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2700+ exp player LF consistant teams

29 November 2014 - 05:35 AM

LF atleast 2600+ exp players for long term teams. so far I have my 100 feral and 100 lock almost all the way geared and soon to level both warriors. Willing to try almost any comp as most classes are very broken atm and about anything is viable.

Lock playstyle WOD

14 November 2014 - 04:22 PM

Hey there, so I havn't played on my lock since the first season of WoTLK. I just started leveling him up for this new WOD season and I noticed that EVERYTHING has changed. The abilities are so empty now since this revamp and i'm not sure what the fillers are now as the entire play style has changed from what i'm used to. If anyone could throw in some useful tips it would be much appreciated. I managed to take my lock to 2800 so I'm used to high skill cap lock play... but these new changes seem to make affliction so minimal that I don't even know if it's viable anymore? Any playstyle tips? what to use as fillers now when dots are out and you're getting trained.. I may have missed something having only played my lock once in the past few years but I see no more shadowflame, Hot, shadowbolt procs, or felflame and if I remember correctly drain soul is no longer the op execute it used to be.