SL. Swopped it out for Sac shield vs shatters and such. Like usual.

Imo the affli version is both stronger and funnier to play but thats just personal prefference =)

In Topic: Destro Comps

14 April 2016 - 08:22 AM

Thanks for the replies, fellas--- I've actually had the chance to play with a good mage a bit, and in the few matches (unfortunately he lives in NZ so there's a big time shift) we played we had a pretty good W/L ratio @1800 (not much, I know). The hardest comp to play against was something like LSD--- grounding/wind shear/tremor totem makes it hard to sustain pressure, and since destro is low mobility it's hard to chase them behind a pillar to score the kill.

More generally speaking, my paladin is deathly afraid of pushing up on the other team since he's worried about getting caught in an endless CC chain (to be fair, paladins are really susceptible to fear, etc). This means that the hunter just disengages, mage blinks, etc behind a pillar and we're not positioned to chase. Should we push up on the other team or is the hope to catch the kill target out in the open with a HoJ or some such? Thanks I love you all <3

I would say that eider 2pc + charid playing MLP or 4pc + demo surv playing LSD1 (2pc + charid playing works aswell. Thugonomics plays this. Nazrins is higher with the comp and dosnt tho) are your best bets.

MLS can work (but is weaker then MLP due to hoj), FLS/HLS can accualy also work decently (2pc + charid). Thugonomics got some vods of Desto HLS if u wanna se =)

And MLP vs LSD1 i would say that if the LSD uses there brain u should lose. LSD1 counterns mage+pally+X comps over all =)

In Topic: Arena after 1 year

08 April 2016 - 07:38 AM

Pro tip mate.. Dont have your melee training the boomie during his CD's :P u are boosting his dmg like crazy ^^ There is nothing better then having a fast hitting melee on u as a boomie during incarn :P u can do sick dmg then :P

In Topic: Turbo Cleave tanky

18 March 2016 - 08:48 AM

Prolly has alot to do with that u dont rotate defensives and trinkets, also u two losing your healer making his uptime to heal to small. If u play with a Rdrood you should be able to get to above 2k drunk as f**k without any problems.

After 1.5 week of playing my rdrood (this include gearing the char from 0-full gear) with this comp i was 2k.

5/10 times it feels like the mainreason for loosing a game is bad CD manadgement (my dpsers popping shit without my consent overlapping stuff with mine). The other 5/10 times its due to the fact that my dpsers dont stop enough of the correct CC or playing so that im am forced to eat alot of cc just cause they overextend like rittos.

One of the most important things is... DO NOT USE TRINKET AT THE SAME TIME! If druid got deeped and is going to get polly'd, and all of u have trinkets. The sham uses his trinket and noone else does and he stopps the polly. If the druid says that u need to (some cc is worth eating to get the dr on you while u are in a good spot).

And dont be so quick in blameing the healer. I main DPS and always have been. If i die it has more to do with how i played then how my healer played. I have to play so that he CAN keep me alive.

In Topic: Non-damage buttons are missing

18 March 2016 - 08:40 AM

There's one thing Legion absolutley MUST ADDRESS, even with this whole pruning thing, and that's HEALING COMING FROM SOURCES THAT ARE NOT HEALERS THEMSELVES.

CASTERS ( unless your class is a warlock and your spec is Affliction ) SHOULD NOT have any self healing. Ice Block healing, Ember Taps, toss it all out of the window.

CASTER HYBRIDS such as Shadow Priests, Balance Druids, Elemental Shamans SHOULD be able to dish out some offheals that can potentially save the situation, but it should be taxed in some way. A Saving Grace mechanic on their direct target healing? F.ex. Shadow has this thing called Shadow Mend in Alpha - make it heal for approx 25% of someone's health on first cast, Shadowpriest gets debuffed, next heal is 12% of someone's health, so on so on, same would apply for Elemental and Balance. Or make those heals effective but cost insane amount of resources, so you have to choose between damage and healing.

MELEE and MELEE hybrids ( with the exception of Retribution Paladins ) should absolutely NOT be able to dish out any noticable self healing whatsoever. Windwalker healing? Imo remove Surging Mist from them completely, the only thing I'd keep is Chi Wave talent tier self healing. Enhancement Shaman healing? Toss it out of the window, and focus on their aspect of being the offensive support melee hybrid. Warriors, Hunters, Rogues? Remove their self healing completely. Death Knights should be able to heal themselves, but not in their current capacity. Frost should lose self healing completely, while Unholy should keep it. Retribution Paladins should keep their healing as they're the defensive+utility melee hybrid. As for Demon Hunters, I've seen them spell leech from 10 to 100% health in an instant - what the fuck?


PVP bandages should heal you for approx 60% health over the course of 10ish seconds with a minute ( or longer ) debuff that prevents you from rebandaging.

Arena food should act the same way ordinary food acts. Okay you managed to escape to eat? Good for you, you're rewarded for your possible outplay or whatever.

Also, current healer healing is absolutely unjustifiable with the amount of self healing left in the game. Why do Hunters have a self healing aura for crying out loud?

Basicly everything he said!

I've played Lock sence vanilla, and the reason for having Drain life and siphon life was so that i could use Life tap and "balance" out hp/mana to continue doing dmg (it was always a downhill thing and u eventually ended up without eider hp or mana). Even with this I do less healing in an arena nowdays then any other class in there 9/10 times. Cant realy say that i do need the selfhealing i once used to due to the fact that i have used life tap maby 3 times in total during this entier expansion on all of my 4 locks together.... For me this is going away from "class fantasy". For me locks should be the creapy onces tradeing life for power not the Tabdotbot's they have come to be.