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In Topic: EU-Horde LF Players for stable rbg group 2k+

05 September 2014 - 10:54 AM


I will copy-paste my topic in recruitment and if you're interested in another warrior, we can talk w/ each other in-game.

Hello everyone,

I am a warrior on Thunderhorn-EU and I am looking for PvP guild. I have 2k+ on RBGs and round 1,8 on 2s,3s and 5s. I am looking for both . RBGs and Arenas and if any1 is interested only in playing arenas w/ me you can add me also.

I am playing since patch 1.4 - rly long time ago :-). I know my class very well and the reasson I do not have any good rating is my time. Finally I got time to play but have none to play with and pugs are boring already - I want stable co-players!

For any further info feel free to add me ( Arling#2308 ) or /w me on AJ.